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  1. Namaste! nice race ;) see you soon.

  2. Thanks Weedstiti and =RyklO=! =RyklO=, beautifull garden! +1 robotdinosaur, can't wait for the new batch of CR beans, nice pic a man named truth! ...once again, some beautiful shots your CJ Leo
  3. Blue Flame (Paradise Amsterdam Flame x DP Bluberry indica) grown in coco, 18l pot, 6 weeks of veg, LSTed, 400HPS, really a blue plant after the flushing, strong strawberry smell with this strain, the metallic blue color comes only in coco with mineral ferts (canna A+B ), with organics the collor is dark purple with some yellow
  4. ledgrower


    Masterkush x (Amsterdam Flame x Bluberry)
  5. Hey Smooth, i'm very interested with Selene and New Blue Diesel, nice choice! ...can't wait to see them flowering I wish you a nice grow and top quality buds! Greetz
  6. Hey Cox! wow, nice strains (the dream team!)... this grow will be very interesting i wish you the best of the best in you tent bro!
  7. Awesome plant Germaican... i will vote for you I have 5 fem KF beans in my fridge, can't wait to pop them, fingers crossed to have such a beautifull pheno!
  8. I love this pandora CAMSTER (and Subcool )
  9. OK, i understand, 313W/0,96=326W that's right I used a cheap amp meter i bought in a store, I measured my led lamp HGL 345 penetrator consumption with it and it was 280W (instead of 290W announced by the manufacturer. I measured too the consumption of many others lamps (two phillips 18W CFL and the measure was 19W each). So i deduced that the error wasn't huge. But with the lumatek, the error is near 21,5%, huge. Input voltage is actually 238V (measured with a good quality multimeter), I should measure the current to know the accurate power and take the power factor in account, this way i wont have the amp meter big error. How will react the power factor if input voltage increase over the nominal 230V? I thing the power factor will be maximal at nominal voltage 230V so at 238V power factor will be less than 0,96%? am I right?
  10. Thanks Whazzup, I'm really sorry, I know this topic for a long time and I didn't read it again and I didn't understand it well the first time I read it (a little bit because it is english speaking) All is clear now. The answers to my questions was written at the first post, I apologize. Just one strange thing now: Actually i'm using a lumatek and a grolux bulb at 50% and the power consumption measured at the plugs of the ballast is exactly 400W (instead of approximatly 314W in your table). The difference is 86W, this is huge! I will measure the input voltage this weekend.
  11. Howesome grow and strain Sannie, a real pleasure for the eyes, thanks for sharing ...can't wait to grow those beans!
  12. ledgrower

    Casey Jones

    Hola Leo! Wow! what a beautifull SCROG!! ...and what a strain, perfectly managed, you're an artist Léo! Thanks for sharing
  13. Wow! beautifull pic the pregnant Romulan x White Widow Shimmy ! Hey Leo , for the little story this seed is accidental. I found one huge seed (just one!) in my masterkush. The other strain grown with the MK was Blue Flame, all females, so this seed was feminised. I decided one day to try coco, watered by hand, and i used this seed as a guinea pig. I gave her 6 weeks of veg under CFLs 6500K, strongly LSTed, and after i flowered her in a 4 gallon pot under a 600HPS, canna coco A+B+PK She gave me 165g of primo dryed buds, (15x ~10g buds + little buds) a little apycal chlorosis beacuse of the 600W bulb in a 80x80 tent here is another pic (not for the contest):
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