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  1. Hello from the otter side

    Welcome to Opengrow. Have fun on the boards! Gr Poldergrower
  2. Green Manalishi

  3. Selection_2018

    Again Thank you mam, that Flathead OG has got my eyes all over her from the start, i was at the location yesterday and i couldn't take my eyes of her.... She has a really intoxicating kush smell, lingering between sour and sweet...yess i got plans for her lol. Most indica/kush strains put me to sleep but this one got me so high it is sick.
  4. IMG_9574_PBF2.jpg

    Thank you mam! I must say she came out rather good yess! Now let's see how they smoke.
  5. NAW Test Center

    Some fresh selection plants for display, we hope you like them Just enjoy, i know we do! Poldergrower and RhinoCbd
  6. Selection_2018

    a little of everything
  7. NAW Test Center

    Yess she is that good....... Enjoying Rhino's latest harvest and i love it!! Poldergrower and RhinoCbd
  8. NAW Concentrate/oil making

    Goldino Dabs.......cHeers to the new format everybody!! It takes a while for this old stoner to figure it out but will get there...eventually lol... Have a good one OG! Poldergrower and RhinoCbd ps: kind a white to for my stony eyes
  9. concentrates

  10. Ghetto grow 2018

    That GM you got going is over ruled by the rest of the big trees right?>? Lovely colours on the plants, almost ready i suppose Damn snowy indeed! Have a great one bro! Poldergrower and RhinoCbd
  11. Wat is OG smokin on, NAW wants to know...

    T.P.R is on the way, she is made aws... The buds are decarbed in the bread while baking yes sir@boneheadbob Super simpel to make and one of the best meds period, it works wonders for me. @MrG Did you start any Hammerhead already bro? You got both the normal and the V3 right? Hammerhead#13 and #21 are so special, Rhino did his magic supporting me with meds again and they are that good for my ADHD. Peace and rest are with me again...i love my meds....setting the world in a different perpective Poldergrower and RhinoCbd
  12. NAW Test Center

    Airborne Jack is steeling the show in many ways..... Poldergrower and RhinoCbd and Ozzoes
  13. Airborne Jack

  14. Head Candy F2 Smoke Report

    Best way to describe the intence feeling you get when the impact is in full force lol!! Ozzoes is flowering her for the first time, can't wait to smoke some again. Also the selection is almost done, let's see what we can come up with in the future. Just enjoy! Poldergrower