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  1. soopy

    S5 haze

  2. 10% bleach solution for the win...I second Jokers methods 100%. It's sad to think of all the gems I've had to toss over the years, but better safe than sorry... Pop seeds!!!! @The Joker, let me know if I can help...
  3. soopy

    Dutch grown seeds

    It's all good @santero, no tears shed here, lol. You gotta learn somehow.... I'm pretty sure it's karma that dudded out their wares. They made CaliCon look legit, haha.
  4. Sounds wonderful, what was used in the cross? Am I correct in assuming that this Zamal comes from the same seed stock as Ace's Zamaldelica, from Christoph via Gypsy?
  5. Amazing plants Miris! I love the variety in the F2s.... I am growing out a Malawi (Bodhi seeds) and Zamaldelica regulars this summer. I had wanted to F2 them but I got 3/3 females this round so they will be pollinated with a nice Deep Chunk male ... How do you like Cannabiogen's Delta 9? Much respect sir....
  6. Congrats Weedmon! Great choice......a lavender profile mixed with the SL dad will be heavenly. I used a Gogi dad to make some amazing crosses, Cherry Pie x Gogi is like weed purfume, lol, like your grandma was holding a sack of OG, haha. Just took down some Lemon Thai the other day and was thinking about your LT crosses you grew out, I need to get you some of these LTs to compare....much respect good sir....
  7. soopy

    Dutch grown seeds

    I grew out half a pack of White Lightning? (the White x G13bx) and it was crap. Even less smell than the White mom, lol.. and a non-descript high. Fwiw....
  8. soopy

    Lemon Thai anyone?

    Weedmon, beautiful shots! I'm glad you grabbed the chance to get a tats of the LT in these crosses. I bet the Snow Lotus addition made for some truly magical smoke. Congrats my good man!
  9. soopy

    Lemon Thai anyone?

    Killin it Weedmon! I'm sure B is more than pleased to have you testing his wares, congrats! I've been growing a Lemon Thai f3(Bodhi) for a few years and recently lost her so I just popped 6 f4s I had made a while ago. Very stoney but uplifting, like someone is holding your head like a bowling ball, with his fingers in your eyes causing that stoney eye pressure, and lifting your body up by the head. It's awesome! Btw, the f3's Bodhi put out years ago used and indica pheno and I think he got the sativa pheno, which were used in the Prayer Tower, from Inkognito....or the other way 'round, lol. I'll see how these f4s turn out and will work on sending in some pure Dutch Flowers Lemon Thai as freebies or something. It's just too good......
  10. That is some pretty crazy growth.... Lookin good man, how are the Biodiesel doing?
  11. Wtf does this even mean? And for the record, most the people on that "elitist" site are noticed by their actions within the real world community, not for some avatar and screen name on a seed vendor forum, lol.....
  12. I've heard that Rez could possibly ratted out GN/ICmag/Boo/bay...when he was busted in 2011. The article I read noted that it was "former associates" that tipped off the authorities..... Crazy shit.....I wonder if the Mag will go down?
  13. I'd cover the top of the pot and dunk the plant in a bucket or trash can. I guess it depends on the size of the plant. Idk about a foliage application per say.... never heard of that.
  14. Welcome! Are you the Mr. Greenjeans that did some work with or on the Cherry Bomb line?
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