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  1. lookin good fluffy, that screen looks like its gonna fill-out nicely. sending good vibes your way
  2. Quick Update: purple KF curing AK-47 indica pheno AK-47 sat. pheno Irene Kush from bagseed vegged 2 weeks and 5 days of 12/12 ( a lil stunted from overferting,) hoping it'll be female n make a good mom New round of clones 2 purple KF's in front, EM, sat. and indica AK
  3. cushpak

    grow cab

    500w cfl
  4. Here's some AK-48 50 days of 12/12 grown under cfl
  5. I'm gonna get nice and comfy. can't wait to see how they turn out.
  6. sorry don't kmo much about the other strains but i can say i agree thats an EM. for sure lookin good. Looks like your gonna be pullin some big buds too
  7. Actually a few days ago I discovered my el Monstre male I kept around for "future pollen chuckin" had a few pollen sacs open up on 20/4 hr lighting. I see a seed forming on my cherry AK-48 pheno : this was a cross I was planning to do later anyway.... My question is the AK is almost done but how long will the seed take to be viable for germing?
  8. Thanx, Sacred u pretty much just blew my mind! I cant believe I haven't thought of this sooner. This would be a very plausible solution. After all most of my current strains are stretchers and this would allow me to get the most out of my current growing limitations as well. Thanks dude Now I just have to design a seperate veg chamber and ok it with the misses (i don't think it 'll be difficult given I would actually be pulling less wattage=lower electric bill)
  9. looking good so far Short, hope all goes well, Sending good vibes ...
  10. karma coming back around I bet your old partner doesn't having as half as good of a garden as you do now.... KARMA.... Which would you say is your favorite smoke between extrema,uber, and K.O. kush? can't wait to see those pics CP
  11. hey GB, Lovely grow you have going looks like alot of thought and effort was put into this op. If I may I ask did you build this room, or convert a closet/bathroom?
  12. Thanks for the advice Sacred. It's funny because I have been thinking the same thing except I was thinking of going with a 400w HPS. Do you think this would be over kill? I was thinking maybe 2 smaller lamps might give me better light coverage. Maybe 2 150w HPs or 2 250's ? I had previously thought about building a T5 system but with so lil info out there I fear It might not be a good idea... I cannot fit 48" tubes in my cab either which also deterred me from going with T5 or T8's.. I have a DIY carbon scrubber already and temps are high 80F/30C already.. It's weird but because of my height restrictions I cant find a growcab with similar dimensions using HID in any of the forums.... my cab is 49cm deep X 82 cm high X 120cm wide
  13. Hey Guys I'm very pleased with everything I've harvested so far from Sannies and the most anticipated lady of all is still standing smelling ever so peculiar and taking her sweet sweeeet time. :lol El monstre is my fav so far obnoxious berry stench and very powerful smoke.. keeper for sure Although KF was the most vigorous throughout flower she was a bit stunted because of ph fluctuations and overfeeding on my part. She gave the least yield of the three Kf's. Her smoke was a bit dark and spicy tasting The pink pheno was the heaviest yielding of the Kf's and gave me some sweet fruity light purple buds that are curing now. She tasted a bit more like jack I grew awhile back but a bit fruitier opposing to citric like the jack was. Expands very much. I am debating on when the purple pheno should be harvested... Any thoughts guys? I really appreciate the input that is given... Blue KF purple KF KF and AK48's keeper AK-48 pheno buds all the way down
  14. whoa nice!! I can't wait until I have a bit more space to make my sat's that happy
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