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  1. Emperors haze,, the quest

    welcome back
  2. Emperors haze,, the quest

    Hi, he come back to me but disapear again...
  3. Hamme Hydro's Phototopic

    Hi, Is your superskunk from sensi seeds ? regular stock ? if so, do you have a picture of your keeper ?
  4. Santa Maria or Planck cut

    Hi, From what stock did the c99 come from ? @san: no problem i know
  5. Mothers Finest vs. Jack Herer

    She look awesome !! can you describe the smoke, odor, smell pleaz ?
  6. Mothers Finest vs. Jack Herer

    Hi, nice project, do you have any pictures of your jack herer mother ?
  7. Santa Maria or Planck cut

    I don't know from where this info come from but Cerise is Cerise and SM is SM, it's two differant cutting and they are not related Cerise is SourD Riri x Cheese Exodus from a somatic cross.
  8. Freebees Sannie shop

    Hi, is there an actual list of freebies avaible ? @sanies: i have a few emperor haze(f1 and f2 in an open polllenisation) i can send for freebies, but i would like to send these only for who ask for, as i haven't kg to send....is this possible ?

    With mapito you don't need to water every 24h untill your have badly choose your container size. Your system is not the best way to use your substrat, mapito is good for ebb and flood. and yes your plants eat even when you don't water them, all they need to eat is a good air/water ratio, a good ph.
  10. Legit site for Bodhi seeds?

    For the c99 i would go to Joey Weed on hemp depot or Nuggetshiner on icmag
  11. Shogun silicon

    It's just potassium silicate, similar to bac silcate, grotek pro silicate, .....
  12. Legit site for Bodhi seeds?

    I have poped 2pack of gogi and found nothing aswell... what that proove ? nothing Seeds shouldn't be that expensive, specially not when it's just some pollen chuckling....sorry but ggg, bodhi, and even last chimera drops...50strain out of the last male found... that's not breeding, that pollen chuckling and i have nothing against that(i even love that) but 8€ a seeds ? or even more...
  13. Emperors haze,, the quest

    Did you contact him or ?
  14. Preserving Apollo 13

    No, you buy seeds, these are yours, yu do what yu want with them...now if you want to sell the beans would be nice to give credit to the strain used for that cross. but that's just my point of view
  15. Emperors haze,, the quest

    If you still have contact with him tell him to get to me, i have a some f3 for him soon