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  1. @shiskaberry savior thanks... The count down is on
  2. I’m trying to find out what we are really looking for when we choose a male for crosses. I have a couple of males that I am curious about using, but just wanted some input into what makes a good male?
  3. Day 37 of 12/12 the girls are filling in nicely the smells are coming through!!!!
  4. I can’t wait to get some of both in my jars for testing
  5. @JetDro she is beautiful Mate!!!!
  6. @JetDro how good is she curious about smell and taste too...
  7. @dieseldog381 Ive been thinking about trying siverfields but dont want 12 week strain.. I have seen some boast of 8-9 week pheno's IDK...
  8. Next up the Heri x Shiva cross two pheno’s both look good one looks excellent
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