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  1. maybe neem oil could work.. https://www.organiclawndiy.com/2013/08/controlling-powdery-mildew-with-neem-oil.html off topic: I recently erased a gnat infestation (no spraying!) by covering the substrate surface with about 2-3mm neem seed cake flour, watering as usual.. The strongest plants would survive and kill the gnats from the neem in it´s sap, while the less hardy plants couldn't handle the strength and died from toxicity... A Good way to select clones
  2. if you like an intellectually stimulating experience.
  3. Skunk x Jackberry (2019 freebie) Cured now for a couple of weeks, a smooth and calm stone with a strong scent of blueberries and skunk Muscle relaxant properties.
  4. Yeah that´s not what I´m talking about, some of those actually hurts your body because of unwise use of magnetism........ Pure organic Germanium, sometimes coupled with tourmaline and Jade, emit Far Infrared Energy in the spectrum of 4-14 micron and can be felt by the human body as Chi. You know what happiness feels like? That happy glow in your stomach and chest is the warmth of Infrared Energy emitted by your cells at a wave length of 9 microns. To be honest, it only costs 13 euros to check it out, especially if there´s problems with health.... I only talk about materials I have first hand experience with and I don´t like "empty science" This hasnt been proven, that hasnt been proven bla bla bla...... Try for yourself
  5. Just wanna chime in... Just recently I decided to turn off my wifi, Phones and computers... After about two weeks offline with no RF emitting in my house, my mind became much more calm and collected than before. I decided to read a bit and discovered why my mind felt so stressed and tired when I was surfing stuff on my Ipad or phone... Turns out its simple Physics... I´ve been using Germanium pendants for a few years and I never understood how they worked exactly, they just felt comforting... As I realized the processes by which these electrons pair with hydrogen to relive acid buildup in the bloodstream, I decided to buy a few bracelets based on Germanium, that I placed on my wrists and ankles. I was used to living on a tropical island for 15 years and when I wear germanium bracelets I get the same vibes that I got from living in the sun (more energy, better balance, calmer and more focused mind. I now realize that all this Internet crap RF waves was bouncing around my house, robbing my environment of Negative Ions... If any one with arthritis, pain or emotional troubles that wanna give old nature a chance (as we do here Germanium is one of the few materials I found to be effective in grounding and calming the mind. (other stones that seem calming and restorative are Jade and Tourmaline) (I use this one, mainly cause of the use of natural minerals and stones,) Gives me balance, energy and suppleness of joints and ligaments) (edit: Just getting some references ) PeAce
  6. MOTHERLODE (#2, Green Pheno, Creamy Grape) 82 days of 12/12 Scent: While growing the buds were that of creamy berries with undertones of skunk/diesel ....Some parts are now dry enough to roll a fatty and have a session When the buds are broken up the first notes that hit my nose is a hint of ripe Banana followed by dark grapes and various undertones which I recognize from green killing fields. Taste & Aroma: The smoke is very soft and creamy to inhale, you can easily ghost drag and feel great. The exhale is an even more enjoyable experience, a thick, sweet Berry taste that lingers long after that first morning toke. The mental effects are obviously important and also very subjective, but this is what I notice.... Effects. The diesel is doing its thing, moving energy silently through the body, the high is cozy and smooth, feels like my mind is traveling through water when I focus on colors and objects. Closing my eyes I feel and see the warmth of the herb freeing and focusing my mind on the calm nothingness before me. Edit: Now after a few days with the flower I would describe the experience as a Hypnotic NYCD high, softened by the Killing Fields, with a Diesel Body Stone. Remarks. She was an average yielding pheno but a real keeper. Will re-veg and keep a few in my garden... On the whole a connoisseur quality experience Thanks to Sannie and Crew for bringing this to the people, Much appreciated! In sufficient amount She reminds me of a Strawberry Diesel Shatter I sampled from Oregon a while back, i.e. a highly medicinal & clear body relaxation/rejuvenation experience, very suitable for people with anxiety. It restores the bodies natural energy and is deeply calming...
  7. Content moved to Budporn... thought that was were I was
  8. Just watched Office Space again, this scene always cracks me up ... Anyone worked in the tech industry in the early 2000`s? I had a buddy of mine from San Diego that lost everything and decided to get out of the consumer culture... Anyways, the whole movie just aches of wisdom
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