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  1. @Sacred Plant Warrior All I've learned comes from sitting still, doing nothing. I do not seek teachers or knowledge, theres too much ego in martial art practice these days... The video was intended as an easy way to help raise low energy levels for a non practicing individual...
  2. This will strenghten your emotional and physical sense of self, and it is very fun and straight forward peAce
  3. I've been eyeing work in the canna industry as well, now im in University... But my future wishes is to dispense bud... Can't see myself doing any other service for my fellow man..
  4. Don't forget, doing nothing in mind and body can give you a new perspective... Especially when in a confusing situation, a break from searching can give your mind time to re-focus. Wish you all the best
  5. Effectiveness of honey for symptomatic relief in upper respiratory tract infections...
  6. New Research Suggests Terpenes And CBD Work 2X’s Better For Covid-19 Inflammation Than Corticosteroid... Aaaand.... A 20-year study investigated the links between tobacco, cannabis, and lung function. Concluding: ‘very heavy marijuana use’ was associated with a lifetime FEV1 ‘not significantly different from baseline’, and FVC ‘remained significantly greater than baseline’. i.e. Lung function stays the same or improves if you smoke Joints instead of Spliffs.. peAce
  7. I put a thin layer on the dirt with a spoon just after watering, It will turn in to a crust as it dries and slowly seep into the medium the next time you water. peAce
  8. I had great results with freshwater Diatomaceous earth when I had deficiencies showing in the leafs, strengthened the entire structure of the plant. But if the plant havent shown great vigour beforehand, use less. Epsom is harder to dose I believe... /peAce
  9. Updated information on decarboxylation. Edit: have had great sucess incorporating CBN in my Yin Yoga practice, works wonders for the muscles in deep stretches. The trick is to remain awake
  10. The Importance of Cannabis and Its Use in Bakery Products
  11. Dunno if this been answered elsewhere but... Do ya decarb Extract same time and temp as herb? (Mine is 1:50hrs @ 222f) Peace
  12. How's that BBS treating ya? Wanting to pop these guys's gear, but waiting for atleast one report of some kind. The BBxKF freebies from them were not up to vigour and dissapointed me Waiting to see if I should give Peyote Pancake a chance... She'll be up against Selene F2...
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