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  1. @JetDro she is beautiful Mate!!!!
  2. @JetDro how good is she curious about smell and taste too...
  3. @dieseldog381 Ive been thinking about trying siverfields but dont want 12 week strain.. I have seen some boast of 8-9 week pheno's IDK...
  4. Next up the Heri x Shiva cross two pheno’s both look good one looks excellent
  5. Took the girls out to water and took some individuals. Day 28 of 12/12 I’m Loving the progress so far. I’ll let the pics do the talking
  6. @oldschoolsg Lookin Good..What week are they in?
  7. @oldschoolsg it sounds like sp#1 I have with the strong diesel smell kinda compact for a sativa dominant hybrid but undeniable diesel and undertones of dark fruits maybe not good with smells but the diesel smell was so strong when I defoliated it caught my attention.
  8. how long did that one flower @oldschoolsg and what did she smell like?
  9. @oldschoolsg thats what im looking for
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