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  1. still same stash, i just let it seat all day in the kitchen(18° 52%hr):
  2. Some will say ice hash others will say dry hash, it's very personnal choice, dépend What you like, i like more the ice hash made with dry trim and buds.
  3. Only trim + little fluffy buds
  4. Depend what kind of bud, little buds from the bottom of a sativa plant i dont break it, others i do.
  5. There is no minimum...but maximum 150/200gr in the 5gal
  6. If you talk about the camping Washing machine or something like that, there is no problem using it but dont let it sit to long in it, try 2x10 and look and then put it more or less next time....but the most important things is to let the trim/buds rehydrate before you put the machine on. And of course as wisecalyx tell you the quality of the trim/buds, how dry it is.........
  7. i dont change my water between each pull and my hash is not green as you can see
  8. Whats you dont understand exactly ? I mix 3x10 min with 5 min pause between then i wait 30 min and pull the bag with the trim in(220 mic bag) out, then i pull the 38mic bag out and collect the resin....then i put the bags in water again for a second extraction, i mix one time 15 or 20 min and pull the bags out and collect the resin....
  9. after a fews days drying: and after hand pressing: trim: Buds:
  10. No i make 3x10 min then i collect the 38 mic bag, then i put the trim again in water, i mix one time 15/20 min and again i collect tje 38mic bag.
  11. most of the time only 2, if yu do a 3rd one the quality is not like that.
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