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  1. Hi, you will find here : Bopms - Breed One Plant Multiples Strains an interresting post, a method, if you want a mother plant to give you children of several plants father... or know if the pollen can swim. - I keep hope a lot of you share their knowledge - πo
  2. hello all, I wanted to add a further information, and who could answer (see Stoned Cold Dragon post) when choosing pollen carrier fluid, namely - rainwater - in my post. It is not excluded that another liquid can be used ..., I have not done any tests on this subject ... However, here on Earth (subject to gravity) - this liquid does not cost anything and its source is inexhaustible (I regret that we do not pay enough attention, we mistreat it in this way ...), moreover it has physical and chemical characteristics still unknown: The memory of the water. If pollen can use rainwater as a carrier, it is precisely thanks to this characteristic. Let me explain: the physico-chemical structure of the pollen is specific to the vegetal variety of the plant and the memory of the water recognizes the variety of the pollen and so it (the water) is filled with the pollen and its transport and possible . ((( Like two beings who were destined or egg yolk contained in his white ...))) It is not easy to understand but I ask you to appeal to your creativity and your science. Thank you all, know how to use cannabis and its power! J.P@Shakti πo
  3. I hope sannie and Co.. (opengrow) will keep this post as long as possible...!!! and this one (the complementary) It is here that we will find the only safeguard (backup) of this post It is a beautiful discovery in the world of botany. No one has ever made this discovery I have another one, about culture in space, in weightlessness but it's another story... !!! It is good to get laid in the air, to pler, yeah .... Cannabis can be better than we think , contrary to what medicine says..
  4. Good question johnny, I collect the first pollen that comes to maturity. usually, near the stem, it is the one which arrives the fastest .. The faster the fertilization is triggered, the faster the seeds mature (4-5 week) ... I also take care at the maturity of the mother, many pistils, a lot of seeds (after the strech, 3-4 weeks)..
  5. Thank a lot for alls the likes i received.. . This is a very good method : -I also use a spray (at 1 euro) to scatter pollen, and be careful of dilution (water/pollen)... - And do not forget that she (the cannabis mother) accepts several l(multiple) matings, she will give birth to each one of them, this is a very good surrogate mother.. Shakti
  6. Thank @low for this nice infos ! Nice shoot Yes i agree @ZanziBar, a very nice place... Take Care
  7. Got my vote for the Trinity ! thank undergroud
  8. Hello Whazzup, admins and web masters, A biggest - OPENGROW - copyright on the picture we uploaded here !!!! largest of copyright, positioning, size (...) Be studying here !! Or, leave the choice to members, add a some button on the uploaded formular (...?) Would appreciate to reduce fraud ! This is just an idea !! Thank of alls for u work !
  9. J.P

    Real BB Dj Short..

    Thank all, thank u esko thank u for everything you did for us ! You will surely make some happy ! With the right price we just have to Sannieshop !!!! Cant wait to see ur work !!! Oh, not stupid @Joker, the mix, is an idea too (...) and, or, nobody prevents you from making several versions and selling them separatly ? Sorry, do what u think... (...) Sh@kti
  10. Nice to share with us your work, happy to see underground here...I wish you good luck and nice day in your collectif ! Cant wait to see more again (...) Thank sannie & Co too, for sure.!!! Sh@kti
  11. @hup, this would not be the first time you'd be stoned! And I will not tell you how to make seeds !
  12. ola, la what which strain, we talk about, Lemon Thai from dutch ! No ? Argf, do I speak of germination, viability ? no, no,no. You speak without that I have to do it, it's funny (...) We could be talking about conservation or homogeneity of the strain, no ? In the same variety, the choice of the father, mother for crossing, is crucial for babies ! It's like in nature, you find the good father and good mother and you're doing good baby. no ? Just take the time to find it. TakeCare J.P
  13. looking great, welcom back PP ! Good luck for Dynasty Sh@kti
  14. Seeds appear to be white seeds !? no longer maturation, or not good mix (motherxfather) ? How did you test Mom and Dudes? I had the same problem with my LT F3? Make some F4s, and cross and the seeds dont appear uniform ! sh@ti
  15. The seeds appear to be white !?
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