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  1. Happy New Year. Should check out the Late 80s NL5 x Haze from AKBB, along with the pre 2000 NL5.He also has pure NL1. If you didnt message AKBB for a seed list, thats what Id do. Hes got way more stuff straight from him vs what he supplies to Seed Vendors. dankortowne@gmail.com Also look for Cricketts, and Cicada to do a drop soon of an almost pure Puck AKA Skelly Hash Plant. Its called Puck HP BC2. Its a cross, and back cross of the original PNW Hashplant, Puck HP, and NL1. Its over 90% pure Puck HP. Skelly, and Puck are the same clone. The Puck/Skelly cut comes from 1989 and is a cross, and then a backcross of the PNW HP x NL1. They took a Male of the PNW HP x NL1, and backcrossed it into the PNW HP. PNW HP is the mother of Puck/Skelly, and is the most sought after of all the PNW HP clones. They havent dropped yet, and are in testing. Theres some photos of it on Instagram. @mrbobhemphill and @hannaboldt. They also have a Red Lebanese HP x Puck HP BC1 in testing. Both look like pure fire.
  2. Freezeland is available from AKBeanBrains, along with a shitload of other 80s-90s Seed Bank, SSSC, Sensi Seeds gear/hybrids.
  3. www.greatlakesgenetics.com are USA based will send seeds overseas but I cant tell you what the seizure rate is. They send with a T Shirt. Heres what you want. Not a lot of info on it, but I can guarantee it to be pure fire, and the real deal cut. Coastal Seed Company got the Original 1979 Romulan Joe cut from … The Nature Farm Genetics,, and did a whole NL1 series of other elite cuts from Norcal. 79 Romulan Cut being 11 of them. Heres a link to the GLG site if youre interested. https://greatlakesgenetics.com/ufo-romulan-x-nl1.html The person that gave the 79 Romulan cut.. The Nature farm Genetics.... also just did a seed drop yesterday, and crossed the Romulan to Original Skunk.. Its called Sk18, and is the original genetics before skunkman got it, and took the skunk out of it. This stuff REEKS of Skunk. No Sweet in the Sk18. This is The Original Skunk. Columbian Gold x Mazar x Acapulco Gold. He also crossed the Sk18 to a bunch of other elite cuts. 90s Black Domina Ortega Cut....He also gave this to Coastal Seeds, and the called it Black Lights. 90s White Widow 89NL5 90s Sensi Super Skunk.. He says the RKS is in this 1. Original 1st Release Sensi Seeds Sk1 x Sk18, and will eventually have the original genetics of Sensi Sk1 with no crosses. His Pure Sk18 sold out in 4 hours yesterday. But I don't know if he sends out of USA. I believe he does, but like any USA Bank, I don't think they will guarantee shipping against seizure. Heres a link to the 79 Romulan Cut. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bljd2dcFSg4k9w0kjPdGFd0cWNdyAbv2TVLJ-A0/?taken-by=thenaturefarm
  4. Certain trees, and insect interaction are a source of Phytoplasmas. We use Calcium Nitrate. 15.5-0-0, and is a highly Bioavailable source of Calcium, and Nitrogen. Base formula is 4-19-39 We mix these 2 together along with Magnesium, and MPK when the time comes at 1st bud set. In early flowering, we hit them with MPK 0-52-34, but they start turning purple long before they need that. A month anyway. Im/we using the formula Chem Gro recommends for These are in Promix BX, which is Sphagnum Moss, and is technically Passive Hydro. They also have AZOMITE, and KELP. We also use the same stuff indoors and no problems, for the last 2 years, and have been growing weed inside since the invention of HID for weed in the late 70s. 78 I believe. Ive used Miracle Grow 20-20-20 with magnesium plenty of times successfully. Not saying its the best, but it can work. Ive never had this problem in 45 years, regardless of fertilizer. On an 8 weeks flowering strain we give them MPK for 2 weeks. 2nd, and 3rd weeks, with increasing amounts of Magnesium, and everything else until the 5-6 weeks, and then the food is cut back, but not a lot. Chem Gro has been making plant specific fertilizer since 1965, and came up with a weed specific formula, and use tissue analysis as their basis of the formula. I believe Jacks is all but the same formula ratios. But its no fertilizer deficiency, or PH. PH is 6.2-6.5 Weed also need Nitrogen all the way through the grow, and is a myth to starve them of nitrogen. All nitrogen is is protein. Humans eat Protein and out bodies turn it into Nitrogen, and plants bypass this step, and take in straight nitrogen. Its like limiting Protein and youre lifting weights, and trying to get Bigger, and stronger. When things are growing, they need more Protein. So Protein being 1 of the basinc elements to build cell structure, is not logical to limit it at any time. The thing is, is not over do it. Many propogated this myth because they gave the plants to much nitrogen, and can cause more leaf, anf delay, or stop flowering, but mistakenly started propagating this myth almost as long as I can remember. At least in the early 80s. We used to blast them with 5-50-17 back then. But theres no legit studies Ive read about that says its advisable to limit nitrogen. They do say to boost MPK when buds first start to set, and at the full dose of magnesium when the are fully set, and to slightly/incrementally increase the base formula at the same time until the last 2 weels of flowering, and then the last 2 weeks, only Slightly lower it, as you shouldn't need to flush, if youre not overfertilizing them.
  5. Its not black sooty mold. This stuff takes over the chlorophyll, is within the tissue of the plant, and theres nothing to wipe off as per sooty mold, powdery mildew. ect. Im leaning more, and more to phytoplasmas, though the Method of Transmission, for Phytoplasmas, and Sooty Mold ARE THE SAME. BUGS. Could maybe add a lot of Heat, leaves/WOODs, and water/humidity into the mix... Rotting leaves even close by create spores, and the interaction of bugs, wet hot, and decaying forest all around could brew up anything. I don't know what anyones view on climate change is, but Ive been growing outside since 1971, and where I am, Ive never seen such extreme weather conditions. Its either flooding, 100 degrees for weeks on end, when it should be 84, and the ticks, and mosquitoes will eat you alive if you don't have protection. They've always been there, but theres something up. Spring comes at least 10 days-2 weeks earlier in the last 10 years. Growing Season has been extended 10 days. At least, and if you make it after a medium frost, you can add 2 weeks onto that. The 1st Phytoplasmas seen in Marijuana/Cannabis Sativa was in India in 1968, and was predicted to spread worldwide. I wonder if they are seeing anything like this in Europe. Its been seen in Iran, and others have reported Hawaii, and other Tropical Locations. No doubt we are seeing some kind of uncommon blight, and we are seeing it in various locations in USA. A common theme is that people started reported seeing this on forums at least as far back as 2014 that Ive found. Could be further back, but I haven't found them,. 2014 also had photos, and it was dead on. My buddy started seeing it in 2014, and has ruined at least 1000 plants, though some come back to a point, but not always.
  6. They would call the cops on you where I am if you took in a sample.
  7. The photos I posted are from 2 different gardens, in different areas of the country.
  8. Yeah, my worse fear is that is a Phytoplasma disease.
  9. Anyone know what this is? A friend of mine has been fighting this for 4 years. I saw these photos posted by a member on another forum, and its the exact thing my friend has. My buddy, and the forum member are also using different mediums, and are not in the same area of the country. Buddys PH is 6.2-6.3.. Promix BX. The plants grow perfectly with 0 problems up until a couple weeks before flowering they start showing hints of purple, that eventually gets gnarly, turns black, and dies. Sometimes they come partially out of it, but the buds are 90% mucked up, but most just die. Am using 7-20 gallon Smart Pots. When they first went into the pots they were given Farm Type Granulated Fertilized that was calculated to a 19-19-39 formula. Fert was 19-19-19 0-0-60 Added Calcitic/Dolomitic Lime 2/3 :1/3 ratio Calcitic/Dolomite My guess is that its either a deficiency, or a disease. Phytoplasma Disease or Phosphorus Deficiency, also with possible Cal/Mag/Nitrogen deficiency. The only thing is, is the other guy has been feeding his plants ect, and I was thinking the fert my friend originally used, it used up, and causing deficiencies from no food, but again, other guy has been feeding his. I also figured it could be from being wet to much, as weve had a lot of rain this year.
  10. Swami Organic Seeds has some Guerrero for sale right now. $100 for 15 seeds, plus you get a free pack of another strain that's also worth $100, and you usually get 16-18 seeds vs 15. 30+ Seeds for $100. Though, back in the Late 60s, Early 70s Guerrero WAS Hybridized with Lebanese Hashplant, but has been bred as a worked drug line for almost 50 years. Hes also got an unreal amount of old Hybrids with Pre Soviet Invasion Genetics. Swami has the ORIGINAL IBL Mr Greengenes 1979 Maui Wowie/Cherry Bomb IBL. Only 2 people have the original Mr Greengenes genetics other than Mr GG himself.
  11. I'm in an outlaw state, and no way to use a greenhouse. I also don't want to mess with males, thus why Ive already started seeds 150 seeds to determine M/F, then will cull, and veg the fastest, best branching, most water using 15 female mothers under 3 x 1000w Hortilux HPS in 10 - 15 gallon containers, until theyre large enough to take 20-50 cuts from each mother. I also have vegging mother Mr Nice SSH plant that I will take clones from. Its been around 4 years. We got 6 packs, grew them out, threw out the slow growing/undesirables, and open pollinated all of them F2. The 1 we kept was 1 from 250 F2 females over 4 growth cycles of 75 days flowering each cycle. Strains I'm using are also very branchy, and will produce many shoots. Dominion Seed Company Dominion Skunk VA Chemdog91 x SSSC Sk1 x Skelly Hash Plant x SSSC Sk1 Granny Skunk VA Afghani x Skelly x SSSC Sk1 Sis Skunk Chem Sister x Skelly x SSSC Sk1. Coastal Seeds Puck Yeah Heirloom NL1 x Skelly ( Puck )
  12. Yeah, most will reveg, some wont though, but I really would like to avoid that. I also agree, that they can adapt to the outside as Justcozz has suggested. His is also my conclusion I planned on vegging the plants at 24 hours, take cuttings, and put them on 18 hours, and then after rooted/vegged some, slowly reduce day length to what I decide from the answers I get here. All the while after rooted using 1000w Hortilux HPS for growth, until they go outside. Ive already got a couple mothers on 24 hours, that are 4 years old.
  13. Say I want to start clones/plants inside, and then put them outside in Mid April, and not have them FLOWER in a few weeks, only to revert. NOPE don't want that. In Mid April, where I am, there is 13 hours 8 minutes of LIGHT on April 15th. How can I best match the inside plants, to the outside lighting scheme of April 15/ 13 hours 8 minutes Daylight??? These plants will also be inaccessible on a regular basis, and no way to interrupt the light/dark period in any way. Plus they will be in multi locations, and 100 plants to the location. Do you think they can veg on 15 hours light, and then adjust to the loss of 1 hour 52 minutes vs inside? I know 16 hours will keep most strains in Veg. Will 15 Hours ?? I know you have to speculate, as strains are different. Ive also had plants go outside at 18 hours veg, and not flower, but Ive also had many that did. Don't want a crap shoot. Thanks in advance
  14. Anyone remember the old Super Sativa Seed Club Early Bird/M26??? Vashon Seeds, and Mercantile has these from JamesBeanCompany if in USA 6-7 weeks. Killer Terpene profile, Medium - Heavy production. Late Aug- Mid Sept. Very Mold Resistant. These were originally Dutch Genes, and have been bred on Vashon Island, in Puget Sound, Washington St for 30+ years or more, and are also Very Mold Resistant. Vashon Early Bird
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