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  1. Does that make SM-Planck genetically modified? GMO?
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  3. I have tried to email Cannazon but they don't answer..... if they want my business they have to answer emails....... the site hasn't been updated for a year or maybe even 2.
  4. I think he robbed the whole seed library..... Just closed the shop and forums and rode off into the sunset.
  5. I know it's not really funny, but i couldn't help giggling how blatantly guilty that makes seedsbroker *cough* theseeddepot *cough* / JB...... Being able to log in with TSD details Hopefully that means the people who were robbed can possibly get back their things or at least do something about it.
  6. I thought Chocolate Rain was F1 aswell, wouldn't esko change the description if it was F4? He always changes the Ladycane from F2, F3, F4 etc.
  7. I don't think i've smoked anything like this Boudica, actually. It has a a very smooth up feeling and meditative aswell..... the opposite of anxiety. Very Nice e$ko.
  8. Boudica is a pretty smooth and clear high, i thought it might cause anxiety but not really at all......... I have one keeper from my Boudicas that i'm going to try to S1, i don't have any seeds left and i think i want some more Boudica to keepin the fridge. Aloha.
  9. Mochalope, This was the best Mochalope V2 i found from 10 seeds, it had a very nice smell, sort of sour but creamy and rich, i wish i kept her. But i pollinated her with some Riri Sour Diesel x Blueberry pollen, and i think there will be something i like even more somewhere in those seeds.
  10. Hi e$ko, I was wondering if you had any pictures of your Riri SD x Ladycane? I remember you called it 'The Beast'. Thanks.
  11. I wont speak for e$ko but i am 99% sure it is.
  12. Holy complex fruit flavours, Batman....... The flavours of these Boudicas keeps getting better, the number #1 which smelled pineapple-cheese-sweet now seems to smell sweet blueberry to me, i like it. Also, the other 3 in the one pot have just started to get stronger smelling (and changing, hard to describe), one has a very strong sweet orangey smell, but with undertones of cheesyness or something pungent. Es$kos description says 'lemon through grapefruit through pineapple', i wouldn't say the 4 females i have are really like that, maybe thats his favourite ones. I have one male Boudica who was mutated to begin but is now growing healthy and has a very strong but nice stem smell, if i was guessing i would say it's cheese dominant, I'm going to make some F2s of these Boudicas. I will have some more pictures soon. Take care.
  13. Yes, but Arjans Haze has 'special' invisible trichombs. He got them from his close relative Borat.
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