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  1. i bought a cheap made in china vape on ebay a few years ago. a digital one and cost US$44. it works as well as the $300 vape my buddy bought.
  2. I have full blown Progressive Relapse-Remit MS, RA, Degenerative Joint Disease and Central Pain Syndrome caused by a spinal cord injury. Last 5 surgeries were in Aug 2010. Nothing, even methadone will take the pain away but, a I've found that a heavy indica can take the edge off a bit and makes it all a little easier to bear. My psych, who tells me that due to the MS and cord injury, I have also have been diagnosed with severe depression and suicidal tendencies. She is quite amazed that I use only cannabis and take no pharmeceuticals for the depression, yet it is in check. After tests, she found that she did not need to prescribe psych meds. I told her that I would not take them anyway. A heavy indica is my choice. I wish you strength in carrying your cross. If you ever need to talk, I'm here brother. mahavishnu
  3. I've always been 'top-down' just like Mother Nature.
  4. Mahavishnu

    2l growers

    I was growing 12-12 from seed in 2 litre soda bottles but recently got these cool 3.4 litre square top containers. Next run is 4 LSD and 8 Purple Haze...just until my Sharksbreath mamas come around. I wanna run some of Sannie's gear but have some other beans to run first. mahavishnu
  5. Enjoyed a bowl of hash this morning. Enjoyed a candle of SuperSkunk this afternoon. Getting ready to enjoy some Sharksbreath this evening. mahavishnu
  6. A good time story told by Useless. Very good to hear. Thanks for the share of your great time with our Dutch brothers. mahavishnu
  7. I remember puffin' some black weed in about 71-72. The kid said it was from Africa and had to get $30 for the lid. It was as potent as the goldbud we were getting then. Costs me about the same to grow a lid now. Wish I had a few of those beans.
  8. Great shots everyone ! Here's is a recent shot of one of my Sharksbreath #1 phenos. 12-12 from seed and finished in 70 days (50 days flower). I call her 'HammerHead'. Greetings of the Season mahavishnu
  9. Mahavishnu


    Different pics of this & that.
  10. Good job on the report. I'll spin up a few candles and pull my wheelz up here next to Maverick. Waiting for the bud pr0n. mahavishnu
  11. a good idea brother scone (unless those are your legs in the picture). interested to know your side by side results of this experiment. i don't trim before drying but only pull the large leaves off first, then hang like a bat in a closet until crisp on the outside. then comes the manicure, then jars...burping and all of that. a bro of mine trims first, cuts the plant up and paper bags it for a week before jarring. he swears by the paper bag method. will stay tuned to find out what you decide. mahavishnu
  12. SB is the best I've found for melting the MS cramps. I'd have a larger garden of the SB if I could walk. This fookin' wheelchair makes it difficult sometimes to do real gardening, so 2 litre soda bottles in a ghettocab was the best I could do til now. I will be using 3.4 litre containers next run. I would recommend the SB to any MS sufferer and will be writing a grow report with plenty of pics very soon. mahavishnu
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