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  1. Anyone know how to delete your older albums?
  2. Hey gang... time for an update! Chopped my three ripe girls, the P.E., pepe lachem, cindy lapew. 76gr dried between the three of nice sticky nugs. I am happy with the chemdog x has a nice taste. Hope the Extrema's pickup that same chemm'y zing! So the Veg area is moving along nicely! Much better results under the MH vs the CFL's! All the little sprouts from last week are now in 6x6 squares. I moved the largest Pre98' Bubba into flower, gonna let these veg for another 3 weeks or so before I start any more. Veg Area Pre 98' Bubba Kush BX2 Got 4 Cali Connection Mixed Pack Beans goin... this one looks Kushie! On to flower... The Deadhead OG's gettin ripe! Extrema's Bubba 76's Corleon Kush Pre98 Bubba BX2 just in flower today Last KO Kush which i also thin is male See ya next week!
  3. **Quick Update** Well had to cull two of the KO kush, both sexed quicker then shit & were dudes... (the two on the bottom right) Since I need to restock my head stash reserves and have no plans to breed atm they went in the trash. Got one more, slower showing sex - lets hope for the best! The Extrema's are blowin up and the Bubba 76' is branching out nicely. Will be sending pics on the weekend!
  4. Sup everybody! hope you all had a great thanksgiving - I sure did! Had some time off the switch things around a bit, chopped 3 girls and moved the new girls into flower. Veg area is on the empty side now. There's 3x Pre 98' Bubba Kush, 2x Kritical Bilbo, 4x Cali Connection Mixed Pack Beans, and one Special Kush #1. These two Pre 98' Bubba's took off & move into squares already The flower room is full again! Even if I just moved em there, they are there! First... to the left side are my two Deadhead OG Clones. These will be ready in the next couple weeks. From the back.... 3x Extrema - 3x Bubba 76' - 3x Corleon Kush - 3x K.O. Kush
  5. rhead


  6. Yep... I even licked my eyebrow, and she still didnt notice
  7. I should probably just look into a LEP..
  8. We measure visible light in Lumens, LUX, Lumens Per Watt or Footcandles but are these same measurements also adequate when measuring for a plants lighting levels? No. While there is nothing wrong with knowing these measurements these are not the best measurements to tell us what is the best lamp for the our plants overall lighting needs. A better way to measure plant lighting is to determine how much energy the lamp consumes and how much light actually makes it to the plant surfaces where both Photosynthesis and Photomorphogenesis occurs. When measuring light QUANTITY for a plant we look to measure how many PHOTONS, (the minimum unit of energy involving light) are falling each second within a square meter. Photons are such a small unit of measurement that they are referred to as MICROMOLES OF PHOTONS or more often just MICROMOLES to describe a measurement of how many photons are arriving at a plants surface from the emitted light source. For reference 2000 micromoles would be a sunlight level measurement of light. Of most value to the grower and his plant would be the number of photons being measured at the plant, per second, per square meter, within the PAR ranges of 380-720 nanometers. This value is then known as the PHOTOSYNTHETIC PHOTON FLUX (PPF) level that the lamp emits. Meters that measure these (PPF) values are often referred to as QUANTUM METERS since a quantum is the amount of energy carried by a photon. These meters will provide entire spectrum measurements of the total number of photons per second values as well as measure the YIELD PHOTON FLUX (YPF) of the lamp which is as we've seen by the plants photomorphogenis requirements will assist the grower in identifying that the lamp has the proper PAR spectrum for maximum photosynthetic repsonse at that stage of plant growth. Another way growers like to measure light for plants is by PAR WATTS. What this refers to is how much light energy is available between the 380-720 nanometer ranges that the plant requires for Photosynthesis. What is extremely important to know the efficiency of the lamp being considered. Growers should be careful when considering these values and not to correlate higher PAR WATT values with more successful yields since with energy efficient lighting such as induction the PAR Watts per Square foot may measure 70% less then a HID and while still delivering micromoles in excess of the HID within the plants PPF and YPF requirements.
  9. Just noticed these induction lights... What exactly are the & who's ran them? Considering a much cooler alternative for the summer & these caught my eye.. http://www.greners.c...ing-pro200.html
  10. @Mr Cheese.. I agree. Was trying to rush things along a bit, but Im backing off the nutes now. Playing with the camera today & found I have a tungsten mode :/ My Deadhead OG Kush
  11. Supz ISO.. I have ran about 10 from seed in SOG like the one above & they are all about the same. Has a taste of its own, real hard nugs, hashy thick smoke that expands...alot! Gets me red eye stoned.. I can tell much for smell cuz of the different strains I run at once. Cant wait to see ur harvest pics!
  12. Hey Farmers... Time for an update! Getting some good results from the veg light upgrade, wise investment. This bulb is not bad for being cheap, kinda warm but its all good! These girls now are about 20 days from seed. I am hoping to let them veg for another week before I move them to flower, well see if I can wait! Here's the veg area - Great progress for only 1 week compared to my cfl's! Got some new little kids in the corner! 3x Pre98 Bubba BX2 - 1x Special Kush #1 - 1x Kritical Bilbo - 3x Cali Connection Mix Pack Seeds (Mystery Lot)! There's Three K.O. Kush F4 I think F4? Three of Sannie's Extrema Fem's Three Emerald Triangle's Bubba 76' and Three Cali Connection's Corleon Kush their some beauty's! Chopped the Pineapple Express yesterday So my flower room is very empty. Finishing a few leftovers before I flip the next lot.. Deadhead OG needed so support... Then my Pepe LeChem will be done in a couple days See ya next week & we'll flip these dozen outta the veg room!
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