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  1. Volt

    OG Chat

    Ok for people that have problems connecting to chat with irc clients etc. Server: freemode.net (for example verne.freenode.net) Channel : #opengrow /nick ... (nickname in place of dots) <== this you type when you get on the channel
  2. Man youre lucky you live in climate where you can plant those strains we where i live have less to chose from but its still better than in Sweden f,e, Nice looking plants my still are veging -.- becouse of strange weather...
  3. Volt

    OG Chat

    Java Runtime Enviroment is the plugin from what i remembre You can just find some IRC client and add the server to the list and channel #opengrow
  4. Volt

    OG Chat

    And thats what it is now there will be ofc some trash talking as there always is but from what i have seen now most of the topics that were discussed now were about growing or where to buy certain strain or what that strain consists(cross of what and what)...
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