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  1. this weeks picture of the grapefruit plant ,she sending up pistils every where ,,reckon shes going to be very tasty ,,,,only gave her water so far this week ,,think i'l give her some P/K boost next feed ,,mac,
  2. latest picture of grapegum plant ...mac,
  3. plant is root bound ,,and needs potting up ,,,mac,
  4. gave plant feed on bloom nutes the other day .she has started to make pistils ,,heres pictures ,,,mac,,
  5. heres a site you maybe interested in like Ancient Aliens., the Unexplained etc ,,,, www.nexusnewsfeed.com .mac if the link dont work just google nexus new feed ,,mac,
  6. your lucky to have Turkish weed to make your crosses ,,,,brings back memories of 1966 when i had my first smoke of Hash which was Turkish hash ,,never had it again ,but i still remember the high ,,,mac
  7. this is this weeks picture plant's put on a bit of growth since i flipped the light a week ago ...mac,
  8. heres latest picture after i took a bit more off the top to open the plant up,,,mac.
  9. i took the plant down another leaf node,,the s=tems coming from underneath were looking a lot stronger so topped again to get the other stronger stems growing ,it opened out the plant just how i like ,,,mac.
  10. nothing wrong using chempak mate ,thats why i use tomato feed in flowering ,,,heres lastest picture.. i topped yesterday ,,,mac..
  11. hi ifish i have not fed any thing just yet ,,i planted up in potting mix that has around 3-4 feed added to it i pot up couple times till final potting and then that sees the plant through the stretch ,then after the stretch when the feed in the mix starts to get low i just feed bloom nutes ,or even tomato feed if short of cash ,,,heres the plant now after few more days ,thanks for asking about feed ,,mac
  12. well plant was taken down dried and now being smoked ,,it had very airy.''buds though . So now ive started another plant its from ripper seeds a strain called 'grapegum ..heres some pictures ,,mac.
  13. heres a couple more pictures this week ,,mac,
  14. this weeks pictures still throwing out pistils ,,,think shes about 8 weeks in flower now ,,,mac,,
  15. a product containing Spinosad .it great for getting rid of mites,,,,,,,,,,mac,
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