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  1. I have friends and acquaintances who have used all shown in the link, except #2. Here, where I live, they are normally used in a greenhouse grow to get rid of spider mites & whiteflies, as they are the most common problem pests in my dry climate and are very difficult to get rid of in a greenhouse. Genuine pyrethrins are made from certain Chrysanthemum flowers and are known to kill bugs on contact. Pyrethrins are a non-discriminate, fast acting, insect killer and will kill good and bad insects that come into contact with it almost instantly. There is no residue left behind and the half-life of pyrethrins is only minutes... not hours, days or weeks like some other insecticidal sprays/foggers. Also, since there is no residue left on your cannabis, you can go about your business as usual. If you're still not sure about the claim that it's safe and may be used up to day of harvest... you can always wash your flowers as you harvest them. When using these products, make sure to use the appropriate amount. Most foggers use a cubic foot format, so make sure you know how many cubic feet your grow area is so you can get the right amount... otherwise it won't be as effective as you needed it to be. Good luck brother!
  2. Welcome to OpenGrow Lambert! There are quite a few seasoned growers around here and the information you need to succeed at growing this plant are only questions away. I can say this... the questions you ask will have honest answers from fellow growers... we ALL want to see you succeed! This is especially important, being your first time and all. We can help show you the right way to go about it the first time! Since I don't pH the water for my plants, I'll forgo this part of the topic. Keep us updated on your progress. DesertGrown
  3. Welcome to OpenGrow KyCarl. A couple of nice beauties you have there! Purple Mayhem = Dark Desire x Dark Cross Copper Chem = Chem #4 x Stardawg Both are outstanding strains and it appears that you have grown them very well... well done, my friend! DesertGrown
  4. That's how we do it Tokey... we make due until we can afford to get the equipment we like. What Hempy is offering is another point of view from an advanced growers perspective. Hempy is one dude on here that can back up all his statements, scientifically and otherwise. He IS plant smart and I have a tremendous amount of respect for him, the knowledge that he shares and how he delivers his knowledge. Both Hempy and I, and I'm sure many others on OG, have well over 300K hours (that's 30+ years) of solid experience growing cannabis plants and the bulk of our knowledge came from reading books about plants and how they work, discussions with master growers/gardeners, plant experiments, you name it... if it had to do with plants, we were on it! I can't speak for Hempy, but plants have been a passion of mine, literally, since I was a very small child. All Hempy is asking any grower to do is learn, for themselves, about plant physiology. You will learn the how's & why's along with the in's & out's of plants. It will help increase your success rate with all plants when you understand exactly how they work. ... or, you can ask questions and get opinions, beliefs & answers, forum style, like we're all used to on grow forums.
  5. You were gone for a while, Misterdirt?! I didn't even notice... but, I was probably stoned during that time. I'm glad you are able to grow again... it'll be nice to see a new Michigan style Misterdirt grow! I've also missed your humor... we share the same style of humor... and I've miss yours considerably. Welcome back my friend!
  6. Those plants are looking good for the most part... still showing some signs of stress, but it doesn't appear to be too bad... or something to lose sleep over... they'll be ok. All the talk about 55% humidity means little... that is barely humid (0% - 50% is considered dry, 51% - 75% humid, 76% - 100% wet) plants are happier with a humidity level a little above 55%, but they will also require more air circulation/ventilation with these higher levels too... especially if the heat in the room is a little too high as well. Humidity levels are important to the plant and knowing how to keep it within the proper range is also important. Too much heat coupled with too much humidity creates condensation. You never want to experience condensation inside your grow room... it creates the perfect breeding ground for mold & mildew... keep those fans on to circulate the air within and above the canopy.
  7. You got that backwards Toker. If the seed sinks, it's viable... if the seed floats, it's usually a dead seed. Attempting to germinate the seed is the only way to be sure if the seed is viable or not! Seeds that sink have a greater density than the water around them and have everything needed within them to propagate properly... this includes nutrients, minerals, enzymes, ect.. all these things add weight. Seeds that float have a lower density and may be floaters due to being cracked or hollow, being deficient in nutes/minerals/enzymes or may have insects/larvae or bacteria eating them from the inside out causing them to be lighter and able to float.
  8. Water won't work on resin, but soaking it in alcohol will and it won't break down the tubing. Also, don't use bleach as it creates toxic vapors that have a tough time escaping the tubing. Breathing bleach fumes can be painful and is really bad for your lungs. The tubing will become brittle over time, no matter how you choose to clean it, so replacement will be needed at some point. A roll of surgical tubing will keep you vaping for years to come!
  9. Just smoke a fat joint Mr Goodfellow. It's much cheaper than going to see the doctor and your symptoms will disappear quicker... until you get stoned and start thinking about ALL the strains you don't have seeds for... yet! On a serious note. Do any of you believe that you're gonna be able to grow all the seeds you possess, at this minute, in your lifetime? At this moment in time, I have enough seeds from crosses/strains that I've made over the years to last me a couple of decades.... not to mention all the seeds of crosses/strains that friends have gifted me... thank you friends! I also have a lot of seeds from well known and not so well known breeders. In short, I believe I have enough seeds, on hand, to last me the rest of my life and probably another lifetime. But, like you guys, I'm a seed hoarder... and I will never have enough seeds! I will keep making seeds and trading them with other like-minded people and won't turn down an offer to get something I don't have yet, that catches my eye. I don't want to appear disrespectful by turning seeds down and I absolutely love to grow cannabis. I hope you all are enjoying your day and happy seed hunting!
  10. I'll tell you this... I wish a lid was still ten bucks!
  11. This post is directed to Gardenartus. Please read. Every person that contributes information is valuable to the community as a whole. Contributing information to each other about how to grow cannabis and how to medicate with it is why places like OpenGrow exist. GA pretty much filled up the "From the Kitchen" section here with her kick ass canna-infused recipes that I have passed on to people I know that would benefit from them... especially friends with diabetes and those with other health problems that can no longer smoke cannabis for relief. You have helped to enrich lives with your offerings and I think that is fantastic and shows what a compassionate person you really are!! I always give full credit to the wonderful woman who posted the recipe for all to enjoy. There are folks in my town who have never visited OpenGrow, yet they know who Garderartus is because I told them where I got the recipe from. Most were surprised that someone would extend a helping hand to teach others to cook with cannabis for free. I tell them that my OpenGrow family is full of pretty amazing people... some of whom I admire very much. I'm gonna miss you Gardenartus! As are many others... perhaps far more than you may realize! I hope you read this and will consider reversing your decision to leave us. Whether you realize it or not, you are a well liked and valuable member of OpenGrow. Also keep in mind just how many thousands of people visit OG on a daily basis looking for canna-related information and your recipes to get them through their day. Sincerely DesertGrown
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