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  1. Baqualin, i just finished reading through this thread, i have to say MAD PROPS to you! From the work related photographs, to the indoor octopot grow, to the outdoor girls, this thread is awesome! And you have a fine selection of genetics to choose from too. I think my favorites of them all is the choco tai X paki/choco tai, and the Highland Oaxacan Gold X 72 Columbian Gold. But it all sounds awesome! Sounds like you are living the dream for sure. Im going to be learning about those octopots now because of this grow.
  2. I haven't made it to Colorado yet, but that is the plan. Stuck here for the time being. Got paranoid or had a close call, not sure, so i shut everything down for the last 5 years, and i wasn't posting because my laptop crapped out on me. I'm doing fine, once i get the grow closet worked out im planning to do a grow with escobar's chocolate rain crossed with the santa marta and some others of his, hopefully i can get some of Sannie's Jack, that Nepalma and black Afghani too and get started by christmas lol. i have to build the closet it's going in, and i have to get extra money to build the closet, so it's gonna take some time, but i'll get there. We are in a new place and it wasn't really suited for growing as is, but with some modifications it's perfect. Maybe i can get it done in time for the next micro challenge. I'm hoping to be able to get a 1000W digital ballast for this one too, and a carbon filter i didn't have to build myself.
  3. wow! that is a lot of plant for such a little hempy cup! Amazing!
  4. Hello Opengrow, long time no grow. I haven't posted here or grown anything in over 5 years. I am hoping to change the latter soon. The weed i can buy around here really sucks, usually even when it's not overly dried out and turning into powder and is relatively fresh, it is chopped 2 weeks early. IF they let it go long enough they don't properly cure it or dry it so it is like smoking a haze quick dried in the sun with no cure; which equals coughing fits that last and last, and not good coughing either, the kind of coughing that makes you wonder if they sprayed it with something. At least right this minute, the last 2 sacks i bought and still have some of are fairly smooth, but not as smooth as a haze cured for 6-8 weeks, smooth relative to the ones that make you cough your head off; so are a pleasant change from the norm, especially since they are more potent and were cured some at least.

    Anyway, im back and hope to grow some more chocolate rain and CRxAH i still have, along with some Sannie's Jack if i can work out a safe addie again. 


  5. Indican, i am wondering since you have smoked so much heri and heri crosses is it possible you are building a tolerance to it, and someone like me that smokes mostly sativas and has never smoked it or its crosses that i know of, maybe it would still have the knock out ability? or do you think it is definitely changed over time?
  6. DON'T do it!!! unless it says or shows that the input can vary from 110 to 220. otherwise it will burn up and not function at best or start a fire or blow up on you at worst. So sorry to hear about your mom VC, i pray for her now.
  7. im no expert, but it sounds like maybe you answered your own question with the breeder seeds being in extreme heat for extended period of time, and your own seeds being a tad immature. but thats just my opinion, and you know what they say about opinions, "opinions are like assholes, everybody has one and they all stink." lol. hope you figure it out. but just a side note. it takes between 4-5 weeks for seeds to mature, i have seen them mature as early as 4 weeks, but i always let mine go at least 5 before i pull the seeded buds. that way i know for sure they are mature.
  8. welcome! nice variety, looking forward to seeing them finish. i too am interested in that OPT you have.
  9. very nice line up! i grew that amnesia haze X Chocolate rain freebie from escobar a couple grows ago, and it was great. one pheno smells and tastes like pure haze. my cousin called it catholic church weed as it smelled exactly like catholic church incense smells. it was great too. all haze in the buzz. some of the other phenos were very distinctly creamy bitter chocolate. i loved them all. i think the shortest pheno went 8 weeks and was a cocoa kush pheno, and the longest went 10 or 11 i cant remember and was the haze pheno; and the rest were about 9 weeks. God bless with your grow i hope everything is as awesome as it sounds. i cant wait to try the chocolate cheese and the C99 f3 myself.
  10. welcome to opengrow sativani! im pulling up a chair.
  11. sounds like a nerve racking day lugging all that stuff around inside a cardboard box. man, around here the 1st time the police saw you walking down the street with that big box they would have fucked with you just because it didn't look "normal" to them. and definitely would get you the 2nd time. around here the police no longer "protect and serve", rather they are predators looking for a way to further their career and don't give a shit about anything else. i would say they are THE most dangerous thing around right now. i have absolutely no fear of thugs and criminals bothering me. but the police, that's another story. i dont know if most people realize it or not, but about 95% of the young cops in the U.S. greatest motivation in becoming a cop is they might get to kill someone. they provoke people intentionally just to escalate situations so they can use extreme violence and get off on hurting someone and showing what bad asses they think they are. because bad asses they are not. bad asses don't have to travel in gangs. they never fuck with you one on one. it's always several cars with 2 cops each before they even order you out the car. the reason they are like this is there is an agenda here to get as many people as possible to have a felony conviction. they are scared to death of an armed populace and want as few people as possible to have guns. hence escalating everything to the point that desperate people do something stupid while on a routine traffic stop. what would have been nothing more than a citation in most cases, now turns into a felony because the person was in fear for his life and responded accordingly, but prove that cop was wrong in these kangaroo courts. good luck with that!!!! oh, sorry for the off topic rant. just sounds like the british cops are more laid back than the cops in the deep south of the US. i hate what this supposed "free country" has become. Russia is freer than we are nowadays.
  12. welcome! your english is very good.
  13. welcome rose! the girls are healthy and beautiful! please do a smoke report for us when its all done.
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