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  1. I'm a biter, I put them in paper towels and If any seeds have't opened in 2 days I crack them with my teeth, you can roll them around in your mouth till you feel the edges and bite them gently. You can feel it crack, next day they are open with a nice tail. I've saved so many seeds this way!
  2. Welcome That's a HELL of a welcome you prat
  3. Ordered the BA, sent the cash off Mon 19th from the UK, received them a week later Mon 26th, amazing! oh yeah going to do a Gani run later in the year
  4. Cloneman


  5. I've got a pack of these, they got called Megafauna. Have you got any flowering pics Pete?
  6. Just to let you know they're back in stock, ordered some on Saturday. Hopefully the cash makes it....
  7. Great report, Are these coming back in stock?
  8. Whats the fuss about about if its been legal for a thousand years? Bubba pre 989 anyone. Sorry couldn't help myself.....
  9. Hi there, just to let you know its Shack (shiva/jack) and Shackzilla is Super silver haze X Shack. Good luck
  10. Count me in, love chocolate! Happy Xmas
  11. Sounds like the website host here has had the same treatment SLOW
  12. Sounds like they are stalling due to putting new roots in to those larger pots (quite a jump, 6 to 30). Should be AOK in about a week once they've put their new boots down...
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