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  1. Me too, got one more ready, in veg for the last 8 weeks and will be moved to flower once this one is done... If she smokes as intoxicating as she smells, and the DSD chimes in and gives some body, it should be fireworks I just harvested two additional Mad Chem (5 this year) and I like them a lot, the ECSD really shines when flowering from clone and taken early. (Great Diesel, reminds me a bit of OG)
  2. MotherLode at 9 weeks, all clear trichs... Easily the most aromatic in the garden, a velvet like aroma of fresh berries and roses!
  3. @baqualin thanks for the sup, gonna look through my remaining stash and see if I find a Pink One may I ask where you got the Skywalker OG, seed or clone? Take care /peAce
  4. Hi @gardenartus have you read this research? /peAce
  5. Hey @baqualin nice flowers man Never seen SP leaves like that, may I ask which year the seeds were released? Ive grown 20 sp's the last year and none showed that Cerrated leaf trait. (Release date: 4th quarter 2018) /peAce
  6. Hey @Indican Your creations look and sound awesome, is there any place people can purchase seeds of these ladies?
  7. Don't forget tobacco completely alters the the chemical reactions in your body, as a central nervous stimulant/depressant, tobacco dulls your high... /peAce
  8. I also incorporate NEEM meal cake in my mixes for bug prevention. (Works well as a eradication measure when applied in sufficient amounts) /peace
  9. I always go LOS and recently added Diametous earth to my mix and the difference is noticible, stronger overall growth and branches are very resistant to bending and bondage, no more broken stems
  10. Ok guys, Imhad some trouble with this grow and had to cut the BK's short by almost two weeks. But here are my first impressions from smoking my blueberry Killingfields#2 daily for about a week... Blueberry Killingfields "Vanilla Cut" I'm gonna try to do this one justice... It vegged for a month, stretched about x3 times and I got average yields. There were 2 ladies from 5 seeds, pheno#1 is drying atm. Pheno#2 have spent 7 days in the jar... This report is only for pheno#2... So Let's start with what I'm worst at... Scent: I get a strong lemon candy scent, you know that hard candy.. mixed with dark berry when in the jar, will change as sample is only 2 days in to cure. The smell evolves in to vanilla and unripe mango when broken up. Taste & Effect: A very smooth rich smoke, I'm capable of taking huge bong rips and it feels like velvet in my lungs. It leaves a yummy coat of cannabinoids in your mouth and it feels like it's seeping in to your body from throat and lungs, this is first time it's been this pronounced in my grows. The exhale is an outstanding vanilla taste that lingers long after you you finished smoking. A calm and focused effect in small dosages, When consumed in higher amounts there is a definite increase in energy, colors and textures become richer. Your body becomes soft and supple and a gentle smile washes over your body. This is good weed... In multiple bong rips the energy turns up a bit and reminds me of really strong Thai Landrace, slightly hallucinogenic with a purple tint if ya know what I mean Now I can't write anymore, gonna finish my joint /peAce
  11. I run my AC room at 21c dry during these heatwaves and my tent is 26,5c during peak heat. The cost is about 100$ a month for the ac at full blast, so for me It's a small price to pay for quality conditions in the tent. I work with a non inverter type ac with a max draw of 1.2Kw/hr (rated 0.8Kw/hr) Capable of between 8,000-10,000 btu, in a room roughly 10sq m... The tent, a 1.2x1.2 grow and flower area with one 400w cooltube, two T5 110w and oversized exhaust fan etc...
  12. Yeah Indicas does best concentrated....
  13. I thought that was true for all people who consume central nervous system substances, an emotional numbing... I too observe the racy thoughts stemming from some sativas, but I only observe these thoughts, never engage them... I noticed that while drinking espresso these racy thoughts were fever in between, and the mind had more space for insight... Only my experience.... I don't have ADD, that kind of drugs makes me hyper.... Just like espresso does, but in synergy with racy sativas I believe there may be additional benefit, should one use the erb for insight/meditation practice or just to improve ones mind.
  14. I can only speak from experience when giving advice.... I believe the central nervous system activativation caused by a whole bean extract like espresso, cause a certain emotional numbing, similar to other substances in that category. These effects translates to an emotional grounding while smoking racy sativas in my personal experience peAce
  15. Dunno what's goin on...... Peace...
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