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  1. Thanks everybody, it's so pleasant to recall some of you. Don't expect bud porn b4 a few months as I'm in a shroom period for now. Oh and SPW thanks a lot for the tip on leds, I'll have a look even if I know I'll have to spend lot of time to understand how leds works b4 buying one (don't even kwow if I should go for cobs or boards..) c u soon guys.
  2. I supposed I'd have to say hello here b4 posting again. Yes it's been ten years, and life hasn't always been kind. But now that things are going much easier for me, I thought it would be great to grow again. Don't know yet if I'll find new and interresting people here or if some old fellows are still there ? Time will tell. But after all that time, I'll have to learn lots of things again, to begin with leds as I think everybody use them now instead of the old HPS/MH couple I used to have. Oh and also, I still have loads of old seeds (around one thousand from 50 different varieties) but don't know if they're still viable. Tried to sprout some Heri last week with no success.. Does anybody knows if my long time fav Vanilla Sky is still around ? Sending lots of good vibes to you all. Weedstiti.
  3. Will be back soon...

  4. Too bad that foreigners (those who don't speak fluent english) can't see any difference between huckleberries end blueberrys. My favorite translate webpage says it's the same. But I might be too high to find some good pics...
  5. Very nice report Lexn. Hope the harvest is successful. Peace
  6. Hola SammY, thanks for the kind words m8. That is exactly how I did it. Except I was not patient enough to wait 2 months before giving it a try... Blame it on their appearance... Thanks Lexn, yeah those buds are incredibly greasy and smell like...oh wait isn't time for a smoke report ? Ok, due to the incredible amount of PM I've received asking for a smoke report, let's give it a try. So where do I begin ? Can't remember how to do, in fact can't remember anything as this weed is a good memory eraser ! It's been 3 days now that I can't refrain smoking those buds. But let me warn you that this strain is not good for sleep unless you're used to go to bed at 4 AM... My advice would be to have hand on some good indica for the end of evening as it will help a lot to find rest... If this weed was to pass through S & P or any other agency she would get a AAA+ hands up ! Yeah, there's no crisis for Vanilla's Skies. Let's grow weed to fight recession !!! So, what are the most noticeable traits you ask ? Here they are: - Very strong taste that cover your mouth with nice flavours (still not sure how to describe those because of the short curing time but it's definitely a good old haze) - Complete lack of anxiety (this may vary depending on your mood and dosage) - Strong high that you may only notice when bumping in your corridor's walls... - Distortion of time: after 2 or 3 big J you could feel like several hours have passed when it's only a matter of 15 min. - Very well balanced body stone: no couch-lock effect, quite the contrary as said before. Be warned that it's hard to sleep after VS... - Effect last for 2 or 3 hours depending on dosage and habit. - No hangover at wake-up if taken solely Sorry but I don't suffer of anything (except food and sex addiction) so I can't tell if this strain is helpful for pain release or anything else. In fact I have found it's best used when partying with friends and maybe in bed but certainly not for sleeping... Needless to say I have now a mother of this VS.. If you have any question feel free to ask. Nice w-e to yall. Peace
  7. Ouch ! I completely missed your thread CK ! So sorry to read all that. Wish you the best and even if it's easier said, try to give all this the right place. Don't get over-worried if this make any sense. Good luck mate, you deserve the best. Peace
  8. No Vanilla Sky before bedtime...

    1. santero


      i will try to remember it ... i am quite eager to grow her too :) enjoy this fine bud.

  9. No Vanilla Sky before bedtime...

  10. Damned it's Shimmy's work ! Sorry dudes, I'm under the influence of some great Vanilla Sky. @Shimmy: go to your gallery then select the pic you wanna show. In the up right corner click on the option button then select the share links entry of the menu. A pop-up window will appear. Select the image link entry (3rd one) and copy the link. Back to your thread click the Image button and paste the link. That's it. Hth Peace
  11. Love all of them but the third one is just beatifull. Congrats Cloneman you've got nice skills. Peace
  12. >apt-get install aircrack-ng is another solution... Which directive are you talking about ? mod_expires ? And for the robots.txt, c'mon they really don't care. Should use iptables against them but good luck finding all baidu's IP's ! But we're not talking weed anymore... Peace
  13. Hola everyone, Jim, if you really believe what you wrote you should NEVER post any picture on any site of the web. Have you ever heard of Google cache or archive.org ? Check this link... I can tell you they are many sites like that... Peace, Harvest and Safety for everybody.
  14. Hola dude, Thanks for answering. I've been using teas for years (guano + worm castings + molasse) but was more specifically looking for a replacement of my Hesi PK 13/14 which gives me good results but is in no way organic. Now I wonder if such a thing can exist. Peace @Volt: we posted at the same time. I'm not sure I fully understand what you mean with "nothing chemical" into this PK 13/14... Anyway I'll give a look at the Bloombastic as I will go to my growshop this week. Thanks for taking the time to answer.
  15. Hello fellow opengrowers, does anybody knows of a truely organic PK 13/14 or another organic flowering booster ? What do you use and what brand would you recommend ? Peace
  16. That reminds me of an old song from the Stones. Hell yeah it looks like brown sugar ! I guess cooking with that could lead to a serious high... Very nice Naycha. Peace
  17. I think you just can't... Peace
  18. Hola Purely Medical, Welcome to Opengrow. Hope you'll find plenty of 411 around here. Enjoy the ride ! Peace
  19. Weedstiti


    Hola dude, welcome to opengrow. If you're in satty moods and have already grown E$ko's Blueberry Sat you should def give a try to his Vanilla Sky....Awesome ! Hope you'll enjoy your stay here with us. Cu soon Peace
  20. Throw those greenhouseshit away and crack your KillinFields & Jackberry instead ! Just kidding, welcome with us m8. Peace
  21. Welcome to opengrow Wrecks, enjoy your stay with us. Peace
  22. Welcome aboard robogro Peace
  23. Btw, anybody knows what happened to this breeder ? I can't find any of his strains available !?! Peace
  24. Hola cox, what's up my friend ? No pics for the last month, they must be giants by now aren't they ? Hope all is well. cu Peace
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