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  1. better watch what animals you have been feeding the great sticky green to because the cops are now after those kinds of people...what will happen next i have no clue? Don't Feed the Ducks
  2. i know right....its like damn will the cops be wiping my ass next to see if they find a new strain of marijuana lmao...i mean damn they're even busting ex INDIAN chiefs and we all know Indians or should i say Native Americans have been smoking trees for years. Mohawk Ex-Chief Arrested
  3. i just read about this and im totally disappointed...ive never been to Amsterdam and if they pass this ill never get to go :-( thats why the US needs to legalize. Two men convicted in PA
  4. thats why they should just legalize the real thing so we don't have to worry about this crap....the real safe plant will never kill you!!! legalize marijuana and we can all be free and won't have to keep going through crazy situation. Montana pleads guilty to Marijuana Assault
  5. a woman hid her bag of weed in a dirty diaper which she gave to the cop...who was the smart one here? the woman for the diaper trick or the cop for checking lol PA woman hides Marijuana in dirty diaper
  6. yea i have a best friend that lives out in phoenix so he lives in the hard of Joe....everyone he says hate Joe; i know i do.....other states need to follow until its completely legal throughout the country. too many people still going to jail. UCF suspect agrees to 5yrs in prison
  7. this drug should be banned and the legit safe drug in its original form should be legalized. Virginia discusses ban of Synthetic Marijuana
  8. found this article interesting...im glad to see people still pushing for legalization...we can't get discouraged about prop 19; we need to move fwd and make sure it passes next time. Seminar to push Medical Marijuana
  9. this is the most ridiculous thing i've ever seen...please grow weed off this guys head because he don't give two craps about he marijuana movement....everyday people are getting arrested and charged for a non harmful plant that has been used forever. not to mention its the safest drug on the planet. Another Texas Seizure
  10. im so glad to see AZ made it....i want to see other states follow suit because then we are on our way to getting full legalization. AZ is the 15th Medical Marijuana State
  11. couldn't agree with your guys posts anymore and yea if the FEDS keep printing were in even more trouble.....what else is new from the stock market anyway....i know they are all shady people who don't give a crap about the rest of us....Prop 19 was voted down probably by the same individuals that run the fed....who knows anymore because as the economic crisis worsens the country keeps going down....Legalizing marijuana would have brought us some light, but now we don't even have that...what you guys think the next move is? i say raise the issue in 2012....looks like other states like Mass are getting involved and thinking about legalizing marijuana. i dont want to legalize it so some guy on wall street can get rich, i want it because it is the only drug on the earth that can benefit everyone. Mass ready for Marijuana?
  12. im upset it didnt pass. apparently northern cali voted against it which was suprised by that....i can't believe the emerald triangle would do that....yes we need to learn from this experience and get out there even more for 2012 measures.....get high then go outside :-) Prop 19 failure impacts recreational use
  13. i can't believe it didnt pass...im upset about the whole thing but cali the one mostly.... South Dakota bails on Measure 13
  14. you can see other states are starting to see the potential of marijuana like south dakota....they can be 15th state to do it. vote yes on prop 19 so other states can fully legalize and we can do that across the country, the feds will have no choice to make it fully legalized. South Dakota will decide on Medical Marijuana
  15. nice vid dude...the chick is hot and you're right it should be legalized. it can benefit a lot of things if taxed. Taxes from Marijuana fund economy
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