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  1. Dude - I have been using a water chiller keeping my water temp right around 66 degrees F. Early on I found that my tank temps were around 72 - 75 degrees naturally. Unfortunately I had big problems with algae and the water chiller helped keep algae in check. The problem I did have on both of those grows was the tops of my plants did have damage from the heat coming off of my lamp which was the reason for me to snap those buds over in the first place. Sko
  2. Dude - I wish i had seen this thread earlier as this happened to me over the course of two grows. My environment is different than yours and others who experienced this same issue. Basically I run a hydroponic system in an 8x8 tent. I have had herms before so I know what they look like, at the same time I consider myself to be a intermediate grower who has a great deal to learn. Both times this happened I assumed they were hermaphrodites yet when I broke the plant down there were no nanners. Each time the problem showed during the 5th to 6th week in flower and the buds pretty much stopped growing at that point. I was running Hericules and Schackzilla from seed and It only happened to 3 or 4 plants each time. In the end I put it down to stress induced by me bending and LST the plants. I realize that my experience is from what I can tell to be quite random. At this point I am hyper sensitive to any stress induced by me especially during flower mode. In any case I hope this helps. skoman
  3. I have been using the Humboldt hydro nutrient line for a while now and ran across this nutrient. Is anyone currently using Humboldts Golden Tree? I am going to check it out and will update this topic with my findings.
  4. Dude, Thanks for the reply looks like I will be getting a new Gavita lamp. Looking through your thread I saw more discussion about Extrema. I have a totally different setup than yours. I grow hydroponically and use Humboldt nutrients. I found Extrema to be very sensitive to nutrients even at way less than 100%. They did not herm out but did burn leaf tips and in general did not produce as well. As I said my system is much different I just thought I would share my experience. Sko
  5. Dude, What an awesome grow. I have been wanting to replace my 600W HPS Lumatek ballast with a raptor hood with a gavita lamp. I see you are running the gavita 600W pro series which is the direction I want to go. My only concern is how hot does the gavita lamp get? Currently I use a vortex 8" fan to bring fresh air through the raptor reflector to cool the heat generated by my lamp. I use another vortex fan and charcoal filter to exhaust hot air at the top of the tent. I don't think the heat from a gavita lamp would be a problem during the winter but during the summer it could be more of a problem. In any case I would like to get an idea just how hot do these gavita lamps burn. I am set up to run my lamps through a 240 volt circuit. Don
  6. I too am very happy you will continue shipping to the US. Quite honestly I do not want to look for someone else to buy seeds from, just in case, I am stocking up on regular seeds. So far I have 8 different regular strains. Thanks for finding a way, Skoman
  7. JWF, Nice work those little seedlings look great. I will be watching closely as I am going to plant a couple of KF chinese phenotype this week. I am 2 more weeks away from harvesting KF fem. I got 4 out of 4 seeds to germinate and of those I got 3 different phenotypes, purple, green, and pink. I had another pink but it hermied on me early. The aroma of each is amazing and they are just loaded with crystals. Good luck with your grow
  8. Hi Weedy, I sure hate to see you having these kind of problems. I just have to say that for the past 2 years my experience has been the exact opposite. My method as far as I can see is not used for the most part but it works for me and if it isn't broke don't fix it really applies to me. I simply soak 1.5" rock wool plugs in PH corrected distilled water usually between 5.6 and 5.8. With a small toothpick I push the seed down into the hole very carefully. I do not push it deep, then with the toothpick I gently draw it back and forth until the seed is covered. Again, using a gentle touch so that the seed is covered but not so that the seed is unable to push through. By the 3rd day they are poking their heads through and almost always I will get 8-9 that germinate on average. I am using T5 lighting with the blue 6500K lamps 4 of them, they are nice because I can also run with only 2 or 4 lamps depending on need. I use a tray with a dome and a mat heater underneath the tray which sits on about 3/8" dowel rods. During this stage lights are on 18/6. After about 2 weeks I will repot into a 3" basket with the small growstones. Once they are well established about 1 month I repot them into 2 gallon pots with the large growstones. This process has really worked for me and I have never been disappointed with any of Sannies' strains they all perform the same. I have always felt that once the seeds pop they are now my responsibility in my environment. Anyway I sure hope things get better for you. Sannie's strains really kick ass.
  9. skoman

    Sick to my stomach

    Whazzup - Looks like I might get lucky they weren't too wilted but they did bounce back, thanks. jwf - you just might be right although it's clear I set them back those buds were looking so beautiful Thanks again everyone for your input it is much appreciated.
  10. skoman

    Sick to my stomach

    Thanks WB - They are starting to rally and look better already. I kept them at the same schedule, although I was tempted to sneak in a couple more feedings I didn't want to go too far in the other direction. They lost momentum, hopefully like you said they will bounce back. Damn this was my best effort so far and they were looking so sweet.
  11. skoman

    Sick to my stomach

    My heart sunk and I am sick to my stomach. My girls have been doing great and I all I wanted to do do was set them up for their 7th week. I noticed that my girls didn't look right I knew something was wrong. After cleaning out my reservoir and refilling the tank I for got to plug in my hydro, and my girls were not fed for 24 hours. Does anyone have any ideas about what may happen? Will they try to re-veg or start throwing out nanners? What a bummer. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Skoman
  12. Primo I would remain patient, my experience with receiving seeds is all over the board anywhere from 1 week to 4 weeks. If you don't have them by then I would pm Sannie. Out of all the orders over the past couple of years I have only had one that didn't show up and Sannie made it right, no hesitation. I do understand your anxiety as I have been there. Over time I find that I no longer worry about getting my seeds. On the other hand customs taking my seeds does give me pause. I did not receive my empty package from customs so who knows what happened to them, those customs bastards. That is the cost of doing business in todays marijuana climate. Good luck and have fun when you get them...
  13. I have been watching this thread for a while now as I have been waiting to grow Sannie's Jack myself. Your perseverance has paid off big time. Really nice work your plants are beautiful Z...
  14. I'm not sure if it's enough for a DWC setup but the micro-pore air diffusers work great especially when paired with a dual diaphragm pump.
  15. Hi Rusty, I have not used any of the active air fans so I cannot comment on them but I have been running those vortex fans non stop for a while now and they are rock solid. I am using the duct fan speedster speed adjuster on both fans, typically air intake is set lower than exhaust which is normal and I think 6" ducting would be fine. I set up the fan with the carbon filter at the top of the tent as I have cool air coming in at the bottom of the tent and as the air warms up it rises straight up to the exhaust carbon filter and fan. I also have 2 6" fans and one 16" fan to circulate the air completely and it has worked great for me. You may need to make adjustments for your specific environment once you get rolling. I've only been growing for the last couple of years so I have much to learn yet. Good luck and most of all have fun...
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