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  1. The final verdict.... G-39 F2 #1 is the one selected for the F3, funny how this plant always get a heads up when it comes to pre-selecting. She stands out cause her thc profile is so fine and delicate, and she's got a lot of it lol... Tastes like pineappletrolia with hints of plaster, very unique and special. The search for the new male is on and will not be difficult to find. Just enjoy! Poldergrower and RhinoCbd NAW Seeds
  2. Fem is coming along just fine.... I think the bud shape is jusy about right when you think this together....it matches pretty well Just enjoy! Poldergrower and RhinoCbd NAW Seeds
  3. Guys.... Green Manalishi Honey Hp is a completely different selection than the regular Green Manalishi so please do not compare cause they are only causins in the real. There is no sativa in Green Manalishi but the HoneyHp slection is the most satti to get out of them. (T.P.R, Cartel Haze) are both made with the HoneyHp male and have a real sativa look coming out of the GM genepool. GM HoneyHp has all the potency of a real sativa with great high's. Poldergrower and RhinoCbd NAW Seeds
  4. Be nice to them and feed them some N MrG..., they will enjoy some nute power. They will outgrow you if you don't watch out lol Poldergrower and RhinoCbd
  5. I love it when the butcher samples his own meat but hey somebody's gotta do it lol....!!? Toking on The Mex x Aj....., in Holland we like to skate so much well you don't need the fooking ice to go skating from this shizzle lol..., i am all over the place with my interstellar frontal lobe on air lol.... Hmmm i see some HighjackedMind..., time for a bowl i suggest.. Poldergrower and RhinoCbd NAW Seeds
  6. Hmmmmm hmmmmmm hmmmmmmm ok that is a splendid idea. If i get the tomato juice lol i can make a set up just like that would be fun! I'll send you pm sir en thanks in advance Jet-Bro! Polder
  7. LOL.... Thanks bro, yess i already looked at GA when she posted the nutes, MrG is going to the Wallmart for me. That's more then complete and the way they grow in the pic is what i saw when i first saw plants like that on oil drums (when i was little lol)...roots where hanging in the nutes (selfmade hydro) contanly and they were the biggest producers i have ever seen. 1 plant per drum with a rack on top were the buckets with roots are hanging from. Yess Jet you told me way back you were done with all the hydro hustle, for me too but this caught my eye already for a long time. I love organics but if i can implant some hydro growing power i'm all in, maybe they will outgrow my lightmix under my led set up...? That's what i am aiming at..... Organics are the way to go and when you're environment is healthy and temps are spot on mj will grow them selfes. Just enjoy! Poldergrower and RhinoCbd
  8. Hey Jet Can you tell me what kind of nutes you use in you're octo's? Maybe you mentioned it already how you use them but i missed to read the whole story... The power and the overall speed always got my attention in hydro set ups, this is both worlds and i am really curious. There is nothing like that here across the pond. Good growing! Poldergrower and RhinoCbd
  9. Thanks brother, i looked the overall sheet and it looks complete. I am testing several nutes atm from different producers, maybe there will be a new label with NAW nutes but that is speculating for now, first run the tests and see the results. There is so much demand for 100% organic bottled nutes but no one can provide. Here it is all with chemicals inside. Filling up a bowl also.... Poldergrower and RhinoCbd
  10. Is this for easy for sale for you MrG? Maybe i like to try it...... Thanks Garden for pointing this out. In the states is so much choice...., here we also have choice between chemical and chemical and bio/chemical...lol I only use organic nutes for over a decade now. The plants like it and we also. Bat guano makes the cannabis more tasty and you get more guew on the buds (stickyicky). Poldergrower and RhinoCbd
  11. Ancient hay makes you say...MAYDAY, soon you're on the moon asking you're self was that for Fooking real lol... The old old skool sativa hidden in our Shaze mom is just reaching the surface by inbreeding her to genetics like Killaqueen and Green Manalishi (G-39) followed by Jack Hammer (Sannies Jack/Amnesia haze). Killaqueen and Green Manalishi both have the charistic trait to deliver there potency BUT leave all the genetic doors wide open for other traits to supmerce into the one and perfect blend. They both have tremendous potencial but the key is to get them to the surface and then work them into you're strain/genetic line. Good old Shaze is so good, she has that immense haze trait, now crossed to G-39 ("The Mex') and all potency comes to the surface....tastes like hay, looks like shit really..., but o boy if you take a hit you WILL reach Jupiter in a breeeze...lol. Rhino's exceptional good Airborne Jack F1 male crossed with this ancient sativa will once again improve potency BUT leaves all the genetic doors open for The Mex to florish...., resulting i a even more complete haze experience from back in the day...., i smoked my first haze in the beginning of the '90. Airborne Jack F3 Shaze x Airborne Jack The Mex x Airborne Jack Blue Shaze XL NAW is working hard on the new lines and are ready before you know it.... Just enjoy! Poldergrower and RhinoCbd NAW Seeds
  12. San-bro-ski.., I see cobs and led strips...both are not developed for growing/flowering. These are diodes and are especially made/developed for growing/flowering. Every strip i use has 16 watts output max, the small ones in the middle have 11 watts output. They contain red also... They were first on my bicycle lol.....bladiebla @shiskaberry savior we shall see what is in our vault atm..., Blue Mex is coming and some Bullshark.....vault worthy if you ask me lol Good growing! Poldergrower and RhinoCbd NAW Seeds
  13. Test Centre in full force Led test 3.0 Bladiebla low costs, bladiebla super efficient, energie reduction bladiebla 118 watts total, dR120, 750 m3 on minimum Led power lol! Nerds never sleep..., nerds always repeat, nerds always innovate..., nerds are always 3 steps ahead lol.... Just enjoy! Poldergrower en RhinoCbd NAW Seeds
  14. @Hill-Billy https://treebag.com High caliper growing is the answer, the smart pots will suck the water from the saucer. Giving the plants a more even root system that can breathe. Because of this the organic amendments will quiker deteriorate providing the plants with hard needed nutritions. We have been using these for ages and is a must for organic growing. Poldergrower and RhinoCbd
  15. Powercookies mom... Powerplant is a real cashcropper but that is not important offcourse lol... Just enjoy! Poldergrower and RhinoCbd NAW Seeds
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