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  1. Looking Great, D; I hope they are growing madly my friend... A couple or 5 pics would be cool, if you get a chance All the Best, and Stay Free HD
  2. Just watching border wars on the tube, so I thought this tune would be fitting
  3. This seems right for a sunday, or anyday/night tune
  4. Thx for stopping by folks Hi Joker, dequelo, foolonthehill, and skunk So far, so good for these little babies... I hope they will make some nice buds, but no promises, if I can keep the lights going It's about time to go check on these seedlings... All the Best, and Stay Safe HD
  5. Hi guys!! Thanks for dropping in.... Yep, the withdrawls have set in on me bad... I have noticed myself getting ill natured, and we all know what is causing this Webelbzr, sounds like you have one fine lady... I haven't said anything about me starting some beans up, so we'll see how this goes The war dept can be rough, but so can I, if I can't grow...lol Mr.Greenthumb, Man, I am glad you stopped in too.. I hope I can run these all the way through till, I have some buds... I've had these beans for a while now, and never even got to run them all the way yet, so maybe this time i will Dequelo was gonna run these, but I suggested he run the A.I.'s for his style of growing, and the way the A.I. grows.... I've given lots of these beans out, so maybe if some of you folks have any, maybe you will decide to give them a try, if you like
  6. Thanks Mav; You had a nice plant of these after they were crossed... I'm guessing these will have to be scrogged, as they will get huge trying to grow'em sog style.. I'm sure I'll be trimming the hell out of them.... I appreciate you stopping in my friend All the Best HD
  7. Holydiver

    JackHerer/NL x Aroura Indica F1

    We'll see how far I can grow these due to my $$ probs....
  8. I don't know how far I can get with this grow, due to my economic situation, but I can't handle it much longer not having some greenery growing on...lol I dropped 6 beans the other day, and have six small seedlings coming on strong.... I did this a tad different this time around with how I water my soil-less mix.. I added a pinch of peter's ferts with the water to moisten my mix..... The little seedlings seems to like it, so far.... I won' t get carried away with the ferts, or water... Those two things are the most common fuck up's I know of, when starting out on a grow from seed, well let's just say a grow.......
  9. Thanks for the look at your grow, my friend.. I'm more than sure your enjoying the rewards of the flowers you've shown All the Best HD
  10. Oh yea!! It's my kind of music 4 sure.. I did not know about the astrology thing?? That's cool that you get into sharing the BD's All the Best HD
  11. Thanks for the link IMO, the more one learns, the less they realize they know... All the Best, and Be Free HD
  12. IMO, it's just nature doing it's thing... Mother nature is doing it's own crossing, and blessing us all with some nice weed..... Kinda cool, if you really think about it All the Best HD
  13. Welcome to OPG I feel pretty low down about myself... I should have been welcoming everyone that has come over, and introduced themselves So, A Big Welcome to all!! I am sure all of you will enjoy OpenGrow!! IMO, this site, or folks that make the site make it a nice experience to grow, and talk shop All the Best to Everyone, and Stay Safe HD
  14. I should have some pictures in the gallery of last spring/summer/fall grow.. Man, mother nature wasn't nice at all to the weeds I grew.. Well, let's say mother nature grew I didn't do anything to them, except start them outside from seed. Then, bare rooted out of the soil-less mix, and just punch a hole in the dirt, and let nature do the rest.. The only thing I did was to pull all the males, except the best one I thought was worthy of pollenating some of the gals... Still, with the brutal stress they ended up being about 50/50 female/male ratio... This sort of reminds me of the pics, the soldiers are taking in afghanistan... The soil I've seen in some pictures looks pretty bad, but the plants look great IMO.... All the Best HD
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