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  1. It's not the stink. I use the unscented Kirkland because Bounce reeks. Oops, told a lie. Just looked at the package. It says "gently scented". What repels scent hunters is the cationic surfactant that does the fabric softening. It's a waxy substance that sublimes a dryer temperature. It also sublimes, slowly at room temperatures. It bollixes they're scent receptors. And I lift mine to water. Also keep some under the sink. It chases roaches! Saved me a bundle that I was paying an exterminator to, um, "control". The screen stays excellent but the surfactant eventually evaporates so I change them out monthly. Keep using yellow sticky to monitor for flyers. If anyone her lives in lizard country, here's another tip. Encase your stickies in 1/4" hardware cloth. Trapped bugs are a buffet to geckos. They're on our side, yah? Aloha, Weeze
  2. Old thread, new info. Had the aphid rancher ants in Ca. We have small, black, ants here that were on my gals. Panic! set out shallow pans with a brick in the middle put my plants on the bricks. That made a moat that the ants could not negotiate. Had just finished when one of the ants tried to eat my leg. Sat what?! Grabbed it and whipped out my magnifier. Hmm, from the mouth parts it was not a rancher. It was a carivorous predator. Upon inspection, I caught one munching on a flying aphid. Yay! I've got minions. deconstructed my moats and invited them in. Did some research. Found that they had been imported by cane growers to control cane worms. And, just like the cane toad and the mongoose, it did not work out for them. However, it worked out great for outdoor growers in Hawaii. The moral? Always carry a magnifier. Know thy enemy. Aloha, Weeze
  3. Isopropyl alcohol will clean it and recover the resin. 'course, by now it will be mostly oxidized.
  4. Been using an Insta-pot to decarb. Started at the recommended 40 minutes. When I did the boil-off, I noted "tiny bubbles". So, did the next batch at 42 minutes. Less CO2 at the end. This batch will run for 45 minutes. V-shell-C.
  5. Mahalo nui for the kind words.

    Be careful what you wish for my friend.

    This kine head runs 24/7 .

    Sure one is never bored, but a good night's sleep can be hard to come by, yah?

    This kept me up.


    But now I can keep an outdoor girls in veg. anytime of the year in the tropics.

  6. Just lay dryer sheets on the soil surface. Flyers are repelled by it and can't lay eggs through it. New hatch are trapped under it. Have used Kirkland unscented sheets since 2008 and not a single gnat indoors or out, in the tropics.
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