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  1. You won't get booted off the chat due your lack of identifying Nickserv will only change your nickname to Guest12435 or something similar. If ya got any questions about the whole thing, just msg |Mike| on the chat or mikeh on this platform. ttyl.
  2. High y’all, Lets contribute with an ice o lator report To start with, we need some gloves wich can handle the minus 20 C, and they need to be water tight aswell.. Making ice wasn’t a problem, it was minus 20C. Just had to put a few buckets outside and fill em with water. And w00t, we got ice ice baby ! And we need some other stuff aswell, here’s a list. - bubblelator - 2 sifs ( 220mc and 73mc ) and the piramyde bag. Bubblelator: Pyramide bag: Ice ice baby: Never knew it was so nice to photograph air in ice The siffs: Turning turning turning: Few leafs: Oh yeah, i fit freezes minus 20 C, your “off” pipe will freeze within 5 minutes, it did suck. The siffs even freeze up. Rather hard to ice with frozen siffs. There’s ice everywhere; Half dried mixed with wet fresh hash; After 6 to 8 days it was dried; Few strains; But then, we got the mess, and it all had to be cleaned, it was a pitty. Greetings earthlings
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    Ice Ice Baby

    Indeed, i'm just here to fill the userlist
  4. mike

    Ice Ice Baby

    Sweettooth leafs (frozen in & cutted by hand): The S.W 'sig': Santa Maria leafs (cutter & dried): 1st turn: second turn: A mix from C99, AG13xsomething & Santa Maria: 1st turn: second turn: It's still a ridle why the 'cutter' hash is that brown.. Must be from the oil wich they use. Gr Mike ps: whole albums: http://www.mijnalbum.nl/Album=U4UZDJBQ http://www.mijnalbum.nl/Album=OVINLPQE //edit; where's the hash section??
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    To Do List

    He should check his spam filter
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    YEAH GEVONDEN !!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. mike

    To Do List

    An ircd for ~100 users doesn't eat that much of RAM / disk space, it's pretty easy to install, and yes, i can Btw, when are the new servers available ? Keke, does it look like this:
  8. mike

    To Do List

    Yeah, it's one hell of a unstable / PITA network! They only allow .nl / .de if i'm not mistakin, the rest is g-lined on default I suggested to get a own ircd with ssl on it, it can be more stable / safe than efnet/chattersweb(current *&^%network) ( <3 evelien tho ) Gimme networkadmin ktnx
  9. G'day lads, I'm Mike, On the last WF meeting where some subjects about this board. So, lets rock & rollllllllllll.
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