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  1. next lots of pictures ,,they dont look like they have done much since last pictures ,,,cookies pick first two pics pakistani x nepali 2nd couple pics ,,,mac,
  2. next set of pictures of cookies kush and pakistani x nepali ,,fed with bloom formula this morning
  3. gave plants a feed of bloom formula this afternoon ,alls looking good ..mac,
  4. next set of pictures of the cookies kush and pakistani x nepali .also gave fed of P/K boost just to help flowering yesterday..mac,
  5. this weeks pictures of the cookies kush and pakistani x nepali ....not fed any nutes just yet ,as the potting mix i use has added nutes that last at least 4 weeks so will see plants through the stretch ,,,,mac
  6. hi @saxo yea i could do with a better camera ,,i only use an old cell phone ,,just dont like the newer smart phones,,,,i fact i hate them lol.but thanks for your input about the plants .mac,
  7. hi all ,,next set of pictures of cookies kush and pakistani x nepali taken last weekend ive now flipped the light to12/12 ,mac.
  8. well i actually potted the plants up again roots were coming out of the drainage holes and going around the bottom of the pots .next time i pot up will be very soon roots are already growing from drainage holes in pots ,,..mac
  9. hi there fellow growers/tokers wekl as ive said the other day i'd potted up so heres the new pictures of them ,,,,mac,
  10. potted up yesterday in to a bigger pot ,( not final pot) ..mac,
  11. couple more pictures from this morning ,,,mac,,
  12. just started new grow a purple pakistani x nepali ,(in black pot) plus a cookie kush ..started couple about two weeks ago ,,mac,,
  13. picture of some of the colas ,,other buds are drying these colas with be hung up to dry with the other bud etc ,soz about picture a bit dark and dull ,,mac.
  14. bit of a disaster today found a very small patch of BudRot on one of the colas ,,didnt wont to take a chance so got rid of the patch of BR ,put the cola in different roon to dry and chopped down rest of plant to dry..i found the patch this morning when i noticed couple sugar leaves that didnt look to healthy gave then a little tug both just dropped away and closer inspection found the small patch of the BR ...oh well it might have been worse ,,,,,,think the plant had about another week to go so not much damage done ,,,but still pissed about it though ,,,mac,
  15. this weeks pictures fed last monday ,watered today ,,,dont think there much time left before harvest time ,,,mac,
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