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  1. Headcandy F2 selection. 24 plants 2 x 1000 watts HPS First one to stand out, she has the same leaf set as The One from Sannie his Sugar Punch lol. Still in juvenile state at this point but they are very fast growers. She is pretty one as i may say so. Just enjoy! Poldergrower and RhinoCbd NAW Seeds
  2. Poldergrower

    NAW Test Center

    Blue Hammer F3...., available yess lol Just enjoy! Poldergrower and RhinoCbd NAW Seeds
  3. Poldergrower

    NAW Test Center

    Not all our strains are available at this moment because we are making next generations so if all goes well off course they will be better lol... A little more patience. Poldergrower and RhinoCbd NAW Seeds
  4. Poldergrower

    NAW Test Center

    NAW Test Centre in full force Blue Hammer test section, three pheno's made the final phase. The Castle Pheno The Cognac Pheno....,sweet brandy Hammer....this one is pre-selected. This one really gets you going, outer body experience with trippy side effects. Sweet brandy taste that absolutely lingers the mouth. The last pheno, upgraded Airborne Jack pheno. pics follow later... F4 is not far away, let the plants decide for us. Just enjoy! Poldergrower and RhinoCbd NAW Seeds
  5. Smells like 'Orangina'...@vakman NAW goes fem...at least an attempt to lol Powerplant x Gsc for the indica lovers Powerplant (Durban x Skunk) is the clone only from Holland (3 decades/30+years), grown and sold here in the shop for centuries, at F8/F9 at this point and very sturdy and stony. Gsc is the most hyped stain on the planet, we use the forum cut. 8 PP clones under Dimlux full spectrum, the big Gsc girl in the corner is going to be flipped. We'll see what we come up with, eventually this is just a test if we can even make fem at all lol. Breed in breed out...there is more to come. Just enjoy! Poldergrower and RhinoCbd Naw Seeds
  6. Poldergrower

    NAW Test Center

    Some call him RhinoCbd we like to call him The reverend lol... As i recall when i name a clone 'The mex" it is related to the high it produces and the growth pattern she resambles. It has nothing to do with genetic background what so ever. The mex delivers an extremely powerfull high that for me dates back to the mid 90's when i got my mexican haze from Dampkring central Adam. Funny thing is that she really looks like old skool mexican sativa's as Acapulco gold/Jalisco/Oaxaca. Maybe we triggered some old skool mexican in the Jack deep in there. I'll drop some pics of her tonight. Just enjoy! Poldergrower and RhinoCbd NAW Seeds
  7. Poldergrower

    Arthritis sufferers what do you recommend

    @Papalag and @gardenartus I have stiff hands and don't know the name for it but this is my recipe. I use golden milk from the sjaamans back in the day.......this is so good for me i use it 2 times a day. I use pure cacoa for making it the best choco drink in the world. I also put in linseedoil for pure omega 3 and crack my black pepper fresh that goes in. 50/50 cocnut and cow milk, heat till boiling point and mix in a great cup. I love my tumeric paste! If i don't use this my hands and limbs get stiff and my outer joints hurt when i bang into something. Heal the world with all from mother earth. Poldergrower
  8. Poldergrower

    NAW Test Center

    HoneyHooHoo selection pheno...., the odor sends the whole room in a cloud of dwelming narcotic HoneyHashplant/diesel haze. Cut anyday, checking pre samples. Poldergrower and RhinoCbd NAW Seeds
  9. Almost test time...looking great. Poldergrower and RhinoCbd
  10. She is a show off... I love the looks of her. Just enjoy! Poldergrower and RhinoCbd NAW Seeds
  11. Blue Hammer F3 castle pheno, orange tangerine with the velvet touch. Rock hard buds with very fine kristall profile. We have 2 more girls standing in line, matter of days and they end up in our pipe. The smoke, taste and high will give the final verdict. Rolling high steam, NAW is on to something lol. Poldergrower and RhinoCbd NAW Seeds
  12. Poldergrower

    NAW Test Center

    Thanks vakman! "The Mex' second test run under 2K bloom light. Simpel nutes diet, some guano/humine amendment. Nothing fancy, bacto and mycorizzha. 1 plant, 3 shoots.....3 times bigger then all the other plants lol. Day 15 flo... Personel medicine, Hammerhead#21 The mex rocks the disco tex lol. Just enjoy!! Poldergrower and RhinoCbd NAW Seeds
  13. Poldergrower

    NAW Test Center

    Thanks@everyone!! Organic Cannabis growing by NAW Grow the soil, then grow the plants. The soil, rhizophere and phylophere are all narurally alive with a diverse synergy of micro organisms. We subcribe to bio-available, sustainable Higher Organic techniques in the way we nurture these environments and produce our cannabis. We take the same level of care in how we harvest and prepare the kind herb. - Nutrient, mineral & trace element amended soil with mycorrhizal fungi. - Humine, Bat guano, mollasse fertilizers. - Glass cured and stored, custom hybrid cannabis. - Ice-water, dry-sift & alchohol extrtactions, edible raw organic infusions. Poldergrower and RhinoCbd NAW Seeds
  14. Poldergrower

    High from the other side!

    Good to see you around bro, great work displayed already. Taking things to the next level! Just enjoy! Poldergrower
  15. Poldergrower

    NAW Test Center

    NAW Seeds is growing to maturity lol, everything is going to be a bit more professional. New logo https://momono.nl Let us know what you think, we like to hear it! Poldergrower and RhinoCbd NAW Seeds