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  1. is the same for me earthdog....and pissing me of badly.....strange i know 2 people who are good at computers and know,one on here and ive seen his pics,but none will comply........it may ask you to do another account os s.thing..........bison
  2. i woulnt spray either,,only few choices,,manualy kill them,might take a while//then the predetory mites for next time,but to make sure the mites have gone,do a complete clean with "da orange stuff"(i did twice),also dip the pots in orange(it kills their eco skeleton if they even tred on it and kills their attraction to the pots //if they still show release the predetory mites,,,dont waste time on getting the pred mites,before you start again...........bison
  3. i agree with ph at 6.0,maybee 6.2
  4. i agree,h&g gardened before homegrows,they are just good at it now,and many of nutrients come from the garden-----go humboldt !!!
  5. at 8.5 nitrogen gets strongly alkaline as acid if low//at 7.5 phosphorus lowers then raises at 8.0 but then is lower in nitrogen//calcium at 6.5-8.5 at a balance,low if it is the wrong ph//magnesium at 6.5-8.5 is correct ph,more or less is the wrong ph/////the micro nutrients//////iron lowers at 7.0and doesnt stop getting lower,the same as manganese//boron is essential for plants,mostly quality and yeild,and 6.5-7.0 is correct.it lowers at 5.0,at 8.5 boron gets higher,leaving other micro nutrients low//copper&zinc lowers at 5.0 and 7.0,so the correct ph is needed again.//molybdenum is correct with the right ph,4.0-6.0 is low,if its a lower ph all micro nutrients are low,after 6.0-6.5 it gets higher.....the right ph on soil on nutrient availability
  6. stone(d),yes...a good reason why we have it,also i know and use reverse osmosis//im just trying to give an easier way to tell people to use the correct PH all the time,,unlike my freind using tap water in the flowering stage,aswell as humboldt natural with ginoumous//the nutrients will be unavailable//just a waste of nutrients and time.
  7. well i have a freind,hes used the right ph on veg then on flower,hes using tap water (7.8 ph)//ive tried to say but no go,,the sand and stones(the wrong ph)is like a nutrient (mineral)in a stone,impossible to absorb,it has nutrients and minerals inside it,but locked,sand is a bit easier,but still hard to absorb a good balance of the nutrients.....phosphorus is very low with the wrong ph and is what produces the flowers
  8. the right ph 5.5-6.5,and the nutrients available are nitrogen,phosphorus,potassium,sulphur,magnesium,calcium,iron,manganese,boron,cop per&zinc,molybdenum if given right they come in balanced and the mollecules smaller,and its like the wrong one is like eating sand and stones,you can eat but not disolve or digest//in the wrong ph some of these are not available and can affect your overall crop.//with tap water, ph is about 7.0-8.0,can stop the nutrients entering the plant. //boron and phosphorus in the wrong ph is bad and can affect your yeild,boron is essential so i have read,it blocks cell walls,iron is low,manganese and copper&zinc is low.nitrogen is quite high in tap water,i assume that is why it is a good colour in veg and a few weeks in flower
  9. bison


    thanks whazzup//one thing when the code is there like it was,what did you do then to have it on screen...........it would be a great help...............ps.i did the picture with an eyeglass and 60 pound camera,thought it would be worse..........happy growing thanks to you to mav..............
  10. this was my first with humboldt,,i used 5.8-6.0//light mix is next//does the cal-mag need to be added with every feed in the first week whazzup?every week untill flush?........i did eqilibrium in the forth week.....................happy growing
  11. 50%special mix,25%coco,25%perlite.....has worked perfectly
  12. as this was my first test with humboldt,i started like this//week 1,2,3,4-feed,water,feed//feed was grow and bloom natural-----water was myco madness,humboldt roots and prozyme to take what i had given a couple of days before///week 5,6,7-feed,feed,water-feed,feed,water//the feed had grow, bloom and duce duce and equilibrium----the water was myco(soluble),roots,prozyme and honey es/////i found that it works very well taking what id given the day before everytime....not perfectly following the charts on the almanac but used consistantly..........either food or the water,allways 24 hrs in advace,and allways reverse osmosis water,, ppm 0.0014..........the results are fansastic.......take it easy growers
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