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  1. BeeKaa

    Stuff Dump!

  2. Hey dude, looking good as always. nice selection! I am also very content with my UV-C. Tip: Last cycle when i finished cleaning my cab I hung The UVC in my cab for 15 min with air cycling through, after that I lighted every corner of the cab and room its in. Since then no mildew, not even under the canopy. Didnt have to use the UVC the whole cycle , i am aiming at preventive use only untill week 3 of flowering. Yeah i am lazy i know haha I understand you have dabney running already? seeds or clones? if seeds then I am really begging you to feed me some photos and information (PM is possible) Because they all sold out but i didn't get much feedback back. Planning to make some more soon First some royal dane fems and a new precious batch, pending and starting @tm i'll try and be around more here, promise gr BK
  3. BeeKaa

    5x Dabney Blu

    thanx guys, @feroce gr BK
  4. BeeKaa

    5x Dabney Blu

    Smoke Report Soort:Dabney Blu #2 (Monster Sativa Pheno) Grower:BeeKaa Breeder:Limited Fems Bloeitijd:12 weken Appearance Not really compact, but dryed out real hard... You don't need much to build a fat joint... The weed looks nice fresh green with really short curled orange pistels... (it really stands out from the rest with those small curled pistils) And she is covered with a thick layer of resin and that makes the picture complete.. Really nice bag appeal, time to roll one Scent: The Scent is really citrus/orange alike, soury with a hint of sweetness and a Tiny little bit of hazeyness. Crumbling the weed it smells like a glas of "orange multivitamine juice" standing before you... De-Licious, there is almost no regular pot scent... just that little hazesmell that makes it brecognizable as pot.. And even that smell is so well blended in the fruity sourness that its hard to tell... This is what I least expected to come out of the seeds.. a nice surprise giving a nice look at the parenthood of Dabney Blu Taste: The first hit (without it lit) it really makes me think of exile.. (that citrus/sour smell) pops in my mind every time... When lighted up she tastes little different.. little more hazey, with the recognizable haze-tickle in the back of the throat in combination wit a floral/soury taste... Ths smokes inhales smoothly and tickles the nose when exhaled through... Nice and subtle little haze, perfect daytime smoke Effect: The effect is nice up-high. Really happy and social smoke. You get really creative and stay motivated to do the things that have to be done, even on a rainy day like today. A cozey, ubersocial effect that lasts for more than 2 hours... So thats slightly above average... Overall: I rate this pheno a 9,5! A real nice mostly sour but also a little sweet haze taste/smell.. and then to think she was the underdog in the beginning, but she grew out to the biggest lady... finished in (merely!) 12 weeks Keeps you real active and happy when smoked. Really a surprising pheno, she deserved her own smokereport... gr BK
  5. Some Dabney::: Dab-nesia pheno @ 8 weeks just for show, I dont want to enter as a contestant gr BK
  6. BeeKaa

    5x Dabney Blu

    Thanx my old Friend how ya doin'? gr BK
  7. BeeKaa

    5x Dabney Blu

    @SCD little more reading and you can find the answer yourself.... Its not that this growreport is many pages is it? @cloneman Thanx for the missing information But i can tell you this... DB isn't sweet afghani alone... there is definitly a big part sativa in it.. at least thats what the offspring is showing me... (Original clone x Original clone) thanx for the replys guys gr BK
  8. BeeKaa

    5x Dabney Blu

    thanx guys, Indeed hupla and useless made this possible for me.. I fell in love with Dabney Blu, super sweet and big yielding hybrid. Havent smoked any berry this sweet Only problem was::: clone only... so I decided to Save the genetics in Feminised seeds... This was the testrun for those fem seeds... They are for sale in holland right now, but in the future they will be on another (international) seed-site. Smokereport is coming when I have the time.... @useless This was the testrun for the freshmade fems @ that time. To assure myself that all sown were female and to have a better look at the unknown parent. (although I strongly believe the DJ shorts story... I think the big sativa in it is the one that makes blueberry, True blueberry..) another hint that points in DJ's direction..: Dj shorts describes the (most) blueberry (pheno) as having leaf deformities.. and little weird calyx-leaf structure... In dabney: the more indica you get--> the more deformities and weird structural growth will show in the plant... The blue-ish Dabney you reffered to has the perfect balance.. Too bad the sweetness was less than mums... In the near future there will be another selection with some more plants, to have more chance of a winning lady thanx everybody for the comments... The next cycle is already halfway and will be placed here when done "Precious" Feminised (Dabney Blu x Exile) By: Limited Fems gr BK
  9. BeeKaa

    5x Dabney Blu

    @bodderas thanks dude, really worth growin if it becomes your stash @hiwatt thanx, I dont know the exact genetics... but blueberry x (citric/lemon/orange) thai comes really close.. this grow shows both because it was the original (clone only) x the original (clone only)... There was no winner in this selection, at least not what im searching for... But excellent seeds to get a great motherplant from... gr BK
  10. BeeKaa

    5x Dabney Blu

    Day 81 2 plants barely standing... Choptime Choppics not too many because I dont want to waste any time when trimming... and dont want to get my camera dirty/sticky Dry Pics The total yield was 565gr almost branchless Thats a fat 0,9gr/watt, above my expectations. Testing this strain was a tasty succes gr BK
  11. BeeKaa

    5x Dabney Blu

    Part 2 Due to the missing of a nice overvieuw photo from around 18 days of flowering: I will give some random bud-shots from that day Day 18 Flowering really start to see the Pheno-differences Day 24 Flowering Day 30 Flowering Had to adjust the adjust a wing cuz it was too close :s Day 39 the yellowing is caused by the lamp at its max height (vegged too long ) Day 48 Day 65 Been Busy harvesting #1 and #5 thats why the late update Day 75 they need support or else they will go down... look at the chaos end of part 2
  12. Heya folks, After a long absence here on the forum I decided to give some more input... Lets start with my latest Dabney grow... From the "Limited Fem" Line.... My setup: - Cabinet covered with mirror AD-foil 115cm x 90cm x 190cm - 975m3 Tube-Extractor combined with a 900m3 phat filter - Passive air inlet holes in the hollow-floor - 2 big cooling fans for circulation - 1x Lumatek + 600W philips son-t - Adjust A-Wing reflector - 5x 25L container with re-used soil and a lot of mycorhihizza fungi in it. - Blumat dripping system with tapwater to water the plants when I dont - The cabinet is fairly low, and designed for a scrogging style of growin....Thats exactly what i am gonna do.. First Day in the cab (18/6) notice the smallest one in the right corner, she is gonna be the biggest After 10 Days (18/6) Little too long, underestimated the vegging power of my own seeds... The Day they went 12/12... 3 Days 12/12.. Talking about stretch Ladys are really Maturing their appearance 1st Week 12/12 2nd Week 12/12 Beginning of flowering cycle Day 7 Flowering Day 10 Flowering End of Part 1 Gr BK
  13. man thats some bad news... They looked really great man! shame of the nanners... Ive been lookin' good in the Limited fems but still didnt find them... (its a hell of a job inspecting them almost every day) Although the madonna crosses are sensitive to stress and will produce nanners if you make crucial mistakes.. But will flower/produce properly when handled with care. Anyway good luck with el monstra and puss kush, nice chance to test your UVC lamp from the beginning... keep ya head up man, i know it sucks but thinking back never helped anybody get any further.. So be positive and focus on your current grow.. Respect for taking the hard decision... Takes an expirienced grower to do that with such beautifull plants.. gr BK
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