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  1. JBarth here knows all about BioChar...too bad there isn't a shout-out feature. Allegedly it can be used in hydroponics too. Pretty interesting stuff.
  2. I got 3x on my sugar punches (not every pheno) and they yield excellent!

    Pitt Bull strain

    hoax, my buddy was working with them and tried all their gear... hoax. crappy gear.
  4. AWESOME...Thanks for sharing and welcome to OpenGrow! I have some sugar punch 10 days into 12/12...They are going to be beastly bitches!
  5. My patients have loved Killing Fields. Patientssay it controls their ADHD and allows them to focus and do things without a foggy head while in pain. They're using it for various pain relief / fibromyalgia as well as focus/ADD/ADHD and for help treating depression and anxiety. I've found it to be a great tasting, great yielding, upbeat and motivational high. Very social...gets you loose and moving. It's one of my most preffered medical strains in my garden right now, regardless of pheno which says a lot to me. People have dropped quite a bit of various medications while using Killing Fields. It gets my praise. So in short here are the positives: Great yields Great Taste Great Smell Great bag appeal Great chance of 100% purple phenos etc/colorful Stable Needs little to no vegetative time Easy to trim Motivational high Focused Social Upbeat Eases pain and general whole body inflammation. Anti-Inflammatory Eases your mind from anxiety. Anti-Anxiety Helps depression. Anti-Depressant. I can see it not being somones ideal strain though as it does also have these charateristics: flowers for 70-98 days. - kind of a long time for most people stretch is huge - not good for short ceiling gardens not sedating and won't leave you sleepy - not ideal for insomniacs lack of that indica type of body stone (which i'm appreciative of) I can't even think of anymore negatives really...The ones I listed don't even bother me but I can see how they could be important in sombody elses situation. I personallly grade Killing Fields an A. Thanks Sannie!

    KF nr 7 male

    My sugar punch are monsters! Really great veggers...how much height gain should i expect during the flip?
  7. Just realised it's open now! Goodluck everyone


    wow nice pic and plant @cloneman ...very sexy
  9. new layout still presenting a problem I'm presuming?
  10. STICKY

    Black Cherry Soda

    Clone only Black Cherry Soda
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