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  1. come on now big's, play nice. he's spanish so might be pronouncing it hey-sus. and i don't think the first son of god, if he is in fact more than a story book character, wouldn't much care who used his name.
  2. congrats on finding your desired pheno, but i would never know there was any purple in there if you didn't say so. yeah it's a pet peev of mine that i hate photos of hps yellow wash out. confident i'm not alone on that. it won't hurt anything to take some shots with a flash when lights are off, or turn off hps and use some daylight cfl's or led's. or put in sunlight to really make the colors pop. not trying to bust your balls, you got some sweet looking plants. just hoping to help. an example of what sunshine can bring out in colors:
  3. yow-za that is a sweet ops. shame about the bug and mold issues but sounds like you've got things worked out. i would suggest wrapping reflectix around them all when they're pushed together and you'll save and use a bunch of the lumes currently being wasted out the sides. https://www.lowes.com/pd/Reflectix-200-sq-ft-Reflective-Roll-Insulation-24-in-W-x-100-ft-L/3775471 and just use spring clamps to attach to carts.
  4. i would confirm that this is with the 200w meanwell driver. $220 is dirt cheap: https://m.alibaba.com/product/60633885637/Original-CREE-CXB3590-3500K-DB-top.html?spm=a2706.8291533.0.0.7268fdcdzI97Uc same cob with it's own driver, minimum order of two for $70 each. https://m.alibaba.com/product/60673805548/KingBrite-led-grow-light-with-cxb3590.html?spm=a2706.7835515.1998800312.22.Uq8Klm
  5. i don't think russia will ever have more control of our government than big pharma, big ag, big oil,... america is slowly poisoning and eating itself to death all on it's own. they may have some influince is some areas, but a lot of that is because people have already been indoctrinated in ways that makes them easy to be influinced.
  6. thank you, thought you might be referring to mdf but maybe it went by a different name in the UK. i think develseed mentioned in another thread that he's having an issue with neighbors being in his business, may make it more critical to keep noise level down. may make it impractical to do a grow at all, better safe than sorry.
  7. would you mind spelling out what RVK and mdc are abreviations for?
  8. i gotta say i really disagree with that. having a parent with an addictive personality makes someone much more likely to as well. so if you're somewhere that you're able to get counseling at little or no cost than you absolutly should. you may get someone that you don't click with, especially if he/she tries to push you to take pharmaceuticals, but most places it's ok to switch counselors. a good one will help you learn coping skills that can make a big difference in your life. and good on you for being honest with your self and admitting that you have an issue that should be addressed. many people never will and the problem(s) they have only get worse over time.
  9. ah, i didn't think of that. the ceramics produce quite a bit of heat as well but the spectrum of light they throw is pretty awesome. probbly a little less pricey to start than a comparable led, just gotta make sure you're moving enough air to keep vpd in good range.
  10. led's perhaps? the initial investment can be steep but in the long run can be an excellent choice and eliminate the heat issue. ones that throw a full spectrum of light along with a decent amount of uv are supposedly able to produce more potent buds. if you don't have air coming in you may want to look into getting a co2 tank and have a closed op.
  11. if you're going to use an air cooled reflector i'd consider going with a 600w digital ballast. more lumes per watt then a 400. or use no reflector and hang it bare bulb, but make sure you have lots of air flow to remove the heat.
  12. most pharmaceuticals have side effects or do damage to the body over time that make them not worth it. and 100% agree that counselling may be a good option for you to help get focus on what you want to do with your life. good nutrition and daily exercise are important keys in having a good outlook on life. i like to meditate for 5 minutes twice a day and do 10 to 30 minutes of qi gong and stretching in the morning. acupresure is a wonderful self help tool as well. there are a lot of videos and free apps that explain how where and why. i'm bipolar and sometimes find it very hard to get out of a dark place, but these are the tools i use to cope with it. best of luck getting to a good place.
  13. either a pump to pump the water up to the plants, or a pully system to lower the plants down to water and care for. but having to climb up each time to water them would just be stupid, imho. i made raised platforms about 6' high in the middle of thick tall bushes to put plants on, but had a lot of damage to most plants from storm winds. and second year i did it someone, either a farmer or hunter, noticed a couple of them and tore them out. i've had crap luck with gorilla grows and don't bother too much anymore.
  14. from your discription i would have named the strain 'free ditchweed'. or 'ditchweed dream'. but of course if someone wanted to make cbd extracts, a 12%er would be good for that. but who the hell wants no buzz what so ever? that's no fun. hope you find something special in your cross made with it.
  15. ah i see. that helps fill in the gaps, thank you. sounds like their worth about as much as what you paid for them. i would definitely want to know something is a cbd strong and thc weak strain before cultivating it. and that germ rate is a real pisser to boot.
  16. galvanized metal ducting, aluminum flex ducting or pvc pipe. but noise from fan may be more pronounced. for insulated flexible ducting you can make a hanging shelf with a 1"x6" or wider board to support the majority of it's length. lots and lots of options if you look for them.
  17. thanks for the heads up but i'd like to know, where did this come from? did you or someone you know grow it from seed, or was it purchased in a store? i've never heard of the strain and i'd like to know who the breeder responsible is, and any chance if the sample sucks because it was grown in poor conditions. i've done that a few times, started with good genetics but had an unfavorable outcome because vpd was way off, or something with nutrients were wrong or had bug issues ect.
  18. that's very true, i've know several people that went off oxy's or other perscription opiods and got hooked on herion with out missing a beat. but that doesn't account for how much H is available now. for a few years back in the late 80's i would do it when any was available to me, but there was almost never a steady supply. it's not like that now. now it's freaking everywhere.
  19. trump doesn't have that big of vocabulary. and the other big giveaway that it's not from him, didn't once say,'sad, so sad'.
  20. telling someone who's bipolar not to put emotion into something, you might as well say to someone, 'don't think of an elephant'. i do apriciate the good intentions, but i'm clearly not going to forget about it. i'll go weeks and weeks without it entering my mind at all. but then when i get stressed over other things in my life and/or start cycling emotions somewhat uncontrollably, it'll come to the forefront of my consciousness and won't leave 'till i make some noise about it. so here is where i vent. on his thread. and i'm not going to apologize if anyone is offended that i'm letting everyone know what a gaping dick hole the op is. i just don't feel like it. i want my fucking cheese and when i feel like making noise about it i'm going to.
  21. so i have a strong feeling ranbitch still comes on and reads peoples posts. he just doesn't sign in to make any comments because he's embarrased at how bad he's made himself look. so if you are reading this randy, quit being a twatt and keep your word! for most of my life i've made a habit of doing random acts of kindness, and when things are going well for me i'll go way out of my way to help someone in need. but when someone does this sorta crap i curtail that in a big big way. i feel that equals bad karma on you. so do us both a favor and do what you gave your word you would do. i'm sick of this being on my mind. three years and eight months is three years and seven months too long. if anybody knows if he's been active on another site or how to get ahold of him otherwise would you please let me know. i don't wish serious harm on the douche bag, just want to vent some of my frustration out on him. i think he richly deserves it.
  22. yeah, what sessions is doing is allowing police in states with laws that protect citizens from asset forfieture to circumvent the states law. they can take whatever they like, give it to the federal program, and that property seized will add to other criteria to determine how much federal funding their department gets for that fiscal year. and all they have to do is say they suspect criminal activity, because property doesn't have the same 'innocent till proven guilty' protections that people are afforded. in the states that don't have laws preventing forfietures, either the local police or the state police can keep all of their ill-gotten goods. no need to share with the feds. the majority of people that suffer this unfortunate event will not be able to afford the legal expenses of proving in court that the property had nothing to do with any criminal activity. and the small percentage that can afford to fight to get their property back will end up spending huge amounts of money and take years of their lives to get back what never should have been taken in the first place.
  23. i know at least a few states have been doing the forfeiture bs all along, michigan is where i'm most familiar with that has a long list of horror stories caused by pigs taking everything they can. now they want to do that on a federal level. it's so draconian and unjust makes me want to puke.
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