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  1. DWC Clear Slime Problem.....

    Thanks Rev.... Let ME clarify a bit about RIU. If some were offended. Which was not the purpose intended behind my statement. The site does have some useful information. However, with that comes some baggage. Just too many ego's flying around and too many kids on there. Grant it there are some really great people on there...But I feel these folks are far outweighed by the previous. Not a shot at anyone. It's just my opinion. Didn't mean to offend anyone. I appreciate everyone's help and am thankful you take your time to post and help.....So all in all I guess my rant is directed towards the trolls and snobs. Not the good folks .
  2. DWC Clear Slime Problem.....

    Thanks for your post grofasta. That tea you speak of is what I originally bought the Aquashield for. Never ended up using the tea in hydro. Only soil. I just used the Aquashield in my res last grow and had good results. From what I heard this is good to use if you run higher res temps..... Let's hope it is never to become of that......That site sucks...And yea..That lady looked good. So when do you guys add nutes? I ask because of so many conflicting suggestions. I would like to know firsthand from those with experience. As always, thanks.
  3. DWC Clear Slime Problem.....

    Thanks Useless...Haha. You're so friggin' Useless! I appreciate it. I have started a log today. I am gonna monitor my water temp every hour to see what it is. And get an average based off of that. As for using an Advanced line with the Lucas. I heard this was acceptable and should work the pretty much the same. My last grow in this bucket was Free Kush as well. I used the Lucas Formula and got some some pretty frosty dank. The only other additive I used was Aquashield. I planned on using the same method and using some AN Big Bud this time too. As for the h2o2....I know I should be using the food grade 35%. But I had to use what was available to me at the time. Just plain household 3% concentrate. I only used the h2o2 once. And I only use it if a problem presents itself. I really don't want to use it at all. You asked:..."what kind of system are you wanting to run? An active "live" nutrient solution or a sterile "dead res" solution?" I have to be honest with you. I am a total newb at this DWC and hydro in general. I got some good stuff last go. But I don't really have a grasp on the concepts per se. I don't understand what is meant by sterile "dead res" solution or live solution. Please excuse the ignorance. Thanks again for everyone's help.
  4. DWC Clear Slime Problem.....

    Thanks for your reply. I found out the temp. of the water. It is at 70 dgrees F.
  5. DWC Clear Slime Problem.....

    Thanks everyone. I appreciate your responses. Well, I changed the water last night. I cleaned the rez with bleach and mad an h202 solution and placed my net pot in a bowl and poured the h202 solution in from the top and then let it sit in it for about 20 minutes. As for the rez being lightproof. I was sure it was adequate. I ran free kush last time in this bucket with no problems. However, I took some extra steps to reassure it was indeed lightproof. I cannot say what the temp of the water is. This shouldn't be a factor though. Since I'm running cool blues and last grow running my HPS everything worked out fine. I haven't added any nutes at all yet. Do you guys add nutes to seedlings? I use the Advanced Nutrients line with the ape on it. I also use aquashield. This is what I used last go and it worked no problems whatsoever. This is the way I plan on going again. I prepare my solution using the Lucas Formula. Now for the asinine part on my behalf which may have contributed to the problem. I think my problem was maybe because I didn't clean the rez well enough from the last grow. I just used soap and had the same airstone in there from last grow. Sound like a legit reason to you guys? Anyways, Thanks again for offering your insights.
  6. DWC Clear Slime Problem.....

    Hi everyone. I started some free kush last week. Today when I went to check on her and get ready to make room for another chickadee...I tested my water and that was all fine. My plant is kinda skimpy for where I think it should be at this time. The big problem however was a whitish clear slime on the rez walls. I thought it was just salt or something untill I touched it. It doesn't smell or anything. But this obviously isn't right. Heat is no issue. My tent is properly ventilated and amyways I'm using cool blue tubes. The plant is in a 5 gallon bucket. My air pump is overkill as it's 35 watts. Any ideas on what this is and how I can address it? I'm going to the store to refill my jugs to switch out the water. I also have bigger airstones soaking right now. As always thanks for taking your time to offer your insights.
  7. Mad Scientist not done a bit after 9 WKS.

    I use to do the extra darkness thing, and, to be honest. I didn't see much of a change. Yea...I do it too...haha!..Sometimes a bit too much. If the sample is decent sometimes I will get the urge to pull another if my cookie jars are running on empty. Thanks for chiming in Sannie. Much appreciated. I'm sure it will be tasty! Nothing has ever dissapointed. I'm glad I gotta decent nodder for summertime naps in hammock. @hiwatt...I know perhaps our pheno's are/were not the same, but if you had to put a taste on the smoke...What would you say it tasted like?
  8. Mad Scientist not done a bit after 9 WKS.

    Yes...Yes I have. I didn't use any nutes this grow. Just some Pro-Mix Organic stuff and some buffertabs. However I didn't have enough buffer tabs for my soil. Oh well. I made a compost tea a couple times, but, other than that I haven't added anything. How was the smoke? I'm hoping mines gonna be something kick ass.
  9. Mad Scientist not done a bit after 9 WKS.

    Thanks for the reply. Much appreciated. I was thinking I'll perhaps let her run for about another week. I wanna grow some more Sugar Punch.
  10. Hey opengrow family. OK, out of all the years I've been doing this, this strain has me stumped if she is done or not. She is 3 days past the 9 week mark. Trichs are clear and cloudy very few amber. She keeps putting on growth. Doesn't really smell anymore, unless you rub her than she has a fruity smell. She also was stickier to the touch a couple weeks back...At least I think she was. Should I just take her at week 10? I included a couple pics. Thanks for offering your insights.
  11. Mad Scientist

  12. Mad Scientist Fem...Stunted?...Stopped Growing?

    Thanks again. So are true leaves the the first set with 3 blades??....
  13. Mad Scientist Fem...Stunted?...Stopped Growing?

    Thanks for your reply's. They have one set of true leaves. Just the one on each side. I think I will move them into some Pro-Mix later today. I got some mycho from Sannie that I wanna try. I don't mean to stray off topic. I'm gonna move the ladies into foam cups. My question. When using the mycho can you overuse this stuff? Should I just reduce the use by a couple grams since I'm re-potting into styrofoam cups? Thanks
  14. Good morning everyone. I have two plants going at the moment. They are week old seedlings. The problem I am having is my Mad Scientist just seemed to stop growing. I have a Sugar Punch that came up after the Mad Scientist and just literally is growing non-stop. But the Scientist on the other hand is not showing any signs of growth. It seems like it just stopped. My ladies are in spongepots at the moment. They currently are under a Gro-Lux tube. Any ideas why it has seemed to halt it's progress? Or is it just getting it's root structure down? Should I just play it out for another week or so? As always thanks for reading and commenting.
  15. Sugar Punch Germination Help

    ....Yea...But it's what I'm used to and it's always worked well for me. I like the spongepot. Only had to water once so far. I had to replant the Sugar Punch tho. The taproot pushed itself out of the spongepot..haha..I guess I didn't plant it deep enough. All taken care of now..My Mad Scientist already has it's baby leaves!