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  1. reddog3000

    Organic Madberry Grow

    There's some beautiful phenos in a pack of these Madberries. These pics don't do these plants justice got 2 colored phenos. One pink and one purple
  2. reddog3000

    Organic Madberry Grow

    *UPDATE DAY 49 OF 12/12* I love this strain... Can't wait to get them dried and cured. The smells are. Sorry for the crappy pics... I'll take some individual shots when lights go out ..
  3. reddog3000

    IMG 20171204 011449

    Miss this strain
  4. reddog3000

    Honey badger haze 65 days. 77day pheno.

    @northenboy I have this one on the way. Probably run it next. What should I expect from these girls? Flower time, Stretch, smells. Whats the pheno to look for? Sorry just trying to pick your brain, not a lot of info out there on this strain. Oh and congrats on that beauty you found.
  5. reddog3000

    Organic Madberry Grow

    @lumatekfan I will do a smoke report on each pheno when the run is over. I'm not the best at descriptions but ill give it my bestThe tent is smelling like musky berries and grape smells at the moment I had some old bean from my pollen chucking days (Huck X CCK). If they sprout I will chuck some of that pollen on these ladies just for fun I see a lot of potential in this strain....
  6. reddog3000

    Organic Madberry Grow

    @lumatekfan one of my favorite phenos is starting to turn colors underneath the canopy Hopefully she turns full on purple by harvestSo far I really like this strain. There is some great phenos to find in just one packgenetics for sure.
  7. reddog3000

    Organic Madberry Grow

    @lumatekfan you do see a colored lady. She is the smallest one out the bunch. Don't think I'll keep her.
  8. reddog3000

    Organic Madberry Grow

    @Hill-BillyI'm definitely gonna take my time. I'm gonna run the clones again before I make a final decision.
  9. reddog3000

    Organic Madberry Grow

    I got three phenos fighting for the top spot. All three are keepers Decisions... Decisions...
  10. reddog3000

    Organic Madberry Grow

    *UPDATE DAY 43 OF 12/12* Things are getting interesting.
  11. reddog3000

    Organic Madberry Grow

    @Indicalicious she got overgrown in the middle and she didn't like it. I almost tossed her, but decided to bring in another light and place her with the clones.
  12. reddog3000

    Organic Madberry Grow

    Last but not least the recovering Bush...
  13. reddog3000

    Organic Madberry Grow

    *UPDATE* DAY 35 OF 12/12 The girls are building up nicely and they are frosting up guud.. Enough talk....
  14. reddog3000

    Organic Madberry Grow

    Last but not least #5. She is recoving fine with a few clones sharing a light
  15. reddog3000

    Organic Madberry Grow

    Got some nice phenos. It's gonna be a keeper in here for sure