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  1. Thanks for the replies guys. I am fully aware autos are not in the same league as regular plants. However I am looking for something to grow throughout the year off season, outdoor. I do plan to grow some regular strains in the season which I could plant now if I wanted some monster plants. But ill plant in 2 months or so as I will be going away for a month. Thay what do you mean by a light-dep? Are you saying I should force them to flower indoors and move them out? Thanks for the advice everyone!
  2. Hi there, oh how I have missed this place. My last login was in 2012. No one probably remembers me though I took a break from growing. And have stopped smoking for almost a year now after 5 years smoking every day almost throughout the day. I am going to get back into the growing side of things as quite frankly its probably the part I miss the most! I have some beans that a couple of people were kind enough to gift to me from this forum. Which I promised I would grow. So those will be coming back in the season. I also plan on doing some form of ruderalis seed harvest to grow off season. Which brings me to my main reason for this post since Sannie has stopped selling lowryder. Which I did a grow of and was some of the dankest smelling weed I have ever grown. 100% organic. Smelled exactly like rotten gwavas. It was delicious. So which seed bank should I be ordering from? DNA only seems to sell feminized autoflower seeds... Thank for the advice -GK
  3. Mmm looking good mate, keep them well watered on those hot days. luckily we havent had such hot weather recently.
  4. Thanks I've emailed them have yet to get a price. I will call them tomorrow. I would get Gavita, but shipping costs are huge and if it breaks i cant simply return it....
  5. Yeah but the thing is there are like NO E-ballasts in this country. The local grow shop here sells NextGen 600/400W dimmable, for R4000 thats like 400euro, those people are out of their fing minds. Anyway I'm going to send them an E-Mail and get a price. Thanks for the reply
  6. Hey there, Can some one tell me what they think of these ballasts... http://envirolight.co.za/products/high-mast/enviro-600w-digital-ballast They claim it can run MH, HPS and CMH. I thought that you needed a magnetic ballast for CMH? Here's what they say about it: Digital HID (DHIDTM) Ballast Product Features and Benefits Significant (up to 75%) saving of electrical energy and maintenance costs Produces up to 40% or more lumens per Watt than core-and-coil (magnetic) ballasts Steady lumen maintenance over lifetime of lamp; 95% Lumen Maintenance = No Relamping Required! (only 5% light degradation over entire extended HID lamp lifespan) Increased life expectancy (100%) of the lamp compared to core-and-coil (magnetic) ballast technology Highest efficiency DHIDTM ballast on the market; virtually no loss of electrical energy Watts consumed equates to most Watts output as lumens to target for Industry’s best lumens/Watt ratio Possible 70% dimming of incoming power yields dramatic cost savings and greatly extends lamp life Dim Function enabled ballast with RJ-11 port or loose wires input is required for dimming modes 50% dimming via Motion sensor, Switch or PLC using Discrete or Analog 0-10VDC inputs 70% dimming via Automatic (pre-programmed) Schedule available with Dim Function (RJ-11) ballast Very easy retrofit installations for MH, CMH and HPS lamps Advanced design, light in weight and compact in size
  7. Hey guys so we pulled around 2kgs of smokeable bud, alot went to waste that was undeveloped, like at the bottom of the 80cm long buds . Those sativas just got higher and higher... Anyway they were harvest slightly early due to reasons beyond our control (owner of the wanted them eeeeeout) . Had quite a bit of bud rot especially with sannies jack, the buds just got to fat and would tower to the point it made little catchment areas for water. Didnt tend to them as much as i would have liked had A LOT of dead leaves on the plants. Anyway decent harvest, I am a huge fan of Shackzille and the sweet smell it gives off! Loving the sativa highs from both, had enough indica for one lifetime (not) .
  8. You are going to reap a mighty fine reward with all that EDIT: I'm sure it takes a shit load of work maintaining all those plants...
  9. Hey ChronicKev, sorry to hear mate. I am just curious were u running a carbon filter? If you could smell it from outside the flat?
  10. Indican, no doubt this is a great site. I did pm him in my order. I even separated the orders and paid twice. The fact is things could have ended alot differently. There was a room full of police with body armour and shit in the room right next to where i was explaining that it wasnt soil. All they needed to do was open up the container and found 40+ seeds. While one can blow it over as a stoner moment but for them its legal for us it is not. And we do have to worry about these things and so should sannie and his team, as I'm sure they dont want their clients to get arrested. Please do not take this as hate mail just some constructive criticism. I love this site, the members and their grows. The information is abundant the skill set is huge. GK
  11. The only thing that disappointed me with sannie was the fact that when I asked for my seeds to be shipped separately from my buffertabs and spongpots, they were not shipped separately and I had to go to the customs office at the main post office wharehouse, with a room full of police next to me trying to explain to the customs lady that they are actually soil-less, I didnt even know if they were or not. But they didnt want soil coming into the country. The seeds were in an extra-container which they could have opened and that would have ended a whole other way. But otherwise good beans
  12. Can some one tell me what they think about this LED http://www.lightsout.../prod_2729.html or this one http://www.lightsout.../prod_2730.html apparently they are getting these ones in: http://buynow.wheresit.net/90w-led-grow-light.html
  13. which IMO is a fucking RIP OFF. That is 450$ and 353euro.
  14. The local grow shop here wants R3700 JUST FOR the ballasts, so now im trying to source one through a lighting shop. They said they should be able to organise.
  15. Ok thanks i understand the pricipal; does the carbon filter have to be in the cab? I was thinking about putting it in the cuboard about and cutting a circular hole and just vent all the top air.. I think I will go with HIDs, the local grow shop here only has a 400W / 600W dimmable NextGen E-ballast, will that 600W just be way too much for the space? The exact space is 108cm wide, 160cm high and 60cm deep. And they do not have a 250W :/ and nextgen doesnt make a 250W / 400W dimmable. I think I will have to go in tomorrow and talk to them. http://www.hortishop.co.za/ballast/ They dont give much info on their site so heres an overseas on http://www.greners.com/i/grow-lights/ballasts/brand/nextgen/nextgen-600w-400w-hps-mh-ballast.html Thanks GK
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