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  1. That Oregon hucklyberry IBL thing looks great man! i gots to get some seeds somewehere somehow, there quite expensive i see and i could not find them on trusted places from here.. for now i popped some of these legends, as well as f2 and some f2 i created years ago. im considering to keep you guys posted but if that happens you will know where to look.
  2. i have some of these, i grew just two years ago! best stuff EVER legendary amongst those who tasted it if you can find them pay millions there worth it!
  3. hi there guys ! sorry for my disappearance. there was alot of stuff on my mind back then. and a security breach ment i stopped information going out. but that was a lifetime ago. things for the mt hood huckle went pretty awesome! i will go for an in dept search and rescue for checking if any photos where taken for you guys thats the least i could do. for now i wanna state that this huckleberry was the best weed i ever smoked by far, in terms of smell/taste and handeling (not because it wasnt sticky ) also my first very small pollination resulted in 10 or so seeds :dribble: those defiencys where mostly heat problems it was a grow in summer inside. i handled them best i could and it didnt turn out to be a problem at all so ima start looking for those pictures, if they excist cheers for 2014 everybody
  4. good luck with this bro ! u gonna love the smells:D sitting by
  5. Guys here we are! finally with an proper update; it took a while, but i finally have the time spirit and motivation at my side Lets first take a few minutes to clear all questions and reply's, i did miss out on this a while so if u feel that i missed your's please do let me know so i can reply back to it!(ill only do last page for now) @CBrown ; im not gonna do a full pollination this time , if i where better prepared and had more know how on breeding i might have done so! my jars are getting to the place where i can see the bottom again so ill need a smoke! @grofasta Just PM my sometimes lazy ass for some photo's, this will get things done more faster for sure cause that way it becomes more personal for me, be that small motivator to push it over the edge @ "the" Prof P thanx for staying tune! after yours and skunkface input i decided to go with it, ill will pollinate a lower branch , tonight i will extract pollen on the oldskool way , just cut the plant down, shake it very gently above a bottom of paper in a box that surrounds the plant to keep as much of it so contained as possible.. this all will be done in a area with no winds indoors, i will make sure that my contact for the day with the lady has already been made(watering ect) after storing the pollen in the freezer.. (im not sure really when to pollinate, but i think the time is not yet please help me out on this anybody!) for extra insurance ill put my clothes in the washer and im gonna take a shower; "You cant be too careful these days;KIDS USE RUBBERS!" im sure on accident pollination will happen when i start playing a bee cause the stuff is mend to float around trough air, so i do everything i can to make sure as little as possible accidents are gonna happen! @skunkface thanx very usefull input u gave me! the blackout however totally messed up the light cycle i had to make some adjustments to the "when" moment it kicks on/off but everything seems to be alrighty now again so lets hope it stays like that! i totally agree on hermies are caused in dark periods , but when the power came back i did turn on change cycle cause by then she already had 12hours of darksness... and after setting it here i could hardly go change it again altough i did twist and bend it that it would only be 1.5 hours earlier then the previous start of the lights.. but it would meen another change.. so im a bit careful @bh4 thanx for checking i also have laid my hands on mt hood huckleberry f2 offcourse! and with my own f2's i hope i'll be set for time's too come @4twizzle they could be looking alot better i was sure to take a few shots of the drama @nuggs they only get BAC bio 1 component flower , they also got a bit of the grow version of that. if im correct the flower is, and the grow isnt for sale at sannies! so now those few minutes are passed we can continue with some action; ive got a bulk load of pictures not even sure i can do it in one go This is a few weeks old by now; Last time we will ever see those together; it was a nice couple ! just weird looking this if u asked me, not sure what caused it but i think the problem is either soil, what in the soil(those larve things) or maby even fimming; nice sideshot with 1.5 liters of bac bio that she gets once every while, rest of the time it is a pure water diet. think this its the male, not 100% sure but 90% .. either way ; know we are 10 days further from the previous photo's; gives u something to compare with; nice tower wont u say so?; another few days of skipping for u guys; NICEEE; i like the structure of it all:D; \ so that was it for this upload, i got some more pretty pictures of the male , i really have to go im almost an hour into this postxD i will give u guys the rest tonight or tomorro, if u cant w8 u can look in the album!! peace and be safe
  6. stocked on sannies shop? love it have to try out!
  7. hi there all! been a bit longer then expected but ive been way too busy with all kinds of stuff! there have been some developments wich im not 100% sure how to react to them, one of the 2 was a male ( a really nice male but useless for me at this moment in time) so he have been moved to the backyard, and since we still have very long days he will probarlly go vegging again i think) so im not sure if i should let the two breed.. the male smells really good and (already has purple-ish nuts by now) i will get a photo if im not gonna kill him,, , and the thing that happend what put me in doubt if i should pollinate or not; very recently there was a quite massive black out , in the middle of the light cycle is when it happend, and it was suppose to be on 5 more hours , unfortunate i dont have power backups , so u can imagine i was instant full of stress , and they told me that it could take several days (looking like it that was not the case lets hope it stays on now) but this morning i was facing a decision and i had to do something so i transported the lady in to the garden , into the sun (and rainxD) but when the power came on she went back in the tent i gave her a couple of extra hours on the clock for this day to catch up , and have to watch out very badly for a hermie now, thats why im thinking hek it why not pollinate.. any toughts on this? i cant upload at this moment but with the recent developments i have to keep a close check so i keep u guys posted Cheers and be safe!
  8. hi there all! i took the a few photo's, and switched to flowering. here the photo's are for ya all; getting late in here so im not going in too deep today soon ill do an in depth update! and 4twizzle; some did root; not all, not a perfect try.. but the ones that made it i had to pot outdoors in the garden.. i must say im not the best planner so things kinda went wrong her and ther.. but i must say the aroma's smelled so far are out of this world sweetly!!
  9. Guys sorry for lack of updates, they are currently still in Vegging stage. ive been real busy past weeks, loads of good weathers so im out fishing almost daily i love it! and i have to say with pain in my heart ; the plants did sufffer a bit from my lack of time.. the root pouches 10.4 L are a pain when it comes to watering.. they hold the moist not long enough when watered from above, so i started to give most of the water from below.. works out a bit better too also im not pleased with my current soil mixture, im way more comfortable with cocus. but the shop was out when i was there,, so too bad. i was on the edge of taking pictures a few days back when i saw my good friend santero 's reply. but when i opened up (after 2 and a half day or so) i saw that the ladies where in dying need of some liquid. so i tought i skip that for the photo's.. and yesterday they where doing alot better, once again today im gonna switch the vegging to flower not quite sure if im gonna do 250 w or 600w... any toughts? so today when the light hit i PROMISE to take pictures and update! and you want catch me breaking a promise once its made
  10. Placed an order in for this! thanx P for awesome works;)
  11. heey ya guys thanx for reactions! @ sam all the damage was on the branches, they where very dry'ed up wood on the point where u could crush it easy at some places.. all the buds on it where all good, you could notice some yellow/browing on the leaves from it tough, nothing that would scare me off from personally smoking it!
  12. Where did u got the Blue magoo bx1's i want those:o!? peace
  13. Its been a couple of weeks since a update indeed! i did uploaded some photo's a week ago, so u guys wont miss out. by now the baby's became young adults indeed lexn , i took some clones of them too; four off each. this will me my first cloning attempt so i was thinking that 1 of each should give roots to make a mom off if needed.. think that should be doable right? also the by now quite big seedlings , moved into the space previous occupied by four moby dick's. i switch the lights there to 250 w HPS they now have a square meter for them selfs at the moment i took away the V shaped net cause it will take forever to fill with two plants. im a little bit in doubt if i should scr0g in a normal net also.. they are only in 11L so i should not overdo the veg time i guess i was thinking about letting them overcome recent stresses;new habitat, also anotother go at the FiM (i like to keep the main but intact) and ect, and then start blooming, if enough clones make it in time i might even bloom 600W but as of now for the two of em i think it's too much.. but enough, lets bring some action; lets start with the clones; as you see no perlte but rocksxD some oldier pictures of seedlings; got some fungus gnats in the place, ordered some nematodes that will take care of the situation with fly traps..; and then the frsh pictures; and a look at the fimming; and that where all the photo's for now, i will get new ones soon! thanx for stickin by all:D be safe and healthy:D
  14. Omg, last weeek i tought i made an update but seems like it did not go trough.. so here we go; by now this round is finshed! its all dry and cured i dont know exact weight but my 4 jars got filled for curing wich are about 7L total.. very quality natural taste to it, but someday i will go deeper in a smoke report.. lets show u guys the last photo's i ahd already uploaded; last photo of them untouched; and as you can see very nice multipurpose net; i think it came close to an 300 gram total dried buds.. but by now the total is incomplete so we never really know. im continuing the story with the mt hood huckleberry fever thread going on.. matter of a fact they are already occupying the 1m2 where the moby's recently gave there fruits! i hope to see you guys there for all the latest info! oyea my first completed report glorious occasion! o yea i promised somebody a few shots of the damage by molt on the stems! so here we have it; but i could not let it end with that so i made some fresh photo's for you guys! see you guys around be healthy and safe:D !
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