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  1. SILK WORMS just started blooming everywhere around town hanging down from the trees and covering everything with silk, be carful not to let any of those moths into your grow.
  2. Glad you found em those are not horn worms but I am sure they would do as much damage if you did not find them in time. Plants look good though, and i am sure they will be big and frosty. Good luck!
  3. i had poops like that before and it turned out to be catapillers mine specifically were tomato horn worms. they can do alot of damage and are very hard to spot as they are the exact same color as the stems and that is where they like to hang when not eating. they stand inline with stems and and on underside of leaves. start off very small and grow very fast. you can see where they hang out because they will leave a pile of those poops on the ground under where they sleep.
  4. absolutly awesome that AH really pumped up those Blueberry genetics. I have grown those Blueberry a few years ago and mine look like bonsai plants compared to those AHxBB cross. You are a master
  5. Heed the warning , do not over water
  6. Again Esko is the man with the plan
  7. much frostier than my first attempt. any info on the nute schedule you used and how long did you flower
  8. Preach on Brother Sannie love to hear Sannie speak and promote experimentaion of his ownn genetics!
  9. Thank you both very kind I still am taking care of three or four of her cancer patient friends. Robo if you ever need someone to talk to about caregiver issues feel free to contact me I have years of experience and tons of advice to give to anyone who wants or needs it!
  10. That would be great stargazer thank you. i think I will also start researching but i will have to make some extra time that i don't seen to have much of lately
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