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  1. Hey mad, excellent news on the big R, chuffed for you. Room looks crazy good!
  2. banjo

    Hey even, tried to send you a pm about the blueberry sativa but seems that you can't receive any new message. Feel free to contact me. Thanks!

  3. Thanks gents you're too kind, hacking these together was a bit of good fortune and I hope we can spread her around if the smoke is okay, SH seems to be down I hope not permanently but either way ill make sure she gets around one way or another. The uldanez X rd, lovely structure mate!
  4. Lovely! Is that the sweet seeds release by any chance? They seem to do very good work, their jack 47 was very nice.
  5. Ah don't worry about that mate, do your own thing. Whatever suits and is easy. No stress whatsoever.
  6. Hey footy! Good to see you over here mate, the other place seems to be down at the min, at least for me but I'm sure you'll find it well over here. Some great guys many you already know I'm sure. Welcome aboard
  7. It depends who's grown it, same cut receives wildly different results under testing depending upon the grower/sample, also the period it is cut makes a big difference. These test consistently high though The White Wifi Gorilla glue #4 Loctite Bruce banner Dutch treat Green crack Hellfire OG (rascals og X sfv og I believe, not snowhigh seed version as far as I know, different lineage same name) Sensi star Yeti (pheno hunt, some test very high, or get the underdog cut) Super silver haze Albert walker Sour diesel (I'd expect sssdh to be high given lineage) Amnesia haze Like dream of green mentioned Kick around on analytical360, just take it all with a pinch of salt
  8. The Malawi looks great, they all do though. Mouths watering as always smile. Great job on these!
  9. Sorry, you're right, I just get emotional around this time of,the month, not sure why...
  10. There's an Irish gangland one called love/hate for those into kinda gritty gangster type shows. Pretty good. For fear of being labelled overly feminine, Orange is the new black is pretty funny, crazy eyes cracks me up. Top gear is a good laugh, even if you're not that into cars. Ballers with dwaynethe Rock Johnson first series was fairly good. Limitless the series is entertaining.
  11. That sounds like a incredible cross....
  12. Great show as always smile
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