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  1. A few pictures of the Silver Fields pheno i have(sorry i 'm not proud of them, i will try to grow them better on the 2nd round):
  2. Sour Diebble(Sour D Riri x Sour Bubble): Gorilla Glue:
  3. hi guyz, how long you push them ? i have 5 females in bloom now and one look like she wont be finished in 12weeks, anyone have long flowering pheno here ? how was the smoke on this ?
  4. good germination rate on f3 even they are 10 years old but cant say the same thing for the f2...
  5. Seeds are a little beat old so i wish i have at least 50% that pop ^^
  6. I will pop a few NYCD F2 and F3 soon...
  7. coxnox


    thanks San but i really had luck with her, she was the only one that smelled so nice in the 14 seeds that poped up, i had 9ladys, 5 with a nice yields that looked a lot like the gapestomperOG a close friend did have a few years before but the smell was nothing special, and get 4 that looked like the one i selected but non had that fuking strong fruity chemical smell the #9 had...i did choose her since the begining (15days in bloom) and the smoke test confirmed it... Here is a few pictures of her early in bloom: and here just before i chop her:
  8. coxnox


    Any Killer Grapes pictures guyz ?
  9. Hi, he come back to me but disapear again...
  10. Hi, Is your superskunk from sensi seeds ? regular stock ? if so, do you have a picture of your keeper ?
  11. Hi, From what stock did the c99 come from ? @san: no problem i know
  12. She look awesome !! can you describe the smoke, odor, smell pleaz ?
  13. Hi, nice project, do you have any pictures of your jack herer mother ?
  14. I don't know from where this info come from but Cerise is Cerise and SM is SM, it's two differant cutting and they are not related Cerise is SourD Riri x Cheese Exodus from a somatic cross.
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