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  1. Hey misterdirt, Best thing you can do is give youre neighbour allso some plants,....hehehe Yes they are taken 28 hours ago. thanks for youre reply,..
  2. Just post some pics and some words,.. Doublefun early Doublefun early Doublefun early Doublefun late BlueChoc Pre98/oriental Prebubba98/oriental cutting 12/12 Prebubba98/oriental cutting 12/12 greets
  3. maddwarf


    S.A.G.E (the real one!) is not found in a seedbank !!! So, do not be fooled. SeedBanks use only the "good name" Like White Widdow, Amnesia etc, you never know exactly what you get in the bag!!! Last time i post in this topic... greets
  4. Thanks man,... But if i look at the price and shipment together it is to much for me...! And the leavers i would take them off... greets
  5. nice setup, what did you use as insulation against the walls inside the room ? looks great, is the aluminium allready on the insulation? greets
  6. maddwarf

    Blue Chocolate

    Hey you're back ??? Nice grow my friend... still have some BC beans left for popping for later.... Its good to be back on the i-net, just sattled in my new home... greetssss
  7. You didn't had the problem last grow ? ! Only thing I can think of is,the plants rootsystem isn't growing as well as it should. I had same prob with plants on slabs, one plant good rootsystem plant next to it in same slab bad rootsystem. And no roots no drinking, wet coco...
  8. Hi all, Quick foto update, from the lemonthais here they are last week still enjoying the Okt sun. This is today, think she is ready to get harvested... The AutoFlowers are all harvested and are drying... This week some more pics from the 3 who are still allive... Greetz
  9. Update a bit later bc off bad weather... First budshots followed by the plants. I still have some Autoflowers going.. Some random pics just to show the progress... They all look fine I think,no mold yet so iam still happy. Need at least 3 weeks more I guess.. Hope you all enjoy... Feel free to comment or ask... Greetz
  10. Hey Leo, The ladies looking nice mate. To bad the sun isn't working for us outdoorgrowers. My outdoor is still going, the LemonThai need at least 3 or 4 more weeks! But they are not getting wet, but only need sunshine aaargh... Hope you have a nice harvest... cheers
  11. The small girl is harvested... Drying for 2 days now... Here she is.... She looks yummie greetz
  12. Just went through youre topic, nice results good job.. interesting :o
  13. maddwarf


    Hey E$kobar, Yes iam from the beginning, some years ago....
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