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  1. I've got esko's purple oaxacan going now and the first cross that came to mind was oaxacan/santa maria ( didn't get in on those planck s1 freebes). i like the sativa leaning santa maria's. most of no mercy's santa maria was heavy wld (indica) looking. i like the intense sativa effects of the santa maria. intense giggle weed sounds good.
  2. thats pretty close to the smell of a class oaxaca. very hard to get pure hog (highland oaxaca gold) or any other pure ox in seed form right now. the closest i could find is delicatessen primera dama and i haven't run her yet. icmag has a great oaxaca thread or two. idiit.
  3. "the white" clone was freely passed around for some time so it isn't something that would be too hard for someone like sannie or mota to get. motarebel has stated on other forums that he has discontinued working with the male aww crosses for undisclosed reasons but i was very happy with kodiak gold and "the white" crossed into the aww male. maybe pm jeffman and see what he says? idiit.
  4. i grew out the kgxaww indoors from u jeffman and they were real nice chunky frosty nugs that everyone enjoyed. by the way, 100% germ rates on all strains (3) i purchased. i am doing some landrace hybrids outdoors 2011 and kodiak gold (no longer available) is supposed to be very hardy and a pretty good mtf strain from my research. crossed a couple of landraces into awwxkg and will see this fall. idiit.
  5. i read a mota thread on another forum that stated he was done working with aww for unspecified reasons. jojo (now deceased) was according to my research the original breeder of aww '98 and jojo loved aww. said when it was crossed into anything it made the product better. i'm going to run a few aww x's and see. also manga rosa is one of the two parents of aww and i'm interested in that strain as well since my primary interest is outdoor landrace sativas pure and used in hybrids. according to an acknowledged outdoor sativa lr authority (zamalito) manga rosa could be a good genetic to check out for southern lat areas. one very nice development is the cmh lamps. indoor runs of uv intensive genetics might perform better under full sun spectrum light. most sativas according to many lr sativa cultivators didn't perform well under traditional mh/hps spectrums compared to their od performance in appropriate latitudes.
  6. clepter, i want to personally thank you for all your posts and especially your input on cmh.i've got mine and will be running them soon. rod.
  7. received my order 5 days after submitting it. excellent stealth packaging. got a real nice freebie as well. very happy.
  8. aloha white widow info? thks., rod.
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