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  1. Through doing the world becomes, through being you become...


    ...focus on internal energy & loose the mental monologue...

    ... The ocean of being pervades every Eddie current of the universe... Traversing that sea of change to the shore of Peace is a path filled with heart and space and allows anyone with empty mind to wade ashore...





  2. I can attest to the sugar punch drop in 2013 or so... The best Bud I've ever had the pleasure of growing, even today shatter and concentrate THC in a proper rig doesn't even quite capture the awesomeness of that green punch... /Peace
  3. This here was written in a novel thought, I do not wish to offend any ones actions on this forum and any similarities to other people's posts must be seen as coincendental to what is written...The point being Seeing that what we usually take for reality is only representations of reality and not reality itself... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ...Or how about the fact that before you pick up a thought, it doesn't exist (karmically) in your experience....that means that you are not aware of (for example, other people) until you consciously either agree, or disagree with a thought pattern that represent other people. Good or bad, Believe it or not.... "reality" or "your experience of the present" Is governed by which thoughts you choose to respond to, and that matters... "other people" is a representation of an internal mental activity. (This internal activity itself is mostly based on imagery, emotion and a mental monologue.... think daydreaming with a larger slice of identification with the patterns of thought that might emerge) All frustrating experience is based on identification with thought. All conscious thought is under direct control. You can choose which thoughts you want to keep around and which thoughts that naturally becomes old tools that matter no more.... But in the end, if you truly wish to "see" reality, no thought or act should peek your interest.... /Peace
  4. If you pinch those upcoming shoots lightly as you bend them they develop stronger structures
  5. Hey @RhinoCBD ever read Lila: An inquiry in to Morals, by Pirsig? I think you would have a great time
  6. An argument for Being, replacing emotional thought as actual experience...



    In tibetan tradition the deceased is believed to still cling to corporal existence...


    In self Inquiry the practitioner identifies each sensory experience until all experience cease...  


    In Buddhist Zen tradition the breath is observed until all thought and all intent cease...



    Thought can know no thing...

    To know things is to practice experience, Life is known through direct contact with the senses, no though can accurately define an experience anymore than a cart can drive a horse... 


    Experience always comes first, then the mind makes stories and remembers other experienced moments and puts new experience into context. Soon a new born baby have (after 4-6 years) collected enough memories of experience to produce thought patterns based on earlier experiences. These memories collects until an identity with wants and needs forms in the mind of the person. At this moment, usually at the age of 4-6 years (after the hypnogogic state) fear of death is experienced for the first time and nightmares start for some children. A thought pattern that believes in its own existence through frontal lobe activity have become self aware.


    Usually people live and grow up holding on to this Identity born from the fear of death. They collect things and memories of places, friendships and states of mind. Holds on to these memories, love some people, hate some people, like some movies, dislikes some ice creams, it seems like it's no big deal, just a thought or an opinion. 


    But to what end does a mind need to dwell on memories and events remembered by emotion?  Where does all this come from...? What happens when you stop....? 

    It is Actual experience of this present moment filtered through the eyes of a child. Before everyone was about 5 years old we went through what is called the "hypnogogic state" an experience undivided by thought. Actual experience according to what is, as in Nirvana, because to actually experience reality you need your whole mind empty and ready all the time, you cannot view the world through the eyes of a child, you need to accept the fact that one day your thought patterns will end, you as a person will cease to exist.... And here is the kicker, there is no "you" It was all frontal lobe activity to begin with. To die before dying is considered a virtue in some cultures...


    To preserve a belief in the attempt to organize experience in to a somewhat coherent narrative story eventually leads a person to experience more belief than actual experience. At this point anxiety and worries appear in an persons mind, and might after a while start to affect the overall mood of a person, This is what is meant by human suffering, these small worries that muddles the mind and obstructs clear vision...


    A metaphysical pattern that relocates Experience, Being and Nirvana from the center of reality to, according to Aristotle's metaphysics (which is the mode in which our minds are commonly working) To a Subject (experience) which contains two objects ("you" and another "object" that "you" experience) 

    Thoughts of this kind mixed with emotional memories solidify the minds experience into rigid thought structures we can call the Ego with a big bad E.

    Focusing on the lower regions of the stomach and leaving idle talk to a minimum can be helpful.




    Anyways... These were just some of my thoughts I had when I sat down for a moment. I thought I would share them in case anyone on the forum had any similar or opposite thoughts on the subject :) 










  7. Sugar Punch, done in 61 days. Nice focused effect.
  8. Some thoughts regarding dab rigs, my experience is that you get a much smoother and cleaner hit the smaller the rig you use. You want as little air and water filtration as possible (little air: smooth vapor, Small amount of water: less decarbed oil left in your rig (and more in your lungs
  9. First of all high I'm also new here your plant have been growing very well for a window litt space, to me it looks a little bit over watered. Try waiting a while with watering until the pot feels light, or even until the leaves drop a little bit, and then use that weight as your frame of reference to the weight of a freshly watered pot (preferreble the same plant) and you will be able to listen more closely to her water needs. /Peace
  10. Howdy all OGr´s I thought I would share a contraption of sorts i assembled for enjoying my joints with the occasional water filtered hit. There are a few things that you will need and the total price of this project totals around 18-20€... First of all you will need: 1. A glass tip 8mm (5-20€) From Ebay or Amazon 2. A Chinese knockoff Twisty glass bubbler kit Large (12.50€ inc. shipping) From Ebay *The twisty glass blunt that comes with the Bubbler kit I do not recommend to use, the color of the twisty thingy faded to silver after a few hits... 3. Some Skins and weed (I use Shackzilla atm ) OK, Assembly instructions and pictures as follows... Twisty glass bubbler kit Glass Tip (8mm) 1.All necessary parts 2.Attach the rubber tube over the Inlet opening 3.Insert the Glass Tip to the Rubber Tube Almost Done! 4.Now roll a Joint using the Glass Tip and insert the tip in to Rubber Tube. (10mm) With this set up it is very easy to let the bubbler sit or lay filled with water ready to use whenever I feel like it, inserting and removing the Glass Tip from the 10mm rubber tube is easy and I can get Long heavy hits or small ones depending on my preference. I keep this “joint bubbler” next to my smoking sesh area... always within reach Maybe some one might find this an interesting idea since there are sooo many ways to affect the properties of a high, especially depending on the size of the hit. And loading up a bong for one hit time after time is, let´s face it, a lot of work... This way Smoking a joint OR taking a huge bong rip from said joint works seamlessly So I present to you... - The Amphibious Joint - /Peace
  11. Thanks... These are actually pics from a few months ago and a Green MadBerry really stole the show... the medicinal values were pronounced and long lasting, a Focused yet relaxing high and nice tasty buds, one of my first real keepers this year, unfortunately I lost the mother to a botched clone.. Better luck this time, got a Green pheno going at the end of week 9 12/12.
  12. Thanks guys, nice to be here
  13. Hello fellow OpenGrow members, Thought I would introduce myself a bit . I'm a long time lover of the erb and my first daily tokes started back in 2004 living in Thailand smoking brick weed soon led me to my first grows with Thai land-race genetics from a village elder, one of those flowered for 9 months straight and gave me the most transcendental experience... forward to 2014 and I finally started indoor growing, a small cab of Sugar Punches with 400w and 90cm vertical height, a lot of bondage and training gave beautiful strong buds and my faith in European cannabis was created. Anyway´s a green Pheno SP and a really hard hitting SSH (unknown breeder) is still the best narcotic cannabis I´ve tasted. Another jump in time and space and summer of 2018 is here with my first tent grow, a L120 (120Lx90Wx145H) 400w with cool tube and a 420m3/h filter. With Sannie´s shop genetics and after five months of steady growth and near perfect conditions thanks to a dedicated air con. Im currently populating my garden with 2x Shackzilla´s (different Phenos, one all cloudy with 5% amber at 56 days from seed, hopefully heavy hitting:), 2x MadBerry (1 green and one purple clone,very nice haze, the purple one a little bit stoney and becomes a very nice balanced hybrid after a few weeks of curing, 1x Caramel Cough “Haze Pheno” 3x Blue Cheese freebies (2 beautiful Haze inspired ones and one 7.5 week Indica sledge hammer I love these Phenos of BC´s they are very well balanced on the haze side and the current cure is mellowing them out into a nice hazey daydream.... There are also 2x Herijuana in their last week(s) that I´ve never tried (although I´ve grown Mad Scientist before) and a very nice and calm, almost tranquil Kinky Blaze pheno in it´s 6th week (about 2.5 weeks to go) Oh... and a Spiderbite Clone thatlast time kept going for 12 weeks of 12/12 starting at 20cm from seed (all cloudy some amber) Also relaxing and good before bedtime. That´s the flower room... In my veg tent there are Jackcandy´s, Sour Kush (USC) Amnesia IBL (USC) and 3 Kronocaines, plus obviously clones taken from all the flowering plants that deserve a second or third round. Sorry I don´t have many pictures, I seldom take any. I usually veg for way to long and then bend and train according to my space. So that´s a little about me and my garden experiences, another tidbit about my personal endeavors include Yoga and Meditation since early 2000s, this led me to a new appreciation of the natural world and I started reading, mostly anthropology (recommendation) scars of evolution, read it:) and the classics like Lila: An enquiry into morals, some of Castaneda`s later proper works and obviously Zen and The art, It really opened my mind to the actual experience of one hand clapping.... Anyway I ramble on, These are my first words.... Hello every on OG! And now.... Some Budshots Mad Berry (Purple Pheno) 4th week 12/12 (from seed) Caramel Cough 5th week 12/12 (from seed) Mad Berry (Purple Pheno) 5th Week. Purple delicious goodness (from seed) Mad Berry 5th week 12/12 (from seed) /Peace
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