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    Nitrogen is completely inert ... Now if it was Hydrogen in a pure form you'd be able to re-create the Hindenburg problem with your environment. (Plus whatever else lent itself to the problem, but hydrogen was the largest fuel source. Kaboom.) As a mixed source for creating higher CO2 this is almost like pre-mixing air since what we breathe is mostly made up of this. ~80% nitrogen by volume depending on altitude and other factors. High concentrations of nitrogen can produce minute amount of nitrogen oxide compounds which can be single or doubly bound. Though in such small quantities as to not even be a factor or concern. Your plants do need oxygen. So of course, just like with regular CO2 sources you have to ensure good source air mixing and ventilation. Indoor CO2 levels can become dangerous and you really need to look into making sure you can regulate the output as well as ensure it is vented. Not the best way to go about it but the price is right and lends itself to experimentation much more easily. Be well, O_S
  2. That's been a quandary for many years with this stuff. Most are based on some nominal aggregate like 200-300 but I'm sure there are others where it was made with zero. Unless they specify you have to keep in range or else you're "salting" your plants for a more common term. Hence the need for good measure of the source water prior to mixing. You dont want to underfeed by only measuring the solution of the two etc but you dont want to go crazy and end up with 2500 PPM by thinking the solids found in the source water are not a factor ... The hard part is knowing what makes up that ppm in your tap. It varies a lot from place to place and source to source. For a small grow it doesn't make sense to have it actually tested (costs) but often local water companies do provide data on what makes up the contents of their water being delivered. They have to pass various regulation to be a provider and that testing data is "supposed" to be available freely. Just food for thought. (Pun intended.) Be well, O_S
  3. Indeed I got caught up in my emotions reading into it. Glad to see you have your wits about you. I should have been more generalized in what I was thinking as well. My apologies for being just as much of an asshat in this regards. The threat was not intended at anyone. It just read as though you were heading down a narrow path. Perhaps this lively discourse has helped at least clear that up. For sure the head on confrontation with someone actually taking the crop is one where I think I'd agree with a little one on one violence may be appropriate. Wishing you better luck with your other plots. Be well, O_S
  4. Dude we feel your pain but get your head screwed on straight. Seriously. This is the sort of thing that makes this a real problem for far too many of us. The chances you will find the people responsible is really slim. Unless you dye mark your plants etc your anger will color your "expert" knowledge of your own strains considerably. First off, if you guerrilla grow, this is part of the gig. You have to plant multiple sites and more plants than you can harvest expecting some if not all to be potentially ripped or LEO'd. Been there, done that, understand how you might be eating some Top Ramen for a couple weeks prior to moving. Or how you may have to borrow money to cover what you thought you had covered from a lost harvest. Simply put: too many eggs in one basket. Lesson learned I hope. As to finding the perpetrators? Well, let's see. Are you sure you are going to get the right ones? Just keep in mind that someone may sell to someone else who you then in turn finding it shown to you etc. So you want to end up beating everyone you find who may just be a another victim? And dont claim that is justified. The front line dealers rarely know anything and rarely can or will provide you with their sources. Snitch rules apply for non LEO things just the same. I always hated to think just how much blood was involved with various sources I handled. This is nothing different. If you dont keep this in mind, you may as well be LEO as they have similar vibes in how they approach the matter. Also there is a great chance these folks, assuming it wasn't some LEO or similar, are just gonna sit on it for personal or a different circle source than you can tap into. You may get lucky but there is a good chance you're just going to get yourself an ulcer heading down this path. Think Yoda quotes about the Dark Side. You're soaking in it. ALSO: Boobytraps? F*CK'ing ass-hats! No really, you're an asshat for ever considering this. Let's see, a good example: Fishhooks at eye level? Yeah, lets get a hunter, hiker, or some other wildlife maimed. Most hikers will simply note your grow etc. if they can pass unharmed. Harm them and the cops will cut it down for sure. Same with all the other traps you can setup. This brings a world of hurt onto you. If I got injured finding your grow while on the way to mine, I'd wait for you to show up and return the favor with a blowtorch and a pair of pliers if I was still alive. Get the idea? Loss is part of any business. Going to these extremes is childish and brings you potential death sentences or life in prison. I would have zero qualms about burying you as fertilizer for harming me to protect a grow site. Brambles, thorny vines, and other natural barriers work. Try being more creative. Just because it's war doesn't mean you have to play the role of the sadist. Its crap like that gives LEO a hard-on every time they bust a grower. It justifies their position. So for the love of Jah, dont be an asshat. You can hate on me all you want, but grow the F*UCK up and think about how you reply to *me* about it. I'm not against you. I just think these methods are the hallmark of stupidity. Including direct revenge. You lack the burden of proof unless someone is dumb enough to give you very exacting information about where the grow was etc without being tortured to get that info. HINT: Dye mark your plants next time. Little but of UV reactive dust (comes in about 5 colors) etc makes this a much faster way to find your stuff being sold on the market should it happen to get ripped and resold. Not healthiest for the end user, but since you're in it for the money, no real harm right? Or use some food coloring on stems from time to time. Been there done that as well. Waste of time unless your plots are large enough to get resold as volume. Be smarter and be well, O_S
  5. Replicating "rain water" is what most people are aiming for in a nutshell. Most treated municipal water sources contain high concentrations of various salts and chlorination compounds that are not desirable for the most part. The quality of this type of water varies so much that it is impossible to have a blanket answer on this one. I and many others however work to eliminate or otherwise reduce all factors that can affect a grow. Relatively "pure" water is easier to work with IMHO. The methodology for gaining something akin to rain water or similarly pure sources is a matter of budget and testing ability. The drawback for purified water sources is the lack of trace mineral and salts that has to be added back in one form or another. Plus true rainwater has other trace base nutrient potentials of course like N. Well water and other more "natural" sources have to be considered as well since they can vary just as much in things like iron and sulfur compound content which can affect nutrient solutions used. Most of the hydro solution products are based on "neutral" water sources to work optimally. Just letting your water stand may not be sufficient for the selected program. Plus there is a warning that not all products are made to just be turn key. Having to be something of a chemist when dealing with hydro is part of the game. One other note is that water quality fluctuates with the seasons as temps and other conditions change for its delivery to your tap. This will also affect your results in regulating your outcomes and again points to wanting to make the investment into controlling this aspect of your grows as much as possible. You dont have to be extreme to get good results. But when you striving for optimal output from your grows, versus "nature's way," you have to consider everything you can for the best outcome. Topic is rife with opinions. This is simply part of mine in regards to water. Most of the controversy on those filters is based on myth or ignorance. If your water is hard enough etc, that is a helpful step though. Most of the taste in your water is from various dissolved solids. Those fast pass filters help reduce that. In turn this is not bad at all really. But it could be removing trace calcium etc that some people rely on for their developed methods. Also, those cheap fast pass filters are no where near as comprehensive as a triple pass plus settling tank system etc. So you are probably getting some snobs in the mix as well as plain old other static. I will second the opinion that test strips are not "the best" but any measure is a measure. You may have the wrong measure, but you can still dial-in from it. It's all in how your plants respond and how you adapted to that feedback that is important in some ways. Keep in mind though that in the long run a good PPM combo meter will run you less than strips and provide better results. But I do understand that your budget for other things like food and rent has to come first. But definitely consider it for a future upgrade mate. Be well all, O_S
  6. Bravo SB. Hope you figure out the rest in regards to location etc. A second bravo for good measure. That's pretty tasty looking and it appears as though you are within your target range proposed for this one even without the empirical proofs. Be well and enjoy mate, O_S
  7. To extend this some, since I've had nosy neighbors and all that: Question your response to a lot of "inquiries" about yourself. There are some do-gooders out there that think they should be cops and watch way too much TV. They can be just as detrimental should you slip up in expressing various opinions, sharing a treat, or even using your own yard, etc. Maybe I'm more paranoid than many. But there is a fine line between swaying a closed minded person in debate over cannabis and sticking your neck out to become the next victim in the drug war. Falls into all the common sense items on how you may appear to the world. Dont politicize your car with stickers. Be mindful about wearing slogans and emblems (pot leaf etc) that make a cop want to ask you more about your activities. Blending in is a more comfortable living than sticking out and having to deal with these situations. Not everyone agrees on this but my leaning is to avoid these "encounters" and nature loves camouflage. Above all, never volunteer information. People always think there are enough good cops in the mix to avoid becoming a statistic. Problem is you never know what's going on in their heads. Most are not chosen for being overtly educated and compassionate. Authoritarian bullies are the norm. Give them an inch and they will take you a mile for sure. Good post this one. Most people dont know their rights and rarely execute them correctly. Being polite, firm, and above all else, very calm in standing up for your rights is what sways most of these encounters. I really want to go back several decades when the biggest thing that went through my head when I saw a police cruiser was to double check my speedometer or to wave if I was walking. I dont know which incident made me lose it all that time ago, but anymore I just see them as sharks in my swimming pool. Be well and smart everyone, O_S
  8. Little slower this side of the tracks and all that. The debate on true flower timing is curious. Especially weird when it comes to defining it outdoor. Those ladies can really drag their feet and stretch. As long as when the flip is mentioned it helps people who are a little less inclined to be this in depth to help gauge how they should time their own when comparing strains. The amount of time the plants need to bulk up in various auxins and how various base genomes respond is definitely varied. I can see how this is useful. Question on those Holmes vornado style fans while I'm thinking about it ... Have you had to clean them yet or will you plan on discarding them should they get mucked up? Those little suckers tend to be pretty efficient (too efficient in some cases) but a real pain to take apart and all that. I know I've donated more than a few small fans over the years to the dustbin because of the maintenance/efficiency dilemma. Seems like it will have been about a year on their duty cycle so far. But if the source air is clean enough etc I guess they'd stay clean enough. Or to be more broad, how extensive is your cleaning routine between cycles for this part of the op? And yes, tasty roots. I'm craving a salad now. Or maybe it was the little SOG buds ... Either way I'm hungry from something vegetable like now. Be well, O_S
  9. Business as usual is the problem in the States. Almost 1 million arrests related to cannabis yearly and climbing. I cannot recall atm what the real stats are on eradication outside of the west coast, but it is measured in the tens of thousands with a strong potential to be over 100,000 cultivation bust incidents per year (read that as millions of plants and not all leading to arrest). Reason I clarify this is because of the "ditch weed" eradication numbers have to be sifted out to get a real feel for it. The bounties and other sources of funding have made eradication and other drug related focuses a much higher priority than rape, murder, theft, etc investigations. Even if a municipality scales back their police force, they still have these "troops" roaming around the country side looking for grows and spending time mobilizing SWAT teams to bust indoor. They claim those extra funds allow their police force to do all the other things they provide. Most line item budgets show otherwise. It may help it balance out some, but they still let all the other police work suffer. And dont forget the funding you can apply for to get SWAT teams ramped up thanks to 9/11. Terrorism response was nuts from Congress. Some of the smallest towns in America have well funded SWAT teams. And to keep those funds rolling in, they overuse that method of "searching" and "executing warrants" daily. It was too easy to sway people with the pictures from 9/11 into giving away real security for a false sense of one. I serious doubt a small town in the midwest is going to be the epicenter of a politically motivated terrorist attack. Nor will those hillbilly cops be able to do anything more than help people to the hospital should it occur. ATF and all the rest would swoop in to perform the duties they've been funded to support. That's just nuts. Again, you're seeing the reality of why caution, extreme diligence and outright paranoia is the rule of the day regardless of what "legal rights" you think you may have. This applies to more than just growing, but especially if you cultivate. There is a huge group of people who rely on any mistakes to provide their livelyhoods. That prison-industrial complex is scary. You can call it what you will, but it is not the will of the people directing their actions anymore. Simply a genie that was let out of the bottle gone mad. Get careless and you will find out just how insane this all is. It is far too easy to get lulled into a false sense of security. Especially if the only measure of comparison is those who approve of the use of cannabis. Based on some numbers it is only 1 in 5 people in the States who can or do choose to partake. That leaves a lot of potential informants or outright zealots who believe in Refeer Madness to watch out for as well. Inline with the topic of the thread, dont forget to support groups who daily work to legalize cannabis. I dont care what flavor. MPP, NORML, DPA, LEAP, SAFER, etc all pretty much are focused on the same goal to end this pointless prohibition. Dont bash them. The reason I listed several of them is because they all work it differently. Find one you can support and throw them time or money. (Dont forget to tip your waiter ... ) Be well and for that matter, well hidden, O_S
  10. Looking very crowded now for some reason. That isn't necessarily a bad thing of course. Hope there is enough air movement under there to help as they fluff up above that screen. Be well, O_S
  11. Nice bouquet. Of course some people looking for that strain are going to be gnashing their teeth even more for sure. Enjoy.
  12. (second reply, lost connection due to storm last night) Yeah, considering all the problems you've had, just hedge your bets and put them back on their old schedule. Some of the other schedules are interesting. But all things considered maximizing indoor requires pretty mundane approaches. True, the mad scientist/hobbyist side dictates experimentation. Heck, if it wasn't for that we'd all still be outdoor in the first place I guess. Still, too much deviation from straight 12/12 should be in micro amounts and each strain responds differently to that in most cases. Running auto's is one area where you could go crazy though. Since most of them can take up to about 20 hours on and still come full around. Still looking for someone pushing them suckers off 24 cycle. Like 20/6 or 24/5 etc. Pretty sure someone has, just not shared on the net or I haven't looked hard enough for it. No real advantage to be had but seems like something you'd do to a plant that could be grown in the arctic circle. Be well, O_S
  13. Looks tasty to me. Though I'm a sucker for the unknown strain grows. In reality I shouldn't really call that unknown. Most of the time there is little surprise in a brick weed seed (obtained from the same sources) and plenty of people grow them out. The dwarfism involved with this one is something you can expect to happen across the board in some ways of course. There are always a few atavistic throwbacks and slackers in the gene pool. Since it was a little hard to determine, are you moving/changing the position of the plants to optimize your light penetration when you do the watering, or striving to put them back in the same place? Most CFL flouro setups tend to require more attention to plant placement for optimizing it all in the dial in. Hoping you can get some T-5's in that thing. I think you'd be surprised on the results in comparison for the same amount of electricity consumed. Initial cost is higher than many for sure, but definitely worth consideration. Another thing to consider would be the lower wattage (250) CMH bulbs in cool tubes. Considering the fact I've seen that used in a PC case up to that wattage, it is worth the look. There is much to be said for PAR value of a CMH bulb as well as that little something extra from the UV and other spectrum it can scatter around in there. So many choices. Problem with almost all of them is the need to pony up the funds to experiment and test what suits your methods. Enjoy, O_S
  14. What joy and travesty. Reveg would be worth consideration if you can find a place for it to winter. Lovely Sativa indeed. Be well, O_S
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