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  1. Yo Indican, do you have a list of the strains you have been working on?
  2. Ive only grown Ms Universe and she tasted like cherry coughdrops...... that was what we called it . and It was my keeper for about 4 years. I had to let her go because of a move, but I still have 5 seeds left. Hoping to pop these in the next grow. Based on this strain alone I would grow whatever Prof P puts out. guaranteed fire
  3. I grew Royal Queen og kush x sour diesel and it was the worst plant I have ever grown. it was weak, and didnt yield much. I grew karma headbanger along side of it, and that blew it away. I would not recommend royal queen seeds
  4. astronomikl

    Karma Headbanger

    Gracias bro,probably one of the best smokes I have grown. been in the garden now a couple years now un abrazo
  5. I havent been here in a while, and as I come back there is a new layout and it looks great-!!!! I think I am gonna have to start a grow journal and come back here more often. Looks great Sannie!!!
  6. NICE!!!! I still have some of my blue hammer f2 and a pheno that I have kept now for about 2 years. I think I might have to make a purchase when these are released
  7. I´m in. Thanks San!!!! good luck all!!
  8. Blue Hammer F2 from the first pack I bought from sannies and got me on this site back in 2013. I forgot how good this strain was..... it flowers all over itself, just frosty nugs everywhere..... smells like sweet apple gasoline. Tastes like the apple filling of apple pie......so good.
  9. This one is Karmas headbanger, wasnt sure I was going to like it, I thought that most OG/Sour Diesel was all hype, but it ended up being my fav.
  10. This was the first forum I posted on back in 2010, when I started my first indoor, and I came here for ideas. It helped and turned me into a great grower, thanks to people on here. I am usually a lurker, just reading and liking, but there had been a lot of drama and it kinda steered me away from here. I still come on from time to time, because the people on here
  11. hahahahah this is true..... super stoner move..... you caught me.... lol
  12. congrats DG on the new position as Mod!!!
  13. @DesertGrown It has an up high that lasts for 3 hours with a nice landing, and a sweet rose like taste. Its great for socializing and being around people and long movies, very funcional, but your stoned....
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