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  1. Mosca is certainly still breeding they just had a drop with some c99 bx's and some trainwreck crosses. both are still up check the bay.
  2. It is so awesome you wont even believe!!
  3. My Extrema was a doll and didn't stretch much at all. She smells so good way more dank than the PE. Here are a few pics of the extrema
  4. Thanks guys Ill be sure to stop in to give a smoke report once they come down and are dry and cured. I can tell you the PE was very easy to grow and it grew fast. My extrema not pictured here is my fav so far just by smell alone havent tasted her yet cant wait!! Hopefully the NBD will be my new daytime smoke
  5. Looking very healthy!! and Awesome!
  6. Here is my New Blue Diesel, some might remember her as the two-headed monster from birth NBD Here is a great pheno of PineApple Express
  7. Holy crap Killer Screen!!
  8. Def flush thats my vote I like a white ash clean burn.
  9. Extrema smells soooo goood!!!
  10. Critter


    Awesome I bet she smells so good!!
  11. Good to have you here Nice set-up!
  12. Welcome! Im sure youll love the NBD!!
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