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  1. It is yes possible for them to have too much light, especially if the light spectrum is good. You can take a walk outside on a really sunny day and you will see plants doing the same thing. They are turning away from the light the only way they know how. I use full spectrum lighting and when I switched to these systems I noticed by the end of the veg cycle, around 15 hours in, they basically shut themselves down and by the next day they are back at it again. I still have not been able to get them to stop this no matter what I do. It seems to have no adverse affects on them, they are just done for the day and shut down is all.Ideally you will get the best growth when your leaf temps go no higher than 78 degrees, after that photosynthesis will decrease at least 10% every degree, unless you are using co2. I have an infared gun I can point at the leaves to measure this, it is not that expensive and I believe I got it at the hardware store, though I don't remember now. I would also at least suggest to be careful with nutes until you figure this out, start slow as always recommended. Since I switched from 1000 hps to 400 watt full spectrum sun pulse bulbs my plants can barely eat a thing to be healthy, though they yield every bit as good, they get a lot of energy from the light as well. Most of my strains will not tolerate any more than 250 ppm even at peak flowering in soil, or .38 ec, and thats every other watering at most. Just a thought, all systems will react differently and things will not be the same as they were under your t-5's, so I would suggest just being careful while you figure it out, better to be safe than sorry. Best of luck. Peace-Shimmy
  2. Are they droopy all day or just by the end of the cycle? The temps are a bit high, its possible they are transpiring more water than they can handle, max leaf temps should be no more than 78 F. However if they are dropping by the end of the day cycle they are saying they are tired for the day, they turn away from the light the best they can, it looks almost the same as when a plant starts to become thirsty, looks like the start of wilt. I would try raising the light and getting the leaf temps at 78F or below, over that photosynthesis starts to slow way down. Unless of course you are using co2, that will force the stomata to stay open and continue to photosynthesize at higher temps. CMH bulbs have a pretty good spectrum and you may notice your plants act differently than they did under different bulbs. They will get more energy from the lamp and may even need less food during their life. Best of luck.
  3. Here's a pic of a newly dried bud, these were hung to dry as a whole plant for 12 days, this bud was just snipped off and needs a little touch up trim. The bud lives up to its name for sure. It has a really strong uppity stone as some of the best Widow I've tried does. And the flavor and smell is really strong and the bud is very sticky to the touch. I'm not disappointed one bit with how it turned out and everyone has thought its some really top notch meds. That sums up this run and journal, thanks for checking it out. Peace-Shimmy
  4. The Green Manalishi is a really nice cross. I found most of the plants had a strong lemon smell, the one I kept smells more like pineapple lifesavors and is one of my most adored strains I own. Here's a pic of some organically grown Green Manalishi, I think you will enjoy the strain. Best of luck. Peace-Shimmy
  5. Thanks guys. Appreciated. Focal, the smell noted on most of the plants is a blast of fresh lime juice in your face. Its really nice. A few of them are more like orange candy with a strawberry undertone. And a few were really grape smelling like the mother. But overall the most of them are lime, its really nice and fragrant and very sticky. They are hanging now, so after they dry I'll have a better idea about everything. Peace-Shimmy
  6. Heres a few more....hope they aren't too big now! Peace-Shimmy
  7. Thanks for getting them on there full size Cloneman, now how did you do it? I haven't figured that out yet on this new forum. Anyways Thanks. That second pic you like is a nice little plant. Its one of the smaller phenos, but it has these ball buds and it smells almost identical to Purple Urkle, one of my favorites in the batch. Peace
  8. Sorry I haven't updated this. I haven't really had a chance to figure out this new forum makeover yet, so I hope these pics show up alright. I'm harvesting these at 60 days, which is just in a few more days. Its a pretty fast finisher and this is the best batch of seeds I've ever grown. Not a bad plant in there and they are really dense, frosty and the smells are mostly candy orange and grape, but there is one pheno that smells mostly like Arcata Trainwreck. I found that I liked the grow so much I'm not bothering trying to pick a keeper because its just too hard. I'm happy to just keep growing these out from seeds, maybe a purely special one will stand out to me after a few more goes, but I like them all and have no complaints whatsoever. I'll get some more pics up after they dry. Peace-Shimmy Well that didn't work very well. Sorry I will try and get them posted bigger. I'm still not sure how to get them just to show up so you don't have to click links, anybody help me on this?
  9. Been a while since I updated this, had to figure out this new forum stuff. I really, really like this batch of seeds. Every plant is fantastic in its own way, lots of sweet smells and really frosting up quick. Very sticky. Far better in every way than I could have ever imagined. These are my favorite plants to see everyday. The smells range from grape, to grape and lemon fuel, to lemon fuel(alot like Arcata Trainwreck) I will keep you posted as the finish up, here is day 27 since the flip. Peace-Shimmy
  10. Best of luck to ya, here's the pheno I kept, has a smell of pineapple lifesavors, the other phenos smelled of lemons and were very good too, but this one is extra special. I still have another pack of seeds, but I can't see any reason to pop more at the moment. Peace-Shimmy
  11. Thanks guys, here's a few shots day 52, I can't complain about anything with this cross at the moment. It's performing better than I ever expected. About 2.5 weeks to go, give or take a few days. Peace-Shimmy
  12. Thanks all, much appreciated. Here's a quick update at day 11 of bloom. All the plants are right around 30" now and going into budset. I'm pretty happy with what I'm seeing thus far with the overall vigor and structure of these plants. More to come......Peace-Shimmy
  13. Thanks Rev, here's some shots, they are now 6 days into flowering. Most of them are right around the same size. Peace-Shimmy
  14. Thanks Indican, here's some fresh shots, I'm really liking what this strain is doing, I can see the Romulan in her coming out more and more now. This is day 46. Peace-Shimmy
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