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  1. 17days in 12/12, 39fem on 64...i mooved 3fem in another room, so here are the 36 choosed ones for this room:
  2. Hi men, yeah that's what i get usually too...but here it was 100% (the 78th was put in the trash because she was too slow for my liking, but she sprouted). i will probably collect some pollen on the missu and desstar, but i wont use it untill i see how the females look
  3. welcome into the jungle, into bloom since 2days:
  4. Thanks Yes it's 3.5L ones, and i have one more box for them if needed but i wish this one (150x150) will be enough...36 girls on the 75seedling would be perfect!
  5. 1 or 2 weeks and i flip in 12/12, 20MissU, 15SoliloQ, 28 Desst and 1KaliG(11 others KG in the veg room waiting space to join ^^):
  6. 77 on 78...not bad for seeds from 2012, from left to right, Miss U, Solilo Q, Dess'tar and Kali G aka PF:
  7. that what i think too, was just not sure... good germ ratre for 8years old beans, almost 90% have opened in 48hours, now they are in soil...we will see.
  8. Hi guyz, anybody know the difference between PF and Kali Girl ? both seems to be the same cross, Kali Snapple x Miss Universe...is it another Miss Universe male used or what ? i get that kali girl seeds from the prof himself 8years ago but i cant remember if he explained me the diff or not...was pf allready out at that time ?
  9. A few pictures of the Silver Fields pheno i have(sorry i 'm not proud of them, i will try to grow them better on the 2nd round):
  10. Sour Diebble(Sour D Riri x Sour Bubble): Gorilla Glue:
  11. hi guyz, how long you push them ? i have 5 females in bloom now and one look like she wont be finished in 12weeks, anyone have long flowering pheno here ? how was the smoke on this ?
  12. good germination rate on f3 even they are 10 years old but cant say the same thing for the f2...
  13. Seeds are a little beat old so i wish i have at least 50% that pop ^^
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