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  1. Ahh the memories, I'm the one who won the contest to name Kronocaine. Nice to see this stain holding it's own.
  2. Great info Joker. * Reason for edit - baked
  3. Thanks for the response fellas, your input is greatly valued. If I may add, I've usually use the water from my dehumidifier with good results (If I have enough collected for a 3 gal nute. change in a 5 gal bucket). This is why I run soil and hydro along side each other to collect the water from dehumidifier for buckets. I've used Rain water/maybe sometimes hose water in the soil containers. I'm I correct to use the hydrozyme for any rare case of light sliming or dark roots( root rot)? Or did the dude at the hydro shop sell me jug of something not needed.
  4. Damn I'm behind the times.. I'm just sprouting ChemD x True Blueberry ,Cosmic Brain , El Monster and Red Diesel. This Shop has some killer goodies, I can't keep up. I lost two years of life due to a Kronocaine fog ....oh the good times I think
  5. My dumb question of the day is, Why Ro water/ filtered water in hydro? I've used rain and water from the hose in bubble buckets with no problems ( 3 part GH). Hose water I let set for 24 hrs before use but I haven't seen any sea monkeys or other weird shit except very rare case of light slime on the walls of the buckets which get Hydrozymed. I know organic is alive and hydro is chemical. Where do babies come from?
  6. Great news e$ko , Your treats are always fantastic.
  7. Happy cat nice gear
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