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  1. @TopOPut For example here: http://pollinator.nl/ice-o-lator-manuals/ I think in the U.S. you call them Bubblebags..
  2. Hey folks.. I'm using the ice-o-lator process and I've wondered how long you wash the material until you pass it through the sieves. Experimentally I've washed the material for as long as 14 hours (!) compared to the recommended time of 15min - 60min as recommended by others. With long washing times I found the hash to become green, probably because of the chlorophyll. However it is still incredibly strong compared to commercial hash available in my country. So I wanted to know how long you wash your material and what are your experiences. I'm especially interested if there is a relationship between longer washing time and a less sticky end-product. cheers!
  3. It is common wisdom that the night temperature (when lights are off) should no be below 16° C (60.8° F). What about the lowest temperature when the lights are on? I have a total of 4* 600W and run two separate rooms with 2*600W HPS each. When the lights are off in one room they are on in the other. (12/12). With this schedule I manage to hold a minimal temperature of about 17,5-18° C (64.4° F) during the night when the temperature drops outdoors. During the day I reach 20-20°C. How much is yield affected by this suboptimal temperature regime? Can I prolong the flowering period to compensate for this apparent deficit?
  4. "As your fans get more powerful, they get noisier, which is something to consider if security is important." => Check out the soler & palau silent series. They are incredibly efficient and as loud as a pc fan. Plus if you use soundproof ducting you will not even hear the exhaus, although you might feel it ;-) Because I grow in a rented room, not a house, power consumption is an issue because I only have 10 amps availabel...
  5. Ok thanks for your opinions...I'm just wondering because obviously if air circulation is increased the plants are able to transpire more which could offset some of the disadvantages of having high humidity..I'm now testing this to the extreme using a 1000m3 / h circulation system for only 2 * 600w hps..I'm just wondering because increasing air circulation only uses a fraction of what a decent dehumidifier needs. (120w for 1000m3 circulation vs. about 500watt for a decent dehumidifer)..I'm always trying no minimize power consumption to avoid detection...
  6. In Summer I always have a problem with high relative humidity, mainly because the àir from outside is hot and moist. Can plants in bloom stage tolerate higher levels of relative humidity (80%) when air circulation is increased? Or is there a possiblity to lower humidity without the use of a dehumidifer?
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