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  1. Welcome to OpenGrow Richards. We're glad your here.
  2. Hey phil, things are groovy! Like Sacred, I've only run crosses of KF and I do regret not getting any of the F4's when they were available. I saw a whole lot of purple coming from that generation! The purple is a co-dominant color, along with green, in the Killing Fields strain, so I believe it's possible to find that color again. To actually find a replica of that pheno two generations later is a bit of a stretch, however, I've grown plenty of plants that exhibited dominant traits found in strains from withing their lineage and not necessarily their parents. Many things are possible when you're talking genetics and plants. Soma's Lavender is a very special strain... and I miss her too! I'd like to run Lavender again... next time I'm keeping a clone of it! I've got two different strains going at the moment. Platinum Gorilla and Coso Kush. I grew Platinum Gorilla from a seed that I found in a sack of buds. Got a female from the one seed and can't wait to smoke that again! The Coso Kush is a very stony cross between Master Kush x (Cocoa Kush x NYCDiesel) and this pheno tastes like sweet lime kush... it's a really nice pheno and I'm glad I cloned it this time.
  3. Hey phil, good to see you. Color is a dominant trait in Killing Fields and should remain a dominant trait even as the strain is worked closer to an ibl. If you found it before, it's possible to find it again. I hope you find another deep purple pheno... I'm sure they're in there somewhere! Good luck to you!
  4. Yesterday I got quite a few PM's from concerned members about the new spam thread/posts made by Greyskull after his seven day "time out" was completed. I went to Greyskull's profile and saw a whole new slew of accusatory spam talking about "fake strains" and whatnot, same language he had been previously warned about and the same language that earned him a week long time out... that he obviously didn't learn from in any capacity. For these reasons, Greyskull has been banned from OpenGrow and his thread deleted. I felt that it was necessary to rid ourselves of a member who, not only, disregarded what was said to him by moderators regarding the forum rules, but has bullied some of our members for no apparent reason other than disagreeing with him. OpenGrow has seen it's fair share of drama and infighting over the years and we, as a community, strive to get past these embarrassing moments as quickly as possible. This type of behavior tends to make good, contributing members leave... some for good. It's sad when adults act like spoiled children on social media. It takes the fun out of participating in threads... and moderating too... I'd much rather participate in grow related conversations or help someone with their Q & A than be a babysitter on an adult grow site! Can we please get back to growing cannabis now?!
  5. Alright guys... I just noticed a few PM's about Greyskull's recent activity and am happy to let you all know that you won't be seeing him around here anymore. He had been warned by a few mods for his spamming this site with his nonsense, but did not heed our warnings and I felt that he wasn't going to stop, so he has been banned from OpenGrow. Those of you that know me know that I don't just ban problem members, communication is key, but when you blatantly go against our forum rules and/or disregard our warnings, action must be taken. I've been a member of OpenGrow for a long time and I like it here, I like the members here and I will work keep this place "asshole" free... even if it kills me! I'd like to thank the OpenGrow neighborhood watch for their continued support... your actions help us Mods more than you may realize. We don't see everything all the time and your efforts are very appreciated! I wish you all an enjoyable Sunday!
  6. It's prices like those that keep the black market strong... $130 for a quarter of an ounce is an insane amount to pay... it's not even that high here in Cali. California is about to raise it's cannabis tax at the beginning of the year, so I suppose we'll see what that will mean to consumers here. All bad, I'm sure. All these legal/medical states have hopes of abolishing the black market with their legal cannabis. Unfortunately, this will never happen when states become so greedy with cannabis taxes and hike prices up so high that it becomes unaffordable to those that need it most. In turn, the exact opposite happens every time, the black market becomes much stronger and offers affordable cannabis to anyone in need, for a much cheaper price. Better yet... get some seeds of something that sounds good to you, grow it, harvest it and see if that doesn't beat what you could have bought for $130 a quarter at the dispensary. I'm thankful I know how to grow my own... as long as I can, I will never have to buy it.
  7. Welcome to OpenGrow Zeus77. Sounds like a pretty nice set up.... should allow you to grow what you require to live happily ever after! Northern Light is one of the best things to come out of the 70's... and is still one of the best indicas that may be found anywhere. It's damn near a secondary landrace strain, as it is found in literally thousands of known strains, as one of the original building blocks in many cannabis strains to date. Vegging on a 24 hour schedule is totally doable as cannabis plants don't require a dark cycle to photosynthesize. (I'm sure I'll get feedback on that statement, but it's true.) I'm looking forward to seeing what you're going to be growing... if you're so inclined to show us, of course.
  8. Another one bites the dust! Thanks for the heads up, it's much appreciated! Good lookin out, you guys... like the OpenGrow neighborhood watch, I like it!
  9. Welcome to OpenGrow Smoky. Organic growing takes a lot of the "risk" out of growing cannabis... there are no harsh nutrients in organics... the same cannot be said for bottled nutrients that must be mixed together. Organics can also give better flavor. You made a good choice! Looking forward to seeing pics of your grow.
  10. Welcome to OpenGrow Spunk. While learning to grow cannabis won't necessarily mean you'll be a botanist, chemist or a politician... it does mean you'll become a horticulturist! You picked some nice strains to start with and I'm sure you'll be happy with the results. If you have any questions, ask them and you'll receive proper answers from the members here. OpenGrow has some incredibly talented growers within its ranks that enjoy helping others to succeed in growing their own cannabis.
  11. It really does take quite a bit of time, and a good eye, to further filial lines to IBL status. If you made 3 filial generations per year, it would still take you a few years to accomplish this task. And, keep in mind that an IBL is not a totally stable line, but it's about as stable as you're gonna get in a cannabis plant. From my experience, IBL's can give the grower a few phenos that are close to uniform, but still express themselves a little differently due to the dominant traits that were picked to further the strain. I've grown IBL's that were upwards of F16 and still saw phenotypic expressions that were not totally uniform, but close to it. When growing out F1's we use our eyes to see the differences in phenotypes, and in doing so, we can distinguish maybe 6 to 10 different phenotypes. On a scientific level, there may be more than 90 different, distinguishable, phenotypes that may be found in a simple F1 cross.
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