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  1. Hey there, if chosen I would like the: 1) airborne jack x airborne jack 2) jack hammer x airborne jack 3) Girl Scout Cookies x airborne jack Thanks and a happy holidays to all!!!
  2. What an awesome contest! Happy holidaze to you!
  3. Thanks for the awesome contest San, and best holiday wishes and a fruitful New Year to you!
  4. Thanks for the contest Santero, please add my name to the list. Thanks, Willard
  5. Awesome idea, NAW! Please add my name to the hat. Peace, Willard
  6. Hey guys, got a real nice letter from Santa today. Thanks a ton!
  7. Hemp Depot would be my choice.
  8. Hey Misterdirt, thanks for the report on the Lollypop. It sounds and looks like a winner! I've always been curious about Leprechaun strains, nice to see a report on one, How long did you flower them for?
  9. Hey Mota! I don't know if you check in over here much any more, but I'd love it if you sold some of your new releases here. Sannie is a very trusted vendor to me and others. I can't say that for some of the other places. Thank you!
  10. Awesome Fuzz! Nothing like some Jack in a PC case. How do you compare the Jack buzz to the Kali Most buzz? thanks dude, your micro grows rock!
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