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  1. Hey icatt - I pull three large plants every two weeks - I closely watch for my desired ratio of trichs and harvest at my peak preference. I typically harvest in stages over a 5-7 day period with my lower/smaller buds coming off last. So, Yes, you can harvest the larger ones first and the smaller second.
  2. Hi Francoise - When I ran coco, I used a feed water feed schedule for things. For the last two weeks, I alternated between water and water with molasses.
  3. Hi Hill - I have been using Humboldt Nutrients for years (I'm assuming you are speaking of HN and not Humboldt Gavity, Purple Maxx, etc) I have used the Master with coco - and NEVER had deficiencies. Though, I did use the entire schedule. Nice that they have SeaCal and SeaMag - so you can dose according to your needs. Ph definitely plays a part in having everything as it should be. Is your friend someone who puts a high importance on pH, ppm's, etc? I currently use their organic line with soil & am just as impressed with my results (organically) as I was with the Master line & agroponic substrate. I run 25 +/- strains, and of course run into ones here or there that need higher doses of nitrogen or magnesium with the organic line. Not familiar with vitalink nutrients, so I can't compare or comment. Hope that helps.
  4. Though my basic rule of thumb is quality over quantity - I still get EXCELLENT yields with Humboldt Nutrients Organic program in Roots Org. Soil. In my trials and tribulations, I really thought chem ferts detracted from the smell/taste of the finished product.
  5. I had a pink-ish pheno. She seemed to get done faster than normal - but I let her go 8 full weeks. Stopped all feeding at 35 days and let her flush out for the last three weeks. She was WONDERFUL smoke. Quite smooth - pain relief but not couch lock-ing. I thought it would be a devastator after I let her go past the initial amber, but she was quite good
  6. You've gotten my gist - mid - upper sixties is ideal (so you can go low and slow) but if it's a bit warmer in your closet, try to keep them lower in the closet for slightly cooler temperatures. In humid conditions it's especially important to keep good ventilation going. Do you have a good exhaust fan installed in your drying area? Good luck - seems you got a lot of advice
  7. I just looked quickly the other day...I guess HE's actually a SHE. Here's her profile: http://www.growingedge.com/staff/profiles/morgan.html Worm's Way http://www.cropking.com/NFT_lettuce1.shtml She's written a few books on hydroponic growing and crop production. She seems to have been around for a while.
  8. Glass all the way (for me) I've invested in glass gallon, 1/2 gallon, quart & pint. It took a couple of years of growing & drying before I feel like I came close to perfection in my drying/curing. I used to always wet trim (as in completely manicure when the branches were just cut from the plant) due to the ease of trimming when everything is firm and crisp. (as compared to limp and sticky) One day, by accident, I was was stoned and fell asleep while trimming. I had somewhere to go for 6 days when I got up - I hung them to dry (with all their fan leaves cut off and any leaves not containing trichomes) When I came back, they they were quite dry (stems snapped). They had been drying at 67 degrees for those days. I freaked at first, and then thought, well, I'll keep this for myself and give the better stuff to my patients. To my great surprise and happiness, when I started manicuring the dry buds - a beautiful aroma had developed (some even better than when they were growing) Buds that smelled dank, even when not in a huge collection in the jar. From that day forward it was dry manicuring for me. For so long up until then, I felt like a did a pretty good job growing, but was always sorta disappointed in the lack of extreme dankness at the end of the process. Good luck with the learning curve & give it a try (even if you just test a few branches with how I'm describing) I don't think you'll be disappointed. *PS - it also seems that if you check them daily and manicure at their peak, you won't have a lot of need for burping because they are well dried but still sticky from the protection of the outer sugar leaves before you cut them off.
  9. Really? That's your response to a new buyer's question? From the posts I've read of yours El Tiberon, you're quite obnoxious. If you don't have something nice or helpful to say, perhaps you shouldn't say anything at all.
  10. Chocolate berry looks delicious Still waiting on my chocolate rain and chocolate mix to get here. (it's been nearly a month - hopefully they're just taking their sweet time) I LOVE Root Pots - I use them in all sizes
  11. I opened the page, read through it clicked on the more information tab. Two downloads available - fact sheet & a study conducted by the doc himself. My first glance of the write up on her "study" leaves me feeling like this was a very amateur setup. (Typos, poor graphics & layout, etc) BUT then I googled the Dr (Dr Lynette Morgan PhD) and quite a few articles popped up on the woman and her hydroponic knowledge. Perhaps she's the real deal. I've seen too many studies and first hand results with a Rife Machine to totally disbelieve the statements they are making. Is it someone trying to make a quick buck? or could this really work? Without getting into a whole discussion about conspiracy theories and the brilliant people (nutjobs?) that have conceived them - I just wanted to say "you never know"....
  12. I think that's a bit of a loaded statement. There are people who's plants always look good - when they share or teach, it's because they have the knowledge to have their plants looking good and good information to share. Yes, it takes a person of a certain mettle to be able to show their stuff even when it's not at it's peak health - but having the ability doesn't make you the "master", either. *For the record: I don't know Clepter or the quality of his buds - my comment is in no way reflective of his growing.*
  13. I agree with you on a lot of things dasheesh. I was just adding to the debate, not insisting you were wrong So many idiots growing for the wrong reasons and doing stupid things while messed up - then it comes out MJ is in their system and then we all look like a bunch of idiot kids/thugs, etc. There are so many people who use it and you would never know. They are who you WANT to be the face of MJ, but unfortunately it is the idiots that get the attention (sounds a bit like politics in the country, eh?) The idiots give the MJ movement a black eye and no matter how much yelling or proof we have that the majority of us aren't idiots, it is the ones in the spotlight (usually for being in trouble or some perceived notion of trouble) that often represent us. I can hope for a brighter future where it's legal (or at least decriminalized) but I am not holding my breath at this juncture.
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