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  1. Thanks, I've read a little on CMH's and they sound great. I wish they came in higher wattage's for flower rooms. A 400w CMH sounds like it would be perfect for my 4x4 veg area. Do I need a special ballast or will a regular 400w Galaxy electronic ballast work? treetopmmmp
  2. Will a 400 MH be enough for a 4x4 tent for my ladies or should I go with a 600? It'll be housing a few moms, and vegging clones. I can't do T5's because I need an air cooled hood. Thanks, treetopmmmp
  3. Kilner jar with white rice in it, inside a small fridge that is only used for seed storage. For really long term storage, I've read that putting the jar into a deep freeze is best but not to use it if you plan on germing within a few years because the beans will lose a bit more viability than if they were in a fridge. treetopmmmp
  4. Damnit, I wasnt paying attention when I posted this. If a mod reads this, could you please move it to the appropriate forum: https://www.opengrow.com/index.php?showforum=32 I would delete it and post in the other forum but I can't find a button to delete. Thanks, treetopmmmp
  5. I'm building a new grow room and can't decide on a method. I can only run 36 total plants right now (including clones, seedlings, moms, veg, flower, etc.) but need to have the ability to expand to 72 total plants in the future. Here are some of the systems I'm looking at. I'm buying from a local place that gives med users discounts so the below places are for reference only and I'm not concerned with their listed prices or reputation, if links aren't allowed here, please edit my post. In no particular order: http://www.bghydro.com/BGH/itemdesc.asp?ic...amp;eq=&Tp= http://www.horticulturesource.com/complete...fe96ecc13c6a485 http://www.plantlightinghydroponics.com/ca...tem-p-1640.html http://www.gchydro.com/jetstream/HSJS6.asp http://www.home-hydroponics.co/4x8-Econo-w...15-Gal-9689.htm Any suggestions on the systems above or other systems that I didn't list? Thanks, treetopmmmp
  6. Trust me, I'd LOVE to give the majority my business to Sannie. My only problem is that all of my mail from across the pond comes through Chicago I've had bad luck with that port in the past (nothing to do with seeds). That port has been the worst one since at least the mid 90's. Some people don't think it was bad until after '01, but I can confirm it sucked before than. People that receive international mail through New York or Miami should appreciate it. I know Sannie would replace any "lost" items but I don't want to deal with a loss and trying to find another decent shipping addy to receive the replacements. I'm a legal med user in my state on the Canadian border and so far I've had no problems with mail from Canada. treetopmmmp
  7. Are there any Motarebel genetics available from Canadian seed banks? treetopmmmp
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