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  1. hi there ive been away from the forum for couple months ..both me and the mrs come down with covid in feb ,,we were quite ill and the plant got trashed just couldnt look look after it ,,,,but i'll be be back ,just gotta sort my seeds out ,,,,hope all you growers here at OG have kept healthy and not had covid ,,,,,mac,
  2. plus last week or so i planted another Sweet seeds ..Green Poison .....mac.
  3. well i chopped plants not long after above post ,,,but forgot to post any pictures heres a couple pictures of some colas that were dried ,,,mac,
  4. ive been giving the plants water this week with around 25% run off and in to next week ,i want have to give a big flush if i do that i may harvest some time next week ,,cant wait to dry and cure this sweet seeds tropicanna poison ,,,,,my next grow may be green poison another sweet seeds fast version finishes in 6 weeks ,,,,,mac,
  5. heres a few more pictures of the Sweet seeds tropicanna poison ...they show a better there calyxes ..mac/
  6. next pictures of sweet seeds tropicanna poison ....mac,
  7. yea these plants get ever where ,mine like watching TV ,,,,,,,heres couple more pictures of the tropiccana fast version ,can see some calyxes reddening up, fed with a bloom formula P/K at last feed,mac lik
  8. hi @Misterdirt the tropicanna poison fast version is made up of tropicanna cookies (girl scout cookies xtangie and of the auto strain of red poison) its not an auto .the auto just makes it flower faster .....heres couple of pictures 1st picture just over a week ago and 2nd picture yesterday ,,,,mac
  9. again i have not been around for a while ,,but i started a sweet seed tropiccana poison some weeks ago this is a picture from a week ago after being put on 12/12 for flowering ,,,mac,
  10. well i sampled both plants chopped them down just over a week ago ,,,Zkittles leaves a tangy sweet taste in mouth ,,,high is good and feel really stoned ...lemon kush cant really say about the taste its git some thing there but cant taste lemon but it does taste of sweet hash ,,the Zkittles to me seems the heaver stone than the lemon kush ,,,but both are good and i'd grow again ,any how got a couple kilner jars each from them so no complaints from me ,,,mac,
  11. i have not been around for a while ,but ive still been growing ,here pictures of zkittlez first the lemon kush 2nd .... mac
  12. next lots of pictures ,,they dont look like they have done much since last pictures ,,,cookies pick first two pics pakistani x nepali 2nd couple pics ,,,mac,
  13. next set of pictures of cookies kush and pakistani x nepali ,,fed with bloom formula this morning
  14. gave plants a feed of bloom formula this afternoon ,alls looking good ..mac,
  15. next set of pictures of the cookies kush and pakistani x nepali .also gave fed of P/K boost just to help flowering yesterday..mac,
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