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  1. Hello my friends, I have been offline for about six months due to my misfortunes, and I feel I can now come out and safely explain why I was gone. I Came home on friday may 8th and was watching some PGA golf on TV and doing some regular checking on my plants after taking a shower. I was standing by my bedroom door when I noticed a Led light shining in the hall way, and I was thinking to myself "what the fuck is my landlord doing here", then at that moment I walked towards the light, and when I turned the corner it was 5 police officers demanding me to drop the gun and get my hands up!!! I fucking freaked out, I asked them what they where in my house for, and they said they had a call for shots fired in the area. The officers had apprehended my neighbor in our conjoined parking, my neighbor gave them permission to search his premise and instead of going into his they came into mine. They slammed me down and handcuffed me, and before they understood they were in the wrong place and un-cuffed me, they sent a officer to clear my residence. When the officer came back she was wide eyed and smiling, 'You gotta see this" she said the ranking officer, and my thats when it set in that I was fucked. She found my grow!! The ranking officer had taken a couple of the other officers outside and talked for 10-15 minutes before coming back to tell me that they couldn't just walk away from this and that he had called the narc officers. When the Narcs came they presented them selves in an assertive manner in which I felt made them look like even bigger assholes, and I am telling you the Narc officers are a different breed, I couldn't believe how they operate. They tore my house apart trying to find more and more but like I told them, it is all in my room and they still didn't get it all. The fuckers did get all my equipment, nutrients, and Plants/seeds along with my wonderful glass collection. So anyways I was arrested along with my girlfriend, my daughter was at my moms and they let her have her until we were ok'd by a judge. I hired an Lawyer that was recommended to me by a high ranking official of the city, and after a couple of hearings my lawyer was able to get all the drug charges dropped, so I just would be charged with child endangerment. I went from thinking I was going to get 10-15 for manufacturing with intent to unsupervised probation. It is kind of a win, but I have lost. I have lost so much stuff but not my knowledge, and that they can not take from any of us ! I want to thank the community for helping me grow as a grower and being understanding. This is not my fair well, but I am still in the air on if I should make a new name. I would like to put it out there that if there is anyone that knows of a position in the industry as a grower/ appr. breeder, I would love to take it on. Cannabis is my passion, and moving to a state that is legal is one of my goals. Any helpful hints and help would be greatly appreciated by me and my family. We have been through alot but feel like we are coming back around again. I made a long story short so feel free to ask questions. Thanks
  2. I heard about this and I cant wait to see what will come back to life from the old seeds Mr. Soul still has.
  3. This thread needs to be REMOVED! We can't handle it.
  4. Yeah something is going on. I haven't received my re-order from my glass pieces, or sannie.
  5. I am having problems getting orders from overseas aswell. I am in the states. No letters or anything, I am just not getting them. Do you think customs would just seize something and not tell?
  6. Lotus Monstrous is a name I feel would fit that beutiful godbud strain. beutiful colors and big buds
  7. Chocolate rain F1 has some flower sets now. She started flowering on the 25th after being in flower room for 15 days. These girls are so frosty and greasy!
  8. begining week 6. Gaining weight. Getting that greasy OG resin.. Yeah.... you know what's up!
  9. Seems alot of companies are coming out with humic acid blends and labeling it gold something. Let us know how it works for you.
  10. Interesting. will be watching!
  11. The og kush genetics is a fascinating thing. The stories are most of the time just that, but no one can deny it is a staple in cannabis history. I have only had headband once and it was alot more lemony than what I am used to as og. But it was a great strain, I don't remember names much unless I am impressed. I remember one time a buddy had some green he bought and he said it was og, when I smelt it the smell that came to mind was vomit. That shit was so crazy smelling. Don't think it was the og though personally, but who knows.
  12. Nice to see you will have a diverse crop. Should be wonderful to see all the different ladies growing outdoors. Best of luck.
  13. Thanks elwin. @Rev. everything must be tested before I commit it to my system. This will give me an idea of what kind of growth patern,stetch,and quality of buds and its structure. I will be able to tell what kind of terps and flavs carry through to the cured bud. So in other word yes I will finish her if she let's me. She looks very promising so far. I loved the chocolate rain I grew before.
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