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  1. He doesnt have the durban mother anymore, just the durganchitral clone...
  2. Its unfortunate for so many things to go wrong at once. When it rains it pours!
  3. @JeanGuySeeds, Cannabis is described as a hallucinogen. This does not mean that you going to see things that do not exist when you smoke. But it will force your mind to think about things that sometimes the subconscious wants to hide away very desperately. Because your mind is confronted with these things that your sober self would not let you normally think about, it can cause a lot of mental stress. This does not happen with drugs like extacy and coke. But it will definitely happen with things like mushrooms and LSD. This effect for me helps me to better understand myself. Over the years i have been able to manage my personal problems much better because of this extra way to view my thoughts.
  4. i think if you are as hard core as you appear to be then you could take a good 30 days of cold sobriety and see if you have the balls to complete it. i know you like a challenge.
  5. yea looks to me like light bleaching. when the plant gets too many photons it starts to space out its chlorophyll and that makes them look more yellow. move light a bit further up and should fix its self.
  6. possibly some VPD or root bound one of the two. they are looking quite happy. i love the structure of the sugar punch, not too much indica, not too much sativa.
  7. i grew out a blue chem that looked identical to the last pic of carpers as seedling. super stretchy foxtail weed with a positive uplifting hi and a pale creamy blue/green bud coloration. good stuff
  8. eish im hitting about 3 grams a day and thats my version of cutting back the stuff never lasts long enough ! good luck with yours
  9. howdy will be watching this one! hope for you to get something very interesting.
  10. wow lots of plants nice growing skills
  11. these choc cheese plants are really explosive! yours looks amazing similar to mine. big yield, lovely smells, soo much frost. a real winner esko.
  12. i have also encountered some apple smells from the longer flowering ones. another funny thing i noticed is that when im smoking a spliff of this stuff and i toke really slowly and let the spliff burn a bit the tastes are more ashy and earthy, but when i rev it up and get the spliff heated up more there are so many other flavors that start to pop up. i havent noticed this much with other strains. the oils must have a high combustion temp or something.
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