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  1. this weeks pictures still throwing out pistils ,,,think shes about 8 weeks in flower now ,,,mac,,
  2. a product containing Spinosad .it great for getting rid of mites,,,,,,,,,,mac,
  3. top leaves yellowing or turning pale ,,could be zinc deficeincy ,,,mac,
  4. lol thanks moz nothing like Cpt Beefheart and Zappa together ,,,made my day matey ,brings back a few mad days and memories too ,,mac,
  5. i bet was strong Moz mate ,,,,did it give ya the munchies ..its give me uncontrollable munchies does the cheese ,,,mac
  6. couple more pics of plant now its been out in sun .looking ok ..mac,
  7. hi Mmateoz not to bad I was hoping to put the plant out in the sun ,but the kids in the apartment above me have been dropping toys and stuff out their window on to where I put the plant ,,have to have a word with their parents ..mac,
  8. hi Moz....that's if you don't chuff it all I a day and forget which forum ya on matey ,,some great looking weed and hash you got Moz ...mac,,
  9. hi mate yiu got here n the end ,,,mac,
  10. morning Moz ya daft ole sod ,,good to see your here matey ,,,,,mac..
  11. next pictures of bagseed grow ,,,still throwing up lots of pistils ,sorry about pics ,,only got a crappy cell phone camera ,,mac.
  12. thanks for your input BeachBud ...mac.
  13. given plant a feed of PK this morning ,,just hope them calyxes swell ..any one out there got a suggestion to help the calyxes to swell up ,,mac,,
  14. just an ole guy enjoying life ,,

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