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  1. Mahalo. So, outdoors, spray at dusk. Hmmm, just looked that stuff up. Looks relatively safe, but oil extraction concentrates the breakdown products and some folks have a bad reaction to Neem derivatives. I just have occasional lace bugs/wee white flies. 'bout to read up on dese critters, See if they have local predators I can scare up for them first. I'll purchase some Azera and put it on the shelf in the event that I ever get overrun indoors. I'm very picky about the purity of my raw materials.
  2. I still get hoppers, Minion ants can't catch 'em. And, I now have a smattering of tiny white flies and some occasional Avocado glass bugs. Hmmm, tried to upload image, Got upload failed. Potassium Bicarbonate and insecticidal soap spray is keeping both at bay. Does anyone have a more final solution?
  3. GA said, " We need to see if we have the same results with breast cancer patients, I do not dare recommend anything that has not been studied or I have experience with treating someone, so I don't dare experiment with a patient with breast cancer, we really need the medical field on board. " Absolutely agree. But, two thoughts here. It does not have to be either/or. RSO does not interfere with chemo/radiation and is effective in treating the side effects of both. And when all conventional treatments are failing, it's nothing left to lose treatment, yah? My dear friends were both stage 4 breast cancer and they were sent home to do their "bucket lists". There are different flavors of cancer of course, mileage varies. The 1st suffered organ failure from the 3rd try at chemo. She was in hospital and so was not taking the oil. Her husband will return it when he brings ashes to scatter. The second was expected to die in <6 months and was sent home with hospice help. Had access to RSO and is doing very well now. She's out of bed, and as you can imagine, she "dancing happy".
  4. Howzit SPW? Good thought. A medication called Lupron will drop PSA numbers with little effect on actual tumor growth. "Mainly because the PSA numbers are just an initial barometer for cancer resurgence but not a definitive test at all. " Hmm, another thought, only the prostate tissue produces more than trace PSA. Hence "prostate specific") . Actual tumors are hard to spot with an MRI early on. but a recurrance of PSA is a direct indicator of P.C. growth and is used to plot the doubling rate. It's also the only thing I have so far. Started this journey in 2006 Mine started growing quite aggressively pre-oil. When I tried the RSO and saw the first slowing, I started to graph the readings. Watched it speed back up as I increased the dosage. That gave me a clue of what to drop it back to. If I had a single, exact, tumor location I could plan on radiation shrinkage in the late stages. So far there is no definite target with a PSA of 26. and dropping. Looking like I may be able to skip that part. But, I'm just an under-educated bit player in this movie. You will get good information from Gardenartus. Just have to ask the right questions, yah?
  5. And some good news. Just got off the phone with my friend. After 2 weeks of oil dosage my friends cancer had stalled. Now, after 6 weeks, her scan shows shrinkage! When questioned, she looked puzzled, then said "I have a lot of friends praying for me". That was wise, all things considered. When she is cancer free, we publish. I have an editor working on it now. Someone who can write clearly and has the necessary connections Now, I'm stoked. Mele Kalikimaka y'all Wee
  6. At first, got plenty of bad advice from the internet. (One can not think clearly for quite a while after a cancer diagnosis). Internet sources were advising raising the dosage as rapidly as possible to 1 gram per day until 60 grams was consumed. I was terrified enough to accept that without thinking it through. And was de-carbing in an instant pot because the Acid form of the molecule is too "fat" to pass the blood/brain barrier. And most of the buds I was using tested at Steep Hill labs as no detectable CBD. Previous to remission I had dropped my dosage from 750 mg. to 150 mg. That slowed my doubling rate and pointed me in a better direction. When I added the non de-carbed it slowed even more. When I dropped the dosage to ~120 mg. 2x a day, with decarbed at night and non decarbed in the morning I got remission. Am now trying ~80 mg. dosage 2x per day of raw oil and my next blood test is in 4 months. So, no. Not a 1:1 ratio. It may, in fact not be either of the main cannabinoids alone that do the heavy lifting here. It's a symphony of compounds. Including enzymes that may be destroyed by decarb temperatures. I don't really know. I was gifted some oil that was extracted with butane. It was very pretty. I decided to test before ingest. Gooped it on a couple skin tags and waited. There was no effect. Did not feel the tiny "pinch" that my solvent derived, (dirty), oil gives me when it's working on skin tags. After 2 weeks of no effect, I cleaned 'em up and gooped them with my raw oil. 5 days and gone. So? Not just only thc/cbd that does it. Highly purified and filtered oil seems much less medically effective. I prefer 99% Isopropyl alcohol for extraction. And am aware that solvent extraction is a federal patent violation. Yeah, the buggahs patented the process. And merely possessing the oil is a felony in Hawaii. <sigh> Regardless, I will carry on. I use an induction heater set just above 212 F. The alcohol keeps the temperature low until it is all but gone Then the water from the buds start popping large bubbles of steam.When that subsides and before the tiny CO2 bubbles start. I kill the heat and load syringes while it's still warm enough to flow easily. The hardest part is getting the right amount into capsules with my ancient hands. I could use a young minion, yah? We have so much more to learn about this. Makes me wish I had the brains and equipment to do so. Part of what got me to this point was reading everything that you post. Mahalo nui for the education. Wee
  7. Learned it from queen bee. Then got confirmation from a study in Israel. They gave pancreatic cancer to mice, then shrank the tumors with un-decarbed oil. The other memo is the importance of proper dosage. Too much is as bad as too little. And more than enough, is too much. Best result so far is with 1.1 mg. per Kg., (adult male), of raw oil morning and evening. Aloha, Weeze P S dropped my dosage to ~80mg. for this next test.
  8. Just dropped by to say thank you. From you, I have learned much. I no longer decarb. And that has changed the slow-down of the PSA doubling rate, to a reversal. Yep, the un-decarbed oil, at 1.1 mg. per Kg .has put me into remission! Then got a goodbye call from an old, (>60 years), friend. Her Oncologists had sent her home to do her "bucket list" as the chemo was not working, and tumor growth was speeding up. Sent her some of the raw oil. Next time I talked to her, she was up and dancing. Her next scan showed the tumor growth stalled. Now we are working on the proper dosage for remission. So, Mahalo nui loa for sharing your knowledge. Stay well, Wee
  9. It's not the stink. I use the unscented Kirkland because Bounce reeks. Oops, told a lie. Just looked at the package. It says "gently scented". What repels scent hunters is the cationic surfactant that does the fabric softening. It's a waxy substance that sublimes a dryer temperature. It also sublimes, slowly at room temperatures. It bollixes they're scent receptors. And I lift mine to water. Also keep some under the sink. It chases roaches! Saved me a bundle that I was paying an exterminator to, um, "control". The screen stays excellent but the surfactant eventually evaporates so I change them out monthly. Keep using yellow sticky to monitor for flyers. If anyone her lives in lizard country, here's another tip. Encase your stickies in 1/4" hardware cloth. Trapped bugs are a buffet to geckos. They're on our side, yah? Aloha, Weeze
  10. Old thread, new info. Had the aphid rancher ants in Ca. We have small, black, ants here that were on my gals. Panic! set out shallow pans with a brick in the middle put my plants on the bricks. That made a moat that the ants could not negotiate. Had just finished when one of the ants tried to eat my leg. Sat what?! Grabbed it and whipped out my magnifier. Hmm, from the mouth parts it was not a rancher. It was a carivorous predator. Upon inspection, I caught one munching on a flying aphid. Yay! I've got minions. deconstructed my moats and invited them in. Did some research. Found that they had been imported by cane growers to control cane worms. And, just like the cane toad and the mongoose, it did not work out for them. However, it worked out great for outdoor growers in Hawaii. The moral? Always carry a magnifier. Know thy enemy. Aloha, Weeze
  11. Isopropyl alcohol will clean it and recover the resin. 'course, by now it will be mostly oxidized.
  12. Been using an Insta-pot to decarb. Started at the recommended 40 minutes. When I did the boil-off, I noted "tiny bubbles". So, did the next batch at 42 minutes. Less CO2 at the end. This batch will run for 45 minutes. V-shell-C.
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