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  1. The Importance of Cannabis and Its Use in Bakery Products
  2. Dunno if this been answered elsewhere but... Do ya decarb Extract same time and temp as herb? (Mine is 1:50hrs @ 222f) Peace
  3. How's that BBS treating ya? Wanting to pop these guys's gear, but waiting for atleast one report of some kind. The BBxKF freebies from them were not up to vigour and dissapointed me Waiting to see if I should give Peyote Pancake a chance... She'll be up against Selene F2...
  4. Sound like my kinda erb, thanks guys...
  5. May I ask, which ones are SA & LAD?
  6. Social Distancing New computer modelling research from Harvard University, which has yet to be published in an academic journal, warns that it may be necessary for intermittent social distancing measures to be maintained into 2022 in the US unless other interventions such as vaccines, drug therapies and aggressive quarantine measures can be put into place.. https://www.bbc.com/future/article/20200324-covid-19-how-social-distancing-can-beat-coronavirus
  7. Pointless jobs ''The fact that so many people work pointless jobs is partly why we are so ill prepared to respond to Covid-19. The pandemic is highlighting that many jobs are not essential, yet we lack sufficient key workers to respond when things go bad. People are compelled to work pointless jobs because in a society where exchange value is the guiding principle of the economy, the basic goods of life are mainly available through markets. This means you have to buy them, and to buy them you need an income, which comes from a job.'' https://www.bbc.com/future/article/20200331-covid-19-how-will-the-coronavirus-change-the-world Lets hope everybody wakes up during these times....
  8. Silverfields "Green Pheno 78" hanging out with his mommas sister "Purple Pheno 84" Delicious berry influenced haze with a comfortable stone.
  9. Dont forget garlic or Allium Sativum, L use it raw, a few cloves with every meal. Acts lika a natural antibiotic and aids in respiration... (also contains selenium)
  10. I think so too, the upside is you can smoke all day, as much as you like... Very kind and strong. SF got both KF and SSH phenos that shines All KF i've grown (inc. crosses) got something special (to me at least) I have to mention Motherlode now, she surprised me and is also strong and KF special, but very different in her high. I can only take 2-3 drags and Im done, very easy to over do it.. Might be the hashplant influences, but she takes getting used to for me..
  11. Does anyone know if DE alters the calcium/phosphorus balance?
  12. The purple pheno SF that flowers for 11-12 weeks is devastating, non stop I got a green Pheno from reg.seeds (2019) Just cut last week and after 7 days hanging, the smoke is strong.. It leaves a heavy scent of incense in the room after a sesh. Very comfy stone with a uplifted calm mind, works for anxiety and stress... I recognize the power from an old Sugar Punch clone from back in 2016. Right now her flowers smell of citrus, with hints of green mango. One more keeper for my stable
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