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  1. thor

    soil vs. hydro

    well i knew pretty much that you could get killer results out of both.i was just mainly thinking of my cousin who has that bad hepatitis and the dro they have been getting was not really helping her that much,just the like one post said just grown and cured quick for the dollar.although i have faith in my ability to grow some fairly decent smoke i wanted to have all of you to back me up in case i could not get the message across.since i turned my cousin on to some of the extrema that i had curing i can really tell a difference in her,seems to be really helping alot more than the commercial dro.i always have a little extra and i am glad to share it with her and try and get her old man into not throwing so much money away when it is not doing the job.thanks all
  2. thor

    soil vs. hydro

    alrighty gang,i know of no other place to go that has so many pro breeders and growers to help me put this issue to rest.my cousins husband is not a grower at all,i am no pro by far but have been doing it more like a hobby and so i will have my own good smoke without having to deal with possibly shady characters not to mention saving money and have been at it for a few years.anyways i have always used soil,mainly cause it is easier to deal with and have always had pretty good smoke but somebody who i guess claimed to know what they were talking about had told him that weed grown in soil is no good and only weed grown in hydro is any good,probably was his dealer,go figure,lol.and i have tried with no luck to say that just isnt so.see i have just moved closer to them so i have not had a chance to bring some of my stash over and blow that stuff out of the water but i have some extrema curing and fixing to show him was up because i stand by what i got.anyways wanted to hear from all you guys just to make sure a hundred percent that i am correct or atleast it doesnt make any difference,or that i am wrong but i thought i have read just about any sight i go that everyone pretty much prefers soil grown,thanks all
  3. well mine that i am growing out now started off frosty from the beginning and has just kept packing it on,will try and get a camera before all said and done.would say mine is leaning perhaps more to the heri.but not sure yet,unfortunately i totally lost track of what week but just starting to get some browning of hairs.i was going to ask for myself,it seemed like i had a real stagnate period of hardly any growth and was wondering if that was normal,starting to go again i think but overall bud production so far hasnt been the best but quality is like no other i have grown out yet,like double dipped frosted flakes,lol
  4. thor


    well arthritis is the main thing,but i also have breathing probs.plus i also use it to help with anxiety.i am sure there are better yielding indicas as well and it might have just been my selection so far,and have been fairly new to the seed ordering thing,in the past always just used whatever i could get my hands on,thanks for the info
  5. thor


    well was wondering,havnt been having as much luck with quantity since i switched to growing indica.been real good quality dont get me wrong but i have not been able to get enough out of my space to last me in between grows so was thinking of switching back to sativas and wanted to get some recommendations on what strains are the most productive and provide the best medicine out of what sannie offers,thanks,peace
  6. happy birthday!you the man,hope you have many many more.have fun and be carefull,peace
  7. cool photo,really scarry looking,if that landed on a boat it could sink it!saw one where the shark was jumping out of the water after a scubadiver that was climbing a rope ladder onto a helicopter,bet that guy had to change his shorts,lol

  8. thor

    broken stem

    just an update on my broken stem plant,well it was already standing back up the same day and didnt even phase it,atleast it seems that way.in just the small amount of time since it happened it is fixing to pass up my white rhino and is catching up to my extrema fast.i am positive it is a sativa because it was from some mexican that a friend of mine had and i started it on 12-12 almost right from the start.i always like to take a strain that probably wasnt grown properly and see if i can make it better,just sort of fun to me,peace
  9. i agree it has alot to do with money,i see no one has not mentioned the big prison industry we have here in the U.S,alot of it being privatized.now to me that is really scarry and has the potential to get way out of hand and is evil and sick to want and hope to fill up your prisons with relatively good people who enjoy smoking or growing such a wonderfull thing.also i guess thats why i have never really liked the big cities and love the country where the cops hardly ever come around unless they are called,but even that is getting harder to find.just feel the GOV,needs to keep out of marijuana,and a little more out of peoples everyday lives
  10. well i cant believe Holland is getting so strict,i imagine that it is from pressure from the E.U.,and the U.S.,but i do remember hearing something on some kind of religious party there,sorry not to up on the Holland political parties,but i care what happens with smokers all over since we are a group of people who get harsh treatment for such a harmless and really benificial thing to humanity.shoot and i am not really happy unless mine is 20-25%,lol
  11. thor


    yeah,thanks for clearing that up.glad i have some regular left although not many.guess i will have to quit being lazy and breed what i have left.they sure are really covered in the trichs,peace
  12. i was wondering if they are not offering extrema regular anymore?i have not seen it in sannies shop for awhile now.and does anyone have a time frame of when the ladycane and cheeseberry haze regular will be back?i am okay for now but it seems like either when i dont have the money or do not need any they are there and the minute i get ready to order you guys are out.guess if i have the money even if i dont need any i better try and stock up,thanks,peace
  13. thor

    broken stem

    thanks,yeah it is not all shriveled up,so i have a good feeling it will bounce back.i guess if it was going to die it would be pretty dead looking by now,lol
  14. thor

    broken stem

    hello everyone,well this morning i really screwed up.was changing light heights and one of my side lights fell and cracked the stem on one of my ladies,i know i should of waited till i got some coffee in me but what can i say.anyways i have a stick propping it up,was wondering am i wasting my time or are my chances pretty good on it surviving,i have heard of some people doing it on purpose to train them,well and any suggestions to improve its chances,thanks all atleast it was a bagseed and not one of my really good ones,but still sucks,peace
  15. thanks,mainly growing indica right now,indica dominant atleast,i got two white rhinos and two extremas that i got from sannie,the rhino is from a different breeder,got to re-up on a couple of things,fert,a new thermometer plus i guess i would like to get something that measures humidity,yeah and i know i will be looking into a dehumidifier
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