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  1. Thanks for the answers everybody! JeanGuySeeds that's exactly what I was wondering, if it's even worth it to fill my coco coir with microorganisms, since it's not like living soil.. I'm using Advanced Nutrition (about to switch over to GHE) as of now, but it's non-organic. Is there a big risk that my fertilizer will kill the mycorrhiza? What kind of ppm do you suggest JeanGuySeeds? Btw how can't you know whether it works in coco or not, shouldn't the results be obvious when looking at the root growth? I'm having second thoughs about buying this heh...
  2. I was wondering if the fungi & tricoderma will be as efficient in Cocos as in soil, or to a less degree? Also, it says in the mycorrihiza description, to use 4-5 grams per plant, but what if I start my clones after rooting, in a small 1.5 (3lbs) liter medium, and later transfer it to 6-7 liters? Is it okay to divide the fungi between transplants, or should I always use it all at once? I'm thinking that after I got rooted clones, it would make sense to only give it 1-2 grams in the small pot, and then when transplanting to something bigger it could get 3-4 grams? So far I've used Piranha from AN with decent results, but I'd much rather put my money Sannie's pockets than AN, but I hope Sannie /Somebody can answer my questions before I order Cheers!
  3. Man I'm so tempted on these seeds, always wanted to try a pure sativa. Something I don't get about the description. "Ballance between high and stoned" Is that 'stoned' as you get from heavy Indicas, or is it "sativa stone" (whatever that means ) I always thought that pure Sativas primarely gives a; trippy, clear, energetic high, not a 'stone high'. Perhaps I'm misinterpretating it?
  4. I appreciate everything DJ Short has done for Cannabis, but his seeds are insanely overpriced. There are so many other great genetics out there, and many hybrids that have winner phenos of DJ Shorts strains in them, e.g Chocolate Rain (Cocoa Kush) There was a time when DJ Short released these great articles, does he even do that anymore? I haven't heard anything new from him in a long time.
  5. This sounds awesome, the closest i've been to smoking Kush, was MK Ultra, which was some of the tastiest smoke I've ever had. I honestly don't care if they will be high yielders, if I can get my hands on true quality kush genetics, I will be very happy! I'm vegging Killing Fields atm, ALL 20 beans germinated, and all but 3 are looking great, fast growth, symmetrical, strong stems etc! When flowering starts next month, I will share pictures on this forum. And yeah I kid you not, I'm gonna veg KF for a full 7 weeks so that I can flower MONSTROUS girls! Sannie's gear is fucking awesome, I recommend everyone I know to this place! Costumer for life here
  6. This cross sounds amazing, great looking plant. I hope someone from Sannie's will soon make a berry dominant strain. I grew Strawberry Haze recently and the smell was amazing, but the high kinda weak :/ If I want the most obvious BERRY smelling strain out of OG, which would you guys recommend? I mean not just a hint of this and that, but a very pure odor... I love diesel, citrus, pepper, but nothing beats walking into a room smelling like fresh berries!!
  7. 6-8 weeks sounds like a long veg time for a strain that grows around 100cm tall when 12/12 from seed, but of course that depends on the goal. Still, I usually go for big plants in 3-4 gallon coco for SCROG, so I will probably veg my KF for 4-5 weeks before I flip to 12/12. I would rather grow mine a little too big, than a little too small, as I can always remove 1 or 2 if necessary (although it hurts) OP. I'm pretty sure they mean 1-2 weeks from the day the seedling shows to the surface, and begins leave formation, at least that's how I count veg days.
  8. That's a lot of plants in that space.., how long are you gonna veg them for? It is possible to grow many different strains in the same place, if you know your plants. 3 shouldn't be a problem if you got some experience under your belt. Remember to read up on each different strain, so you have an idea of how much they will stretch. I don't understand what you mean with the cooltube..? Control the stretch?
  9. Grabbed 3 packs, and LCxBB for freebies, seems like a popular choice this time around huh? I hope I can find 2-3 strong phenos out of my 30 seeds, chances are good I think
  10. Dicomaco


    Thank you so much for all this detail eskobar you are truly unique in the way you handle costumers. I didn't even hesitate on taking the Ladycane x Blueberry for freebie when I bought my 3 packs of CR last night. The cross sounds amazing, I'm almost as hyped about the freebies as the Chocolate Rain hah! I hope I find at least 1 LCxBB female to keep (: I promise I will make a log here with my new genetics, I'm still in the decision stage of whether I should pop the beans asap since . those temps (june - august) are unpredictable in Denmark, it can be a hot one, or an average 20 degree you never know!
  11. Almost forgot about those. It was actually a poster on icmag who had a very impressive Cheeseberry Haze grow, who directed me to this awesome place. Just the name makes my mouth water
  12. So I read in another thread about the Chocolate Cheese that I unfortunately didn't see before it was gone. https://www.opengrow.com/index.php?showtopic=43296 Then I saw eskobar mentioned in the thread that he considered making fems of the original Cheese, and first thing that pops up when I search for Cheese on google is that now GH made released feminized Exodus Cheese.. I don't like that company so I won't buy it, but I hope/assume eskobar is still going to make them. I'm willing to wait that's for sure, I've been looking for some REAL Cheese strain for ages! Barney's Blue Cheese would be my second option, I hear it's pretty sweet. Anyways I just wanted to let people who perhaps didn't know, that esko talked about doing them, BEFORE they jump on GH's fancy color seeds
  13. Thanks for the tip, right now I'm doing water-feed-water-feed, which seems to work great. In a month or so I should probably do water-water-feed. What do you think of my idea of crossing a CR male with Casey Jones? I have no experience with CR yet, but I already know 50% of it and if I had a Chocolope male I would already have done it. Crossing favorite strains sounds like win win to me, but I guess there are a lot of factors that involve the outcome
  14. Good point, but the reason I'm asking is that I also know a lot of sativa dom hybrids are unstable, and I don't know if I can keep the day temp under 32-35 degrees during the warmest period. Perhaps with some extra ventilation.
  15. If if get my hands on CR this time around, I will make some crosses of a strong CR male with my Casey Jones mom (extremely strong energetic & cerebral high, a huge yielding thai dominant pheno that finishes in 65-70 days) and I'll offer them to this place as freebies. I have a small closet suited for the job, it will only be an experiment as I haven't done this before, but if I get a strong CR male, I can't see how it could turn out other than awesome. I actually wanted to ask esko about this, how he thinks the two strains would mix together. esko? Also I'm a little afraid of the summer coming up, does anyone know if CR is heat sensitive? The reason I'm hesitating on popping my fem KF beans is that I fear heat stress could mess them up at high temps (30+) ?
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