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  1. I know the following plants: 1/ Research shows that plants are able to clean the air by using filters such as acetone, benzene, formldehyd, trichloroethylen. Placing this pot in the house helps protect the body from the radiation rays emitted by television, telephone, microwave, refrigerator ... In feng shui, this flower balances the air, absorbs The source of energy conflict, creating a peaceful and harmonious space. 2/ Kim money is considered to be a fruitful treasure. Choose trees with green, thick body, complete leaf blade, especially blooming plants will bring the most "bud". The needle in the east, southeast in the house, meeting room, office ... 3/ Spider wires are also called orchids, mold or grass. This plant works to clean the air, filter dust, to poison. People like a spider cord as a natural mini dust filter. It is a good idea to place the plant in dense locations such as windows, balconies, entrances, kitchens. The tree also has good feng shui meaning. Here are the top 3 healthy and fortunate plants grown indoors for you. You can refer to other plants that you like
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