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  1. Cannabis friendly blogger, vlogger, and photographer. DIY's, how-to's, product reviews, and growing on a budget. Happy to answer any questions you might have.

  2. Mass Medicinals

    What size pots to use in a 1.2m x 1.2m tent

    We have a tent of that size and ran 9 SSH in 5 gallon pots under a 600w HPS. 4 or 6 plants in 5 gal pots is what we would recommend if you're new to managing a grow.
  3. Mass Medicinals

    Harvesting before they are mature

    We had to cut 2 main stems off one plant because it snapped at the base. The leaves were all dying and we didn't want it to turn to rot. All sugar leaf and buds went straight into the freezer. We pulled one bud out and looked at it under a loupe. The trichomes look sold white, and there was maybe 5-10% amber. Couldn't see them outside with the lower power magnifying glass. So perhaps i'll do a more thorough look of them tomorrow. I've gotten a lot of support for harvesting Sativa's when trichomes are fully cloudy and starting to go amber. Any opposing views?
  4. Mass Medicinals

    Harvesting before they are mature

    Hey all, We have 3 Super Silver Haze (outdoors) likely going to cut them down this week. All look to be a bit premature, but the risk of further rot and now frost can't be ignored... They have started to frost up all over, but most of the plants still have white pistils and doesn't look like any amber trichomes. Our thoughts were to just ice water hash the entire crop. Would anyone else save the nice looking colas, given they are so under-ripe?
  5. Mass Medicinals

    Amnesia Core Cut, mostly organic

    Wow! Those look amazing. Top marks on the buds and great photos as well. Mapito is a new medium for me. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. I have research to do this weekend. I'm all about reducing the overhead as well. We use coco-coir. the roots organic brand. We were lucky enough to find a source for $20 per 1.5 cubic ft. But we also recycling it. And can reclaim the majority of it for the next grow. That one cost savings is huge. Leaving really just light maintenance, filter, and nutrients as the major costs for us. I mean ignoring energy and time from that equation obviously.
  6. Mass Medicinals

    New to bubble hash

    Additional question: Any issues pressing hash before it is 100% dry Any opinions on storing hash; as dry sift vs. heat pressed.
  7. Mass Medicinals

    New to bubble hash

    Thanks for the advice @webeblzr!! First run we did 160, 90, 45, 25 Every other run we did 90, 45, 25 We ran things through yesterday. Not sure on the total weight of the fresh frozen trim. But stopped after about 6 hours of doing runs non-stop. My arms and wrists are beat to crap. I will definitely be making a snorkel for bucket #1, so that the liquid just pours out the bottom and then I reload on water and start beating the plant matter again. Any suggestions on processing the collected grades? They are just chilling out in the fridge right now. We do have a strainer but no microplaner. Can this be converted into those brown hash balls/bricks that look oh so lovely?
  8. Mass Medicinals

    Bubble bags

    Hey @iGrow420710 We're also in the same boat as you. First time using bubble bags and trying to decide on a bag set-up. Our plan for either today or tomorrow: We have 2 five gallon buckets. Bucket #1: The first will contain all the plant and ice and ice water. We will be able to beat the plants and ice without concern for the bags well-being. Bucket #2: (likely: 220, 160, 90, 45, 25) We might change this around a little, but there are going to be 4 levels of kief catching bags and the main plant matter catcher (220). We then pour the plant ice water into bucket #2 (with the bag set-up noted above) let sit and strain. If possible the plant matter will go back into the fridge/freezer to await additional runs. Collected matter: #45 & #25 - will be dried and pressed #160 & #90 - will be gifted or turned into edibles Creative side thought. We are considering cutting a hole in one of the buckets near the bottom. So that we can attach a vacuum cleaner to it from the outside. Effectively turning the set-up into a large vacuum funnel. The rationale here would be to then save the liquid and run it through the system a couple times to ensure nothing was lost. (Anyone have input on this??)
  9. Mass Medicinals

    End of flower

    @iGrow420710 like what @Shoeless said. It's what works for you. When we harvest. We typically cut the entire plant (taking even those under matured buds down when the greatest majority is ready). If it's easy for us to have a v shape we'll try to cut and hang in a v. And then single stem for the others. It is a lot easier to hang the v branch because you don't need to tie them up. just something to think about for simplifying the process. And remember to have fun. This isn't the end, but you can certainly see the finish line is getting closer.
  10. Mass Medicinals

    First grow shopping list 5 x 5 hydroponic LED tent help

    That's a huge tent for a starter grow set-up. 48x48x80 w/600 watt MH/HPS is excellent for a 4-9 plant grow operation. And you're going to be able to generate about 0.75 - 1.2 gpw every 4 months. Not sure if you feel that 3-4 lbs of quality bud is enough for you across a calendar year. For us we did better than 1.25 gpw and now we're not growing indoor because we're beyond our quota. Just saying you can actually have too much product... Also we're strong supporters of coco coir as a growing medium. It's good for all skill levels and can be reused.
  11. Mass Medicinals

    End of flower

    We hang however it's easiest. Some are single stem others a 'V' shape and some multi-stems. They may dry at different speeds, but you'll figure it out by checking them regularly during the hanging period. I wouldn't worry about the tiny grasshopper, young grasshopper...
  12. Mass Medicinals

    email notification disable

    If you're using google, you can also filter messages so they never show in your inbox and go to a particular label.
  13. Mass Medicinals

    End of flower

    Foxtailing can be symptoms of stress (light and/or heat), or even genetic. I thought this was also possible if you allow a plant to go way beyond harvest, but I couldn't find any info on that. First check to see if the strain you're growing commonly foxtails. This is great news if foxtailing is expected, because it's not due to stress. If you can't find evidence to support a genetic answer, make sure your lights aren't too close to the plants. If you have a light meter anything above 65 Klux is borderline, and certainly above 75 Klux very likely really stressing out your plants. Similarly if the temps in your room are spiking above 85's thats a problem. I would just reduce the lighting to 11.5 hours for the day and again make sure that temps aren't spiking, and the lights are far enough away from the plant. You're almost done, don't you stress too much either
  14. Mass Medicinals

    Amnesia Core Cut, mostly organic

    Hey @Mao Those are some amazing bud shots. All those amber trichomes! Are you waiting that long for the proper cure to set in?
  15. Mass Medicinals

    New to bubble hash

    Hey All, We're trying to get input about best practices for making bubble hash. Items we have: - 8 micron 5-gal bags (25, 45, 73, 90, 120, 160, 190, 225 microns) - wooden spoon (ibuprofen for maximum effort) We were thinking about doing the following: Using 2 buckets. Bucket #1 for bag-free mixing of plant and Ice and water / Bucket #2 for the straining (4 micron bags, 220, 160, 90, 25) Mixing bucket, place plant matter and Ice in with ice cold water and mix for 20 minutes then pour into bucket 2 and ensure all material gets into bucket 2 let sit for 20 minutes slowly separate out the bags (Put the plant matter back in Freezer to prep for round #2) Collect kief on micron pressing screen and repeat. We don't have a good way to dry the hash other than pressing it with a towel on the outside of the screen. Also we have other size bags any feelings on changing the above ratio? perhaps 160, 73, 25 -or- 190, 90, 45