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  1. farmboy

    Create a new word and its meaning

    fuglier= uglier than the ugliest
  2. farmboy

    Shackzilla scrogged

    @Azza..that is a beautiful scrog don't remember if I saw nt that beats it.. that is also a great yield for a plant especially inside.. your skills shows...
  3. farmboy

    First seed run with stanky

    @r.G,got some old Angelica seeds I have had for several years..they are Bodiis' gear.. gonna pop them this inside season..
  4. farmboy

    NAW Test Center

    good looking girls...love the right corner of the last pic .looks like a sparkling Christmas Tree..lol
  5. farmboy

    A Cree CXB3590 COB LED Bar

    @ mr. dirt..thanks, but we are the only,sometime I question this,one of the Americas that are united"
  6. farmboy

    A Cree CXB3590 COB LED Bar

    what the hell is this....To all citizens of the "United States"... 1. The "United States of America" is not "America." America is all of North, Central, and South America as one giant landmass. Check your geography if you do not believe me. U.S.A. is shorthand for United States of America. 2. Your current president willfully and without duress admitted to committing business fraud willfully before taking office. (Feel free to look up the all of the court cases bearing his name.) U.S.A..is shorthand for United States of America...no it isn't short hand it is abbreviations ..lol
  7. farmboy

    The end is near?

    @toker..225 seems right for good weed...sometimes around here ,dependent on quality, u can get 300..
  8. farmboy

    Green Ale

    mr. goodfellow , do u have a grow journal to see?? I have been following your posts ad u seem to pop or going to pop some seeds.. I would love to see yor plants..bet they are big and lush..com on now and show us..
  9. I have no political views at all other than I respect my country and other ones as well.. I have been reading other posts and I saw this one.. it plainly states say "anything u want"..if that is not so, then may ought to put that on the heading so new peeps don't get mixed up.. I appreciate the fact that other ones on here don't care for the USA.. I do think it is great that some peeps from the USA are standing up for their country..
  10. farmboy

    Sinister 17

    beautiful Indican..